1. litper says

    At the same time, the University also adheres to the Church’s teaching concerning homosexual actions. As a result, “Homosexual persons are called to chastity” and to “friendship,” and should cultivate “the virtues of self‐mastery that teach them inner freedom” (CCC, 2359). Indeed, each and every student at Notre Dame is called to nothing less. All Notre Dame students are urged to understand and live the teachings of the Church relative to their lives and expressions of sexual intimacy. The University recognizes that these teachings are in harmony with the longstanding position of the natural law tradition of the Church that, “Sexuality is ordered to the conjugal love of man and woman. In marriage the physical intimacy of the spouses becomes a sign and pledge of spiritual communion” (CCC, 2360). Consequently in its exhortation to all its students, the University echoes Church teaching that “the deliberate use of the sexual faculty, for whatever reason, outside of marriage is essentially contrary to its purpose” (CCC, 2352).

  2. litper says

    they are still an extremely homophobic university, this video is nothing but a bull

  3. UFFDA says

    Where was it that he said “I am gay” or “I am a happy gay member of the team”? I just didn’t hear that. I didn’t hear the word gay.

  4. litper says

    @UFFDA do you expect anything else from anti-gay Notre Dame or this Catholic self-hater?

  5. I'm layla miller i know stuff says

    The Blue-Green Archetype (Masculine-Feminine Gay Man)

    The Living Room Mysteries by Graham Jackson / (1993)

    The blue-green man is cast as the perfect fantasy figure for many gay men. He possesses that approachable, grounded, earthy sensuality of the feminine green-red man, but couple with a clear-headed, sometimes thoughtful, no-nonsense brand of masculinity.

    His physical appearance is a maleness of a collegiate quality, combined with an overt sexuality.He is the kind of figure people call rugged, manly.

    He could be an adventurer, relishing the opportunity to climb high peaks or negotiate difficult bodies of water in a kayak or canoe. Sporting life is bound to appeal to the blue-green man for the chance it provides for him to self-connect.

    He may be intelligent, may even wear glasses, but his intelligence will always have a practical aim to meet. Our man Frank probably belongs to this type.

    Even Waugh would have us believe that a painter like Charles Ryder can even be blue-green. And why not? Ryder’s art is neither flamboyant nor wildly innovative; he paints from life and nature.

    Vidal’s tennis champ Jim is more a likely exponent of the type. As is the blue-eyed, blue-jeaned, oh-so-masculine Oxford academic Mark, beloved of the narrator in Burning Houses.

    Greek film director Theo Angelopoulos portrays another with the character of the boyish and blue-jeaned Orestes, the van driver for a group of itinerant actors, in his hauntingly beautiful film, Landscape in the Mist.

    With Orestes, we observe how the maternal energy, nurturing side of these masculine guys only adds to their studly appeal.

  6. I'm layla miller i know stuff says

    The Living Room Mysteries (
    “Coming-Out” Narrative Archetype

    As a genre, the coming- out narrative archetype provides a classic forum for the debate of Masculine and Feminine Values. Coming-out storyline is about survival, making good on potential, as much as personal enlightenment and wholeness with the self.

    In the story the Masculine Gay Man sifts through his cultures’ definition of what makes a man a masculine, and what makes a man a “queer,””faggot”, “fairy”, “femme”

    Deeply affected and inspired by his Feminine Gay Lover, the Masculine Gay Man invariably ends up rebelliously fighting against the abusive attitudes of Anti-Femininity. All this arrives towards an absolution regarding the wholeness of masculine and feminine values.

    In this narrative archetype, Feminine and Masculine heroes do approach the status of comrades-in-arms. At the same time, they are both initiator and initiated in terms of merging within their union.

  7. I'm layla miller i know stuff says

    The Fraternity Brother Archetype (Masculine Gay Man)

    The Living Room Mysteries by Graham Jackson/ (1993)

    The powder –blue man is the eternal jock. Long after he’s lost this knack you’ll find him at the clubhouse. He likes clubbiness and being in groups of men as much as the Embellisher dislikes it. This is the reason I call him the Fraternity Brother: he subscribes to the ideal of brother hood. In addition to his college fraternity, his sports club, his union, he will often find his way into other “clubs”, whether formal or informal (the guys from work).

