Alec Baldwin Tweets Then Deletes Homophobic Jab At Former Romney Aide

Alec Baldwin Homophobic Tweet
Alec Baldwin just can't seem to learn and has once again wound up as the center of attention for throwing around homophobic insults, this time to a former Romney aide Garrett Jackson on Twitter.

A_baldwinThe argument was sparked over criticism of the Keystone XL pipeline documentary Above All Else and very quickly devolved into childish insults and name-calling. Baldwin proved that he learned absolutely nothing from the fallout of his past screw-ups and decided to mock Jackson by saying of his profile picture,

You're on your knees in that photo. What's up with that, Garrett?

Baldwin has since deleted that tweet, as well as a few others, but as everyone knows everything lives forever on the internet.

So much for Baldwin's pledge to leave public life.