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Dirty Crush: VIDEO


Matthew Wilkas discovers there are places you should never put your iPhone, no matter what the voice from Candy Crush tells you to do.


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  1. that was just stupid

    Posted by: Jaysonn | Apr 24, 2014 10:44:08 AM

  2. That phone went in rather easily, no?

    Posted by: Dastius Krazitauc | Apr 24, 2014 10:57:59 AM

  3. Pretty dumb video, but the guy was hot.

    Posted by: Rich | Apr 24, 2014 11:52:14 AM

  4. You do know that the voice-over narrator is George Takei, right?

    Posted by: PS guy | Apr 24, 2014 11:59:45 AM

  5. That was a complete waste of time. Do you not have anything better to write about? I come here to be informed and entertained, but that was completely without any redeeming value.

    Posted by: Neil | Apr 24, 2014 12:13:29 PM

  6. nobody told you to click on the link AND nobody forced you to sit there and watch the video.


    those shorts. :-D

    Posted by: Jesse | Apr 24, 2014 12:41:17 PM

  7. I LOL'd

    Posted by: Rob | Apr 24, 2014 12:42:09 PM

  8. Not only was this a miss on the entertain o' meter (Takai or not), it is also NSFW for many of us.

    Posted by: NotMe | Apr 24, 2014 1:10:36 PM

  9. Hah. Gotta love Matthew. He was my desktop wallpaper for a while...

    Posted by: sparks | Apr 24, 2014 3:43:59 PM

  10. Thank you for bring joy to my life Sparks. Loved him in Gayby

    Posted by: lessthan | Apr 24, 2014 10:25:05 PM

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