    He may even join a military reserve fore just for the opportunity to around other men. His is the type, which loves traditional maleness best. With him, homoerotic potential is so close to the surface it’s palpable. Yet there’s more fear of it in this kind of man.

    He protects himself from it through the elaborate codifications of the bonding rituals he permits himself to enter. He creates very sturdy line of communication that on a daily basis keep him upright and secure. He rues the day when by accident the falls through the safety net of approved language, gesture. This kind of guy is notorious for his fear of scenes, by which he means emotions, and will keep moving to avoid them.

    The blue man’s doggedness, his determination to push through, to master the situation can be used in the service of relationships. Fraternity Brothers can be remarkably stubborn where their hearts are engaged. Getting them to such a deep connection is not easy, but once there, the Fraternity Brother is faithfully committed.

    The Fraternity Brother retains his boyishness, his slightly spoiled charm. There’s often something well bred, well connected, outgoing, movie star-leading man quality about this type, even when he comes from a humble background.

    His health, vigor, physical beauty, upbeat, extraverted, jocky gregariousness seems to win from an unceasing admiration akin to doting parents.

    AND they do have a feminine side:

    The blue man’s soul sister is Athena-like, intellectually strong, determined, organized. She might easily appear in a long whitish blue robe with a kind of gold tiara or even helmet on her head and a lance, spear, or sword in her hand. She is justice, truth, right, and knowledge.

  8. simon says

    The message is a bit coded.
    The narrator did say the word “gay” at 0:58.
    If you missed it, you may end up with the impression that it is talking about the difficulty he faced being a Catholic instead of being gay.

  9. Mike says

    Notre Dame has a history of hatred and intolerance going back to the founding of the university.

    Indeed, the great American author and editor Charles Warren Stoddard resigned in 1885 from Notre Dame because of their homophobia. Stoddard faced the same homophobia just a few years later at Catholic University in Washington, D.C., and left there as well.

  10. I'm layla miller i know stuff says

    The Living Room Mysteries by Graham Jackson 1993 (
    The Blue Man/Masculine Gay Man

    Self-medication is typical of blue men. Anesthetics are used to deaden the ”emotional pain” of living, in the examples of cigarettes and sleeping pills.

    Many of the blue men communicate an experience of being cut off form some deep emotional wellspring. Disconnection is a common occurring theme in the dreams of blue men.

    In a dream example, a blue man finds himself in a room with a large black woman to who he associated a loving nanny figure from his infancy.

    She is sad, weeping and it seems that only the blue man can offer her comfort. The nanny figure moves to him, but his distant mother sharply intervenes and takes the role of consoler.

    The blue man and the black woman feel an acute frustration, even loss.

    Blue men grow up underfed, even starved for an experience of wholeness. The end up becoming frightened of feelings, affectedness, absolution, and affinity.

    When questioned about the hostility, embarrassment, disgust and shame he feels around what he perceives as his psychological femininity, the masculine gay man will answer in a typical blue way.

    He will refer to that kind of psychological concept with that of homosexual feelings to effeminacy and the overpowering mother.

    This leads me to think that he suffers form an internalized homophobia, in addition to a fear of the feminine. Fear provides the underpinnings.

    When he did seek sexual contact with men he would invariably pay for it or settle his attention on straight men, macho men who were in no position to reciprocate.

    In both cases, he saw himself play the feminine part, which only added to his sense of self disgust and put off the possibility of identifying himself as a gay man.

    For the blue man, the prospect of meeting femininity, connecting with the right hemisphere of his brain raises both a dread and a courage known to any hero confronting the dark abyss.

    This is the nightmare journey; the maiden princess the Blue masculine gay man must rescue is his own femininity.

  11. UFFDA says

    Sorry SIMON to have missed the word “gay” – I was afraid of that. So I’ll say it wasn’t used enough, clear enough, even hard enough. Christianity is getting itself in more trouble by the day by resisting this force of nature which we call “gay”, or in this case, even by politely muting it. The acceptance of gay people should be a matter of joy, not of tacit reluctance.

    I’M LAYLA – I’m looking forward to settling down tonight with your posts. They look interesting.

