1. anon says

    As an extremely rich man, he most likely doesn’t believe a word of the Bible, particularly parts about how hard it is to get into paradise for extremely rich men.

  2. Jay says

    We already know what these obtuse people think. No need to create a platform for ignorance and idiocy. Towleroad and other gay news outlets can do better than this.

  3. qj201 says

    Sorry, while the bible does say some stuff…mostly old testament…and nothing directly attributable to anything Jesus said…it doesn’t say ANYWHERE that gays are going to hell.

    Another Baptist Parrot repeating what some preacher told them, because you know why read the actual book.

  4. Stephen says

    Yes, you CAN have a college education and still be really, REALLY dumb. I hope they end up with some gay kids.

  5. Chrislam says

    Just another clueless stone caster. Willie should finish reading the “Good Book”. Then he would know that Jesus died for our past and future sin sand LITERALLY no one is going to Hell. Unfortunately, these Bible thumpers don’t finish reading the book until they are well into their old age and about to die and don’t get to relay that message.

  6. Gregory In Seattle says

    And I believe that, after he dies, he will be reincarnated as a bug. Who is to say which of us is right?

  7. Jim says

    ‘Duck Dynasty’s’ rating are going into the toilet. This is nothing more than a cheap publicity stunt. I’m sick of our community being the tool soul-less business ventures and politicians use as their tools.

  8. AJ says

    He is entitled to believe whatever he wants. That’s the sad truth. News outlets need to stop bringing attention to it. A&E are the real d-bags here for continuing to pay this guy while spouting off about how inclusive they are. If one of your “stars” alienates a specific part of their fan base in such an offensive way, you stop paying them. Period.

  9. AllBeefPatty says

    Uh huh…. After watching the video, It would appear to me that God has already given Phil a gay son.

    It’s just so obvious.


  10. Houndentenor says

    LOL. I can’t help but laugh. I had never heard of these people before the GQ PR-stunt (“controversy” for the people who actually thought that whole thing wasn’t planned and/or manipulated by A&E). I still don’t care what any of them think.

  11. Bryan L says

    Using the Bible as a weapon in the continuing religious war against gay folks is such a tiresome and pathetic excuse for ignorance and hatred.

  12. john patrick says

    And I believe that long-haired, camouflage wearing TV characters who use the American flag as sweat bands are going to hell. But neither his belief in old books, nor my made-up belief carries any weight in the real world.

  13. MaryM says

    His ‘god’ is a worthless c**t.

    Luckily ‘god’ is a fictional character and belief in it is a mental illness.

  14. Jersey says

    The bible also insists a guy put two of every animal on a big boat thus saving every species from drowning in a flood. You must have the intelligence if really stupid 4 year old to spout crap from that idiotic book.

  15. simon says

    It is time to stir things up to boost his dying TV show with the complicity of the network.

  16. John says

    Andy, do you really need to report on every bit of idiocy these fools vomit? This is just giving them a soapbox.

  17. mike says

    Duck Dynasty? talk about cartoon character. quack quack quack is what i hear whenever those morons talk.

  18. American Dreamer says

    I dont understand why this guy’s personal beliefs merit so much attention

    He isnt a political figure and he doesnt have any influence over our lives (I hardly think he is shaping other people’s views on this subject).

    As long as he isnt proposing violence against gays he should just be ignored

  19. Ricky says

    Is CNN so hard up for ratings that they need to stir up controversy from 3 months ago? When I care to learn more about the Bible I will ask a theologian, no one cares what these dipshits think.

  20. GregV says

    I’m annoyed at Kyra Phillips for the misleading question.
    Paul wrote the letter to the Corinthians and he did not write the word “homosexuals” in it anywhere.
    That is a mistranslation of one word (among many in different languages that have meant completely different things) which never appeared in ANY version until 1946.
    You could have phrased it “he interprets it to mean…” And then added “…even though that letter originally didn’t say that.”

  21. bobbyjoe says


    Exactly– you beat me to it. Kyra Phillips seems to be unaware that the bible wasn’t written in English, and that while the word used in Corinthians may well have implied male temple prostitutes (a very particular reference), Paul does NOT use any common term for “homosexuals” of his time. Phillips just accepts a biased translation and then acts like its established fact. In this interview, I’d argue Kyra Phillips is doing something far more homophobic than Willie Robertson.

  22. TonyJazz says

    Where is that quote in the Bible about gays going to hell anyway?

    My Bible must be missing that chapter….

  23. Jim says

    Some white trash bubba talks on TV. Why does anybody care? Why do we need to know? What’s the point posting this non-story? Find something better to do with your time, Mr. T.

  24. m.r. says

    This is nothing but a cheap publicity stunt now that their shows ratings are going into the toilet.

    A&E is showing itself to be a scummy network. When they bought the show back didn’t they promise they’d do all kinds of pro LGBT advertising & counter programming. I wonder whatever happened to that.

  25. Bernie says

    I don’t take these kind of remarks seriously and here is my thought: Is someone like Fred Phelps really going to heaven?? I don’t think so…so, if people think gays are going to hell, they will be in good company when they see Fred Phelps down there sweating it out in his pink track suit begging for forgiveness

  26. Bill says

    @GregV : it is actually worse. The word that Paul used and that is currently being translated as “homosexuals” appears nowhere else, and seems to be a term that Paul coined. The only translation that could stand the test of time is “sinner du jour” meaning someone who practices the “sin” that is currently the most popular one to rant about. Martin Luther, if I recall correctly, translated it as “masturbaters” as that was the “sin” at the top of the list at the time.

    Paul might have been intentionally vague – he was writing letters to various small Christian groups, each of which had their own ideas. A little vagueness would allow each to read into it what they wanted without Paul appearing to take sides.

  27. Chick-fil-gay says

    I’m still curious why there hasn’t been a backlash against Zaxby’s for hiring this guy to shill their chicken sandwiches. Those commercials started right after this DD controversy first started, but you hear almost nothing about it from gay media. If we’re going to boycott Chick-fil-a (which I can’t, because they also specialize in another type of chicken), then we should boycott Zaxbys. I guess all we have left is Raising Cane’s?

  28. Bill says

    Does God really care what this faux-yuppie-redneck ignoramus has to say about ANYTHING? I think not.