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America's Best Christian Terrifies Children with Bedtime Bible Stories: VIDEO


America's Best Christian Betty Bowers realizes that if God hadn't written the Bible, conservative Christians would be trying to keep it OUT of public schools.


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  1. Is this real????? for god's sake. these people are nuts.

    Posted by: nicol | Apr 10, 2014 3:31:02 PM

  2. @Nicol - go to YouTube and look at Betty Bower videos.

    Posted by: Mike in the Tundra | Apr 10, 2014 3:39:45 PM

  3. LOL

    yeah, nicol look at all of betty bower's vids. They are great in tearing into the foolishness of religion

    Posted by: Moz's | Apr 10, 2014 4:03:11 PM

  4. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by: H | Apr 10, 2014 4:23:31 PM

  5. Of course this isn't real. Yet a an over exaggeration about how conservative The Bible can be if taken literally. It's sad that some people do use The Bible like this for political or personal gain/etc. This is hilarious though.

    Posted by: Anthonyr | Apr 10, 2014 4:58:50 PM

  6. Love Betty Bowers...

    Posted by: Robert M. | Apr 10, 2014 5:17:10 PM

  7. "That would be you, Timothy." Hysterical.

    Posted by: CHRISTOPHER I | Apr 10, 2014 5:34:19 PM

  8. everybody...I doubt Nicol was asking if Betty Bowers was real...etc...he meant more, are those actual passages from the Bible? I looked it up - yep, that's real crap from the Bible - amazing. also, not totally surprising how crazy it sounds considering how old the book is. The importance of the Bible in people's lives says a lot about humans and their relationship to language - and how much language (and the written word) possess such power over human culture.

    Posted by: steve | Apr 10, 2014 6:00:27 PM

  9. Oops. Betty gets at least one thing wrong. In Exodus, the Lord sneaks into every house and murders the oldest (male) child, not the youngest.

    I love the idea that the Bible would be protested by conservative Christians if they actually read the thing.

    Posted by: Seattle Mike | Apr 10, 2014 6:17:13 PM

  10. This is a woman right? Or is she a trans woman? I can't tell anymore :3

    Posted by: Marty | Apr 11, 2014 12:01:08 AM

  11. Betty is not just America's but the world's best Christian.

    Posted by: emjayay | Apr 11, 2014 12:52:45 AM

  12. Betty is not just America's but the world's best Christian.

    Posted by: emjayay | Apr 11, 2014 12:52:47 AM

  13. Please drag queens we need you!! That mural alone would scare the bejesus out of my holes if I were a kid

    Posted by: TonyC | Apr 11, 2014 2:24:31 AM

  14. Betty for President!

    Posted by: Marc | Apr 11, 2014 3:36:08 AM

  15. @anthonyr: Conservatives love you use the Bible literally at other people, but never at themselves or their own actions. Otherwise, they'd get stoned. ('Let he who is without sin throw the first stone', then they'd get a child to throw the first stone because they couldn't themselves ... to paraphrase a passage in the Bible.)

    Posted by: SFRowGuy | Apr 11, 2014 4:05:29 PM

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