Alabama House Passes Resolution Calling for Gay Marriage Ban in the U.S. Constitution

The Alabama House approved a resolution that calls for a convention to put a gay marriage ban in the U.S. Constitution, the Montgomery Advertiser reports:

LairdThe resolution, sponsored by Rep. Richard Laird, I-Roanoke, quotes a 2006 amendment to the state constitution that bans same-sex unions, and calls marriage “a sacred covenant, solemnized between a man and a woman.” The resolution also cites several court cases, including five from the 19th century. It goes on to say that the U.S. Supreme Court “officially severed its respect for marriage” last year, when it struck down the federal Defense of Marriage Act, which prevented the recognition of same-sex spouses under federal laws.

Laird’s resolution calls for an Article V convention, which would require 34 states to ask Congress to call a convention to propose an amendment to the U.S. Constitution. According to the resolution, the convention would specifically propose an amendment defining marriage as a union between one man and one woman, and bar legal recognition of any other form of marriage.

Laird infuriated Alabama's only openly gay lawmaker, Patricia Todd, after blindsiding her with the resolution by not describing its contents until it was time for the vote to be taken, thus heading off her objection to it.

House Speaker Mike Hubbard had also told Todd such an amendment would not come up for a vote.


  1. David From Canada says

    Alabama is one of the worst redneck states in America, similar to Mississippi. These people are stuck back in the Caveman Times.
    They need to be fumigated.

  2. Dback says

    Always entertaining when the states that kept human beings in chains and segregated for some 400 years get on their moral high horse and tell folks how things “should” be. (Meanwhile, they’re usually the ones with the worst levels of obesity, child poverty, poor schools, substance abuse, divorce…)

  3. Continuum says

    Per the usual Rethuglican handbook, they kept the amendment secret from the gay legislator and from the public.

    Republicans are just another word for liars, thieves, and hypocrites who carry bibles while waving the American flag.

  4. JJ says

    Alabama must know that the entire country, without exception, considers them a joke. They should work on becoming net contributors rather than net takers if they want to be taken seriously.

  5. Rick says

    All of you “good liberals” cursing white males and Republicans and “rednecks” in this thread, drawing analogies to slavery and segregation in the case of DBACK and suggesting, in the case of “David from Canada” that they be “fumigated”… all do realize that over 90% ofBLACKS in Alabama in favor of the 2006 amendment that is referenced here, don’t you?

    I am just curious–do the “blacknecks” in Alabama get the same contempt and desire for their extermination that the “rednecks” do, given that their attitudes and actions are entirely identical to them in this regard?

    Come on now, show us that, as “good liberals”, you are truly men of principle, as we all have always known you to be……

  6. Rick says

    That should have read “you all do realize that over 90% of BLACKS in Alabama voted in favor of the 2006 amendment that is referenced here, don’t you?” in the first paragraph above

  7. Joe in Ct says

    Rick, the sponsor of the bill is obviously an old white guy. And blacks in AL were disenfranchised a long time ago. This is definitely “old white guy anti-gay animus.” Nothing more.

  8. says

    Alabama dinosaur hot air, blowing at taxpayer expense. Even he must realize this is never gonna happen. Their only hope left is passing unconstitutional religious-favoritism legislation.

  9. Rick says

    “I look forward to the day when all these old rich white men are dust and their beliefs are blown to the wind”

    Yeah, because, as you look around the world, you can clearly see that the dark-skinned people of the world are great allies of gay men and behave entirely differently

    (Meanwhile, they are usually the ones with the worst levels of obesity, child poverty, poor schools, substance abuse, divorce….)

    Thios is true–and it is due to the fact that they have disproportionately black populations–generally, the blacker a state is, the more afflicted it is with such ills and the whiter a state is, the less it is so afflicted….

  10. Tyler says

    Lol, Rick the racist, homophobic Republican troll is going after his usual targets of rage because it’s the only thing that can distract him from the fact that the company he keeps is the kinds of anti-gay Republicans that push for this sort of political action.

    Though he’s usually more well-written about it, even a tad more subtle. I guess he knows his previous efforts have been too tame. He must be lashing out in desperation.

  11. Merv says

    OK, I’ll take Rick’s bait. I don’t what race they are, I condemn every bigot who voted for the amendment. If 90% of black Alabamans voted for the amendment, I condemn 90% of black Alabamans as repulsive bigots. Happy now?

  12. Rick says

    @JOE IN CT The most vicious anti-gay attitudes and actions all over the world today are being propagated by the black race, including here in the US, where they are responsible for most of the anti-gay violence.

    Younger whites in the South and other parts of the Heartland are much less homophobic than their parents and grandparents and are generally supportive of gay rights, whereas one sees the opposite with blacks everywhere.

    That is all just factual reality….and your classic Northeastern liberal kneejerk tendency to villify white Southerners while making excuses for any and all actions committed by anyone with dark skin……is going to blow up in your faces at some point and force you to face reality, whether you want to or not….

