Alec Baldwin Tweets Then Deletes Homophobic Jab At Former Romney Aide

Alec Baldwin Homophobic Tweet
Alec Baldwin just can't seem to learn and has once again wound up as the center of attention for throwing around homophobic insults, this time to a former Romney aide Garrett Jackson on Twitter.

A_baldwinThe argument was sparked over criticism of the Keystone XL pipeline documentary Above All Else and very quickly devolved into childish insults and name-calling. Baldwin proved that he learned absolutely nothing from the fallout of his past screw-ups and decided to mock Jackson by saying of his profile picture,

You're on your knees in that photo. What's up with that, Garrett?

Baldwin has since deleted that tweet, as well as a few others, but as everyone knows everything lives forever on the internet.

So much for Baldwin's pledge to leave public life.


  1. daws says

    That was homophobic? You realize there are real enemies out there throwing their money and influence around to do harm to our community and subjugate us. Maybe make them headlines instead of Alec Baldwin who, although suffers from anger issues and verbal diarrhea, is not our enemy.

  2. oncemorewithfeeling says

    I clicked on comments to see the parade of posts about how using an inference of gay male sex as an insult is not homophobic, and I was not disappointed.

    Trollroad strikes again!

  3. Chris says

    It’s not an inference, it’s an implication. Gotta watch those words with more than two syllables… And I’m with the crowd – it’s neither homophobic NOR funny. Not even particularly insulting.

  4. Homo Genius says

    ok the entire alec Baldwin thing is just so ridiculous. he simply says things that the pc police get offended by. I don’t actually for a moment think he is homophobic. seriously, in real life everyone is always saying something that’s racist or homo negative or sexist.

    like I was reading today that the Dire Straights song Money for Nothing is banned because it has the word faggot in the song. People just need to lighten up.

    Racism didn’t go away in the south because they stopped using a certain racist language. they just learned where its ok to say stuff outloud.

  5. UFFDA says

    You have to understand guys that Towleroad thinks it is the PC police! Plus like every news source it takes itself way too seriously trying to be sure that we are fully offended when “they” think we should be. If Baldwin is our enemy he’s the funnest one we have.

  6. Harris says

    Lighten up, he’s not a homophobe. He’s a person with anger management issues – definitely not a homophobe. As Sinead O’Connor once said, ‘Fight the real enemy’.

  7. Read, People says

    You know how some cheating husbands (like Arnold Schwarzenegger) really do want to get caught, so they do stupid things and leave obvious clues? Same thing with sexually conflicted Hollywood stars such as Crotch Uh-Lastic and Toothy Tile. Now, mind you, most closeted gay guys in Hollywood are more of the Fey Oiled-Tush variety and do not want to be known—under any circumstances.
    However, there are exceptions, such as Crotch, Toothy and—we dare say—Lloyd Boy-Toy, who’s totally pushing the gay envelope lately. Certainly the bisexual one:
    Lloyd, always a most fascinating actor, is busy maintaining quite the dichotomy-filled existence: While he dates more and more (and younger and younger) attractive women, he’s also continuing to hire male prostitutes.
    Now, keep in mind these women Mr. Boy-Toy goes out with are not just pretty fixtures for the famous guy to be seen with, as Lloyd also enjoys sexual relationships with these gals.
    But he’s also just as enamored with young men, trust us!

    Add to this somewhat complicated life path the fact that Lloyd’s also been caught screaming anti-gay epithets, as Lloyd’s temper has never been something he’s too great at controlling. Hmmm. Wonder what that means?
    Probably exactly what it looks like: The handsome guy’s not only conflicted about how he feels about other people’s sexuality (hence, his own), but part of him is dying to be called out for who he really is!
    Keep up the name-calling, Lloyd, and that’s exactly what will happen.
    And It Ain’t: Daniel Craig, Robert Downey Jr., Hugh Jackman

    Please see the other posts on the previous 3 Lloyd Boy-Toyed BVs, including a full list of who has been eliminated.

    Top suspect (if this is the same guy as Lloyd Boy-Toyed): Alec Baldwin

    Update: Ted semi-revealed this to be Alec Baldwin on June 29, 2012.

  8. James says

    Really? That was homophobic? Come on. Alec Baldwin is far from being a homophobe. Can he be insensitive with his words sometimes? Yeah, sure. BUT, does it make him homophobic? NO. This is lame. Not even worth the attention Towleroad is giving it.

  9. Joshio Tzintzun says

    Yeah this is getting ridiculous, his comment was not homophobic. I as a homosexual male call other straight men much worse and I don’t think i’m being offensive to other gays. This slippery slope that ends in super sensitive mentality, which will then push us back into some gay stereotypes that I’d rather be left out of, needs to end. I get it a celebrity said something slightly related to gays so what? Did he say it AT you? Intending to offend you? No? Then move on. I believe it when Alec says he has no problem with gays and I’m sure he does have gay friends and they probably all laugh at these hyper-sensitive grown “men”.

  10. Red says

    I don’t trust Baldwin. Odd how everyone is so willing to give him the benefit of the doubt when he has an obvious history of making questionable and sometimes unmistakably homophobic comments.

  11. Ryan says

    Poor Baldwin – born into that homophobic generation, they can never really get over that brainwashed disgust they had ingrained into them.

    I’d be willing to bet a large amount of money that there is a small part of Baldwin that would love to be on his knees, surrounded by four hot naked guys. It troubles him. And excites him. Like many men of his generation, his crude homophobia is that little outlet that got him through the day.

  12. ToThePoint says

    If he is supposed to be such a champion of gay rights, why does he use words that suggest there is something disparaging about gays and our behavior. Hasn’t he ever seen a straight person on their knees?

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