1. Gaiboi says

    Well, I’ve never been more enamored by the effects these two have had. Talk about a power team, their very presence invokes fear and respect. They are among the best that we have and we couldn’t ask for a more experienced and gifted team to fight for us.

    They have come together for the greater good and I am very confident in their abilities!

  2. Randy says

    I am glad that THIS version of Olson and Boies are working together for us, and are doing a great job. Importantly, they don’t limit themselves to briefs and the courtroom. They take the message to the public, and I think their work plus all the people at AFER is what has really made the difference in public perception.

  3. Randy says

    I am pleased to read AFER’s brief to the 4th Circuit.

    In particular:
    “… the salient question here is … the rights of gay and lesbian _individuals_, not couples.”