1. Perry says

    I guess we have to assume Alex (a predominantly MALE name) is female because she said partner, though nowadays many people say partner when referring to opposite sex partners (non-married)

  2. GregV says

    That was not a coming out, in my opinion. Alex is a unisex name. Most of the audience probably assumed HIS name is Alex.
    A coming out means that you either acknowledge thst you are gay or bi or that you acknowledge the sex of your partner. If she had even added, “She is here tonight with our son,” then the pronoun would have told us Alex is not a man.

    She may not have been intentionally ambiguous, but the way she worded this CAN be a way of only being out to the people who already know (and it is very easy to not out yourself when your partner’s name is unisex, just by avoiding pronouns.
    Personally, I’ve even done this in the past in conversations with someone with whom I was awkward being out. “I can’t join you; I have a date.”
    “Where are you taking her?” “Well, Kris and I met last weekend. We’re going to a concert.”
    The people in the room who know I’m gay would know Kris is a man and I haven’t outed myself to anybody who doesn’t already know.

    @Perry: That would be a silly assumption. Most women I’ve met have male partners and an Alex is as likely to be a man as a woman, so when a woman introduces “my partner Alex” the odds are that Alex is usually a man.

  3. Grover Underwood says

    And in usual Towleroad fashion everyone is a fracking idiot. I swear, some people would suffocate if breathing required conscious thought.

    Posted by: Steve | Mar 10, 2014 8:14:05 PM


  4. Craig S says

    Gregv, the difference is you’re not a celebrity who can be quite so easily Googled by somebody who wants to know more about your Kris.

    And on top of that, Alex Lalonde is a somewhat public figure in her own right — she’s a film producer, so while she’s not “famous” to the general public in anything like the same way Zoie Palmer is, she’s also fairly easily Googlable in her own right and not a mystery. Plus they’ve been photographed together often enough that fairly widespread speculation that they were a couple already existed even before this — “alex lalonde and zoie palmer” did not just magically turn into an immediate autocomplete option two days ago, let’s put it that way.

    So even if she *was* trying to do the same “acknowledging it to those in the know while keeping it secret from everybody else” thing as you, that trick doesn’t actually work when the person doing it is a celebrity.

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