  13. GregV says

    Alabama is the state which voted in the year 2000 (when George W. was selected) 42% in favor of supporting a ban on interracial marriages. That one lost by a very small margin and would have won handily only a few years earlier when Blacks still had virtually no rights there.
    It’s no wonder that even in other advanced countries the word “Alabama” (along with Mississippi, etc) is sometimes seen as synonymous with “backward.”
    Just like with that attempt at dehumanizing interracial couples under the law, this is worse than a waste of time as there is no chance it will become policy.

  14. Clayton says

    The Alabama House, in addition to all else, must be very bad at Math.

    They would need 34 states to vote on the resolution to pass the constitutional amendment at the federal level. Currently 17 states have marriage equality. This suggests that the highest number of states they could possibly get would be 33.

  15. Joe in Ct says

    Thank you Clayton. The numbers are against them. This is just grandstanding. It makes these legislators feel like they are doing something productive to suppress the inevitable change.

  16. says

    guys, please, do what Rick’s family has always done: ignore him.
    hate in a vacuum.

    This Alabama dunce has math skills as poor as his cognitive abilities.

    it’s to make a show. meaning – he’s planning on screwing over his constituents fiscally. this is his distraction.

  17. JohnAGJ says

    Clayton: Eh, it wouldn’t even matter if the number of states banning SSM were above 34. A Convention of States under Article V has never happened in our history, even when there were issues that almost all states agreed upon (e.g. Flag Burning Amendment). Besides, let’s say such a convention were called. So what? It takes 38 states to ratify anything that passed such a convention and we’ve long since flown by the threshold of 12 states to stop it (I’m including states that ban SSM themselves but disagree with a US constitutional ban). It ain’t gonna happen, but they can dream I guess…

  18. Derrick from Philly says

    Well, what’s your solution, Rick? You wanna’ deport all Black Americans? That’s almost 40 million people, including your President.

    And what about that good ol’ “One Drop Doctrine?” Now, you may be talking millions more mixed race Americans who’ve been able to pass for White for decades. Maybe a few of your relatives? Hell, maybe even you?

    That’s an awful lot of air fares.

    Rick, why don’t you just do what your heroes did 70 years ago? Use gas chambers and crematoriums.

  19. walter says

    legislators in both alabama and mississippi should be more worried about the levels of education , poverty and uninsured in their states . they have high levels of unwanted pregnancies and high high school drop out rates yet focus on who people love. well guess if you are unable to fix the problems attack the ones you can

  20. TonyJazz says

    Religious-based hatred!

    And these same bigots are passing laws that support ‘religious freedom’.

    Of course, these religious rules are not even based on their Bible. Instead, they are made-up by pastors and others, with no grounding even in their own religious world… (Mormons are particularly good at making things up all of the time….)

  21. northalabama says

    fumigated? laughable? in the toilet? do any of the idiotic negative commenters blaming the entire state of alabama realize how many gay and gay friendly people live in this state? hundreds of thousands. and you just dismiss us all as a geographic group? who’s being backward and intolerant?

    this is republican politics at work, and it’s only a set-up in preparation for the upcoming elections – don’t kid yourself. and the timing (as at least one comment noticed) is convenient – there’s no way this legislation will have any impact, and it will die a quick death. it’s just fodder for the base of conservatives, which are dwindling in the metro areas of the state.

    a few of these districts could even flip to become more inclusive (only a few percentage points apart), with a little more support, and a little less criticism. bigotry is not isolated to the south, or to alabama, mississippi, and georgia. educate yourselves of the facts, or continue to look as ignorant as these lawmakers.

  22. says

    Besides that politics is filled with scum bags, why are things like this allowed legally: “Laird infuriated Alabama’s only openly gay lawmaker, Patricia Todd, after blindsiding her with the resolution by not describing its contents until it was time for the vote to be taken, thus heading off her objection to it.” There is no good or logical reason for this behavior to be allowed, and seems only be allowed to do what happened here. How is this politics? Sure politics is all “games” but leaving out information isn’t fair, sure life isn’t fair, but these are things that effect lives of the people. If the conservatives are allowed to do this, why don’t more liberal-minded politicians do it? If this is how the game is played, the cheater will always win and those who want to take the higher ground lose and are just idiot.

  23. Cris says

    I’m from Alabama, and I live in the biggest city. The majority of Birmingham does not agree with this. We have a wonderful and thriving gay community here. Sadly these less populated counties have terrible education and are largely crazy Baptists (not all Baptists are crazy, just trust me that these are). I’m more pissed off than any of you people that don’t live here about this.

  24. kay says

    their are a lot of Gay families under the radar in Alabama, and this will bring about change. Just like the children of inter racial families changed views on race relations nation wide, children of gay families will do the same.

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