1. woodroad34 says

    Once again, these two prove that their “beliefs” don’t come from the New Testament and Jesus….the beliefs are just a thin veil for their demonic, satanic prejudices.

  2. Chris L. says

    My God, these people are so backward and uneducated that I almost can’t take it anymore. LaBarbera is an anti-gay media whore who doesn’t mind bedding down with bottom-feeder homophobes. This so-called “reverend” is clearly a weirdo who has no business leading anyone, never mind a congregation.

  3. Bill says

    Let me get this straight. This dude Manning rants about how he doesn’t hate gays while his billboard says that gays should be stoned to death.

    Maybe they wouldn’t be called some combination of
    “hater, homophobe, and bigot” (to use the line from the video) if they didn’t look like a duck, walk like a duck, and quack like a duck.

  4. PeterNZ says

    Click on the YouTube link, immediately stop it playing as it’ll only make you gag, then post a comment or two. Got to try and educate the barbarians who are in support of PLB and the Rev.

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