  12. jp says

    I have to admit that I have never been to Notre Dame, nor do I have any connection with the university. But I have spent time at Boston College and have friends from there. BC is a catholic school for those that don’t know. Even if the University has such rules and statements in its bylaws, that does not mean that they are believed or followed by the staff or student body. For Notre Dame to make a video like this speaks volumes to the change of beliefs in that university. BC is also the same way. People who go to ND are not necessarily Catholic or homophobic. This is not an advertisement for ND or BC or any other college. I am an old guy who’s been around and am amazed at the forward progress of the respect of gay people has come.

  13. litper says

    @JP it doesn’t speak anything, their policy says clearly it’s LEGAL TO DISCRIMINATE GAY PEOPLE at the University.

  14. bkmn says

    I bet the Catholic overlords are going nuts over this. Do they flagellate themselves over the gay guy at their college gaining acceptance or do they just beat off over the hot guy they can’t have?

    My guess is both.

  15. Charles WmWell says

    The Church wont change. Catholics, society, and institutions
    like this will change it. Bravo to the faculty and students of
    Notre Dame, and especially to Matt Dooley and his great
    Team mates.

  16. says

    Riefenstahl like propaganda, remind me again what the Catholics think of the LGBT community? I love the narrator. . . . . .what crap. Matt Dooley must have sold his soul. . . . . . .sad, betraying your own community.

  17. steve says

    such a dramatic video – you’d think he was coming out as a war criminal or something. To me, this video reminds me of straight guys that feel a need to brag and boast about how accepting they are of gay people (or about how not racist they are) – except instead of a straight guy – it’s the entire University. They think it’s such a big deal that they’re not anti-gay that they had to make a REALLY dramatic video about it.

  18. Persepctive says

    @ENCHANTRA – Isn’t ENCHANTRA and fucktard redundant? Some of you gays are never happy. The man came out and you’re still complaining! It’s not his fault that he isn’t twirling a baton or shaping his fingers! He’s a guy who happens to be gay! Get over it you bunch of hypocritical nut lickers!

  19. peterparker says

    Holy freaking F*CK, he’s HOT!!!!

    (Why does Towleroad make us censor our words in order for them to post? It’s not like there are children around here.)

  20. says

    Interesting video. You may be interested in my LGBT tennis documentary Queens at Court – – also on fb, twitter and youtube. It focuses on how everyone feels ‘different’ in some way (gender, sexuality, colour, size) and accepting yourself wholeheartedly is everyone’s coming out story. Queens at Court is being given sponsored screenings by the USTA at the pro tennis tournaments in Winston, DC and Toronto this August as well as at this year’s Gay Games and the 2015 Indian Wells tournament.

  21. Jay says

    This is really embarrassing. It is saturated with guilt and faux sentiment. I wish Dooley well, but I think he would be far better at a different university.

  22. will says

    I think the reason a video like this generates a lot of comments is because Matt Dooley is cute and masculine — the idealized view of the gay boy next door. If he were black and slightly heavy and talked like Johnny Weir, this would probably generate one or two comments instead of two pages (so far).

  23. JD_NDIrish says

    As a gay Notre Dame alum, I was thrilled to see this. Does it do enough to address the challenges gay students face? No.

    Is it progress? YES. Huge progress for a school like ND. So glad and so proud to see it. Go Irish –

  24. emjayay says

    Frank, you should know that Layla will not be banned for lengthy out of place incomprehensible off topic advertising for some book or something. There is no flagging function and no moderating or anything else on the comments here that every other blog on earth now has.

    Again, it’s inexplicable that a great blog that someone puts so much work into has such a worthless commenting system.

  25. emjayay says

    The film is propaganda trying to show how accepting Notre Dame is. Lack of mentioning the official policies of the institution, the peaceful shots of substantial buildings, and the treacley background music that says “we are so sensitive to the very sad problem this person has” are some clues.

    The teammates and coach may be excellent thoughtful people, and the carefully stubbled Dooley may be rather beautiful, but still it’s an official propaganda piece.

  26. Shannon says

    @ Perspective.Whoa dude-you’re so hostile,ticked off,too caffeinated,whatever.You obviously need a good phucking. And you’re a big ole nut licker.And you want to lick Matt Dooleys balls. Just admit it.You know you want to. But you can’t/won’t.

  27. Matt says

    What has happened to the comments section here? All these strange postings, some of which seem to have nothing to do with anything, and others that are just vicious and nutty. How bored to you have to be to troll the comments section of a website.
    Pretty bored I should think.