1. Macguffin54 says

    As horrible as it may sound I always wondered how our country may have been bettered by the south winning their independence. The only problem is ignorant people are found all over and open-minded, liberal people are found all over, as well. But there does seem to be a preponderance of people aligning to the political stereotypes, are at least a preponderance of people in power and vocal people espousing those stereotypical views. We (I’m in Jersey) wouldn’t be having these divisive political issues over health care, civil rights, female/black presidents, minimum wage, etc… At least AS MUCH. There will always be people with differing opinions and passionate debates. But when where someone lives in the nation can be a decent predictor of where they stand on so many hot-bottom issues wouldn’t it be nice to just say (to both the North and South), you’re just not getting along anymore. I think it’s time for a divorce. Break up and go live your lives the way you want?

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