1. Bill says

    Since it is Canada, they can expect the authorities to be polite as they fine them or send them to jail.

  2. Kenthomes1Kent says

    Throw the key away, it is time to go after religious hate speech for what it is – giving people the license to attack and even kill those who are different than themselves. Free speech is not hate speech. We need to know the difference and make people pay the price.

  3. Jay says

    Not sure how they could possibly spin trespassing.

    As far as abortion, we can’t impose ourselves onto other people, but we sure as hell can do more to dictate higher moral standards upon our society. The loss of a life is never okay.

  4. UFFDA says

    KIWI can be proud. I’m proud of Canada too. The American pigs got put away. Hip hip hurrah.

  5. gregg Lee says

    Jay, they could have taken this to a higher level charge, but chose the less confrontational (not needed in this case.) They violated several campus laws and several Canadian laws not related to the abortion issue. Should’nt have let him into Canada in the first place, you can have him back.

  6. Randal Oulton says

    Oh, and women constables too doing the arrest, that must really burn his arse lol.

    And the tub of lard, Bill Whatcott , in the big white beached whale t-shirt, he’s a prime candidate for a heart attack any second, he needs to discover the gospel of weight watchers and fast.

  7. says

    Good, Good, GOOD! Nail their sorry a**es to the wall ensuring both will be banned from entry to Canada in the future. The more countries they are banned from entering the better the world will be!

  8. simon says

    No spin required. It is all in the law. When police asks you to leave, just leave. How stupid is he? If it is a private property, he could be shot. Nothing to do with democracy or abortion.

  9. StevyD says

    Thank you Canada.
    Although I wish we didn’t have to, we will have to take him back once you’ve decided to expel him. After the good deed you have done, it wouldn’t be very appreciative to refuse him entry back into the USA, and leave you stuck with that steaming mass of anal effluence.

  10. Mike in the Tundra says

    The photographer seems to have been placed by porno Pete. Now he can use those pictures to raise more money from the gullible.

  11. jason says

    If fetuses contained gay genes, women would be lining up around the block to get abortions. Just keep that in mind. Abortion is an evil trade that should never be equated to gay rights.

    As gay men, we need to extract ourselves from this Left Wing desire to equate us with the evil choices that women make. Abortion is a sin and a crime against gays, period.

  12. Mike says

    Well, he almost certainly won’t be let into Canada again. One thing about Canada is that they’re usually very, very good about remembering past transgressions at the border. I remember some celebrity explaining that he was denied entry into Canada recently because when he was in high school or college he tried to go to Canada for the weekend with a buddy. Since he was essentially a broke student, Canada flagged him as attempting to enter the country without adequate funds and he was denied entry. He forgot about it, but Canada remembered.

  13. Dream On, Hoser says

    Why is Petey LaB so desperate to get into jail? Has he been watching prison porn again?

  14. SAYTHETRUTH says

    OOOOOH HOW CUTE, they had to travel abroad to feel persecuted and they got it! Now they can dream that they are being martyrized like Jebus, HOW LOVELY.

  15. L G. says

    Excellent “garbage can” for their crap….bend over gentlemen! Good for Canada. Wish USA had such control. Would be shot, though in the States. Thea ARE a militia!

  16. simon says

    They probably don’t have tasers. Like to see his face when tased. Exercise your “religious freedom” here in the US please.

  17. Marc says

    If he violated the law, he violated the law.

    Sorry Labarbera, trespassing doesn’t have a religious exemption. You got what you had coming. If you want to protest, do so legally. Otherwise, accept your fate. You have no excuse.

  18. Rad says

    So that’s a country without a raped and bastardized 1st Amendment? Where hate speech is prohibited by law? Wow! I may just retire there!

  19. disgusted merican says

    hey Petey…You’re NOT in MeriCa anymore….THEY have thier Own Laws!!!!

  20. Artie_in_Lauderale says

    So is it my right to free speech to stand in the vestibule of their anti-gay church and hand out pro-gay literature? Or would I be trespassing on their private property? When did anyone ever say that the right to free speech negates private property rights?

  21. acde says

    This was orchestrated by pete and our own scum bag. Petey putz just wanted to film his persecution for his fund raising pleas – as lately revenues have been running low and he has a whole world to save

  22. anon says

    ACDE beat me to it. I think he wanted to get arrested so that he could sell himself as a martyr for the cause back in the US. However, the free speech issue should not go unnoticed since ACT UP used to do the same thing fighting for free health AIDS care. A handful of others have gotten arrested for gay rights, though not as many as fought for civil rights or women’s rights. If you applaud his arrest then you are applauding the arrest of civil rights leaders like Martin Luther King Jr and perhaps more appropriately Malcolm X (though I’m not sure if he were ever arrested during a civil rights protest or for some petty crime only). Factoring in your own approval/disapproval of the message is not relevant to the applied law.

  23. says

    Actually, ANON, if you applaud his arrest it means you understand the very explicitly-written, discerning and exacting definitions of what specifically constitutes “hate speech” in Canada. It’s not about unpopular speech, controversial speech, or a “different point of view” – and when commenters like you anonymously lie about the specifics you simply prove yourself ignorant – either willfully or through a genuine lack of information.

    It has nothing at all to do with approval/disapproval of stances. At All. This is something every Canadian and every intelligent American who knows how to actually read understands – Canada’s hate-speech laws are available for you to read up on, so you can finally understand why your current stance is empirically false.

  24. Happy Hoser says

    America wingnuts please stay away from Canada.

    All other Americans are more than welcome. The next 7 months are awesome in Canada and the exchange rate is in your favor for great deals. The Canadian outdoors is absolutely fabulous.

    All non-wingnuts, that is ordinary people, are welcome (orientation not an issue; we’ve had marriage equality for 10 years).

  25. DowJules says

    I am so proud of being Canadian! Most of our Campuses, where gratefully in Canada are still places for higher learning not higher superstition, apply anti-discrimination laws to the letter. Those arrests have absolutely nothing to do with abortion (even though most Canadians are proudly pro-choice, and have been for generations already, BECAUSE SCIENCE and actual respect for women and their right to choose), those arrests have everything to do with hate speech and discrimination.

    I am so proud of you Regina! Also, there is a reason why Bieber would rather not return home: There is no way we tolerate his sh!t or any of his imbecilic law-breaking shenanigans. Stupid little boy would face the music fast enough and be put to mucking caribou stalls as punishment in no time at all!

  26. Rod Roddy lookalike says

    Well, pete-boy, ya could have gone to Windsor, Ontario, and gotten a real “eye-ful” at the gay bar there that features guys who TOTALLY strip. At least, that way, ya coulda had a little “fun,” mixed in with all that hard work, and gotten SOME pleasure on your little foray into our neighbors up north. You’re lucky,pete-boy, that the more compassionate Canadians are willing to let you return home, and incarcerate you for a few years, ’cause – God knows – yo u need to cool your heels for a few years. It could do you a world of good:just think, pete-boy: a new “sub-jective” experience. Oh wait….the Christofascists don’t hear people who talk of experiences of being in-the-world, ’cause they want NOTHING TO DO WITH people who have had experiences they have not, as we’re not “real people.”

    Too bad, pete-boy, you messed up and got kicked out of Canada. More bad news: we – your USA neighbors – don’t want you back, either! Maybe Uganda will take you, since they seem to have the ideas and nutty beliefs you do!