1. northalabama says

    parents should steer far away from this bigoted organization and the potential damage to any children who join before they’ve discovered their orientation – it’s not worth the risk, and there are alternatives not set on destroying the lives in the name of religianity.

  2. Arrow says

    We know that Zach had no interest in men or boys, although he has made a career out of this. Keeps him close to the campfire,

  3. Sam says

    Sorry for the guy, but why would he think that, at the age of 19, the ban on adults in scouting wouldn’t apply to him?

  4. Rawn says

    The outcome has done him a favor, though he obviously isn’t going to realize that for a while. If he wanted to be involved with Scouting he still can. His role now is to pressure them to change. He’ll help more people that way than he ever could have by staying closeted within the organization.

  5. Clayton says

    This is so revealing: “Bryant knew that his chance to work again at a Boy Scout camp this summer — and hold any other future leadership position — depended on how well he hid his status as a gay man from his friends and colleagues in Scouting.”

    The Boy Scouts don’t object to gay members; they object to gay members who are out of the closet. Shades of the DADT military and the current Catholic Church.

  6. Bill says

    And that’s just one predictable outcome of hard-to-understand privacy settings.

    Also, if the BSA is going around monitoring facebook pages, what happens when a straight guy changes his status to “in a relationship” and one of his friends jokingly (or drunkenly) asks, “what’s his name?” Does he become unemployable because he has a friend, acquaintance, or sibling with a childish sense of humor (or merely bad proofreading skills)?

  7. Hansel Currywurst says

    Although not the central issue in this case, the Facebook wreckage continues to pile-up and nobody asks why it’s happening. You really can share too much with the entire world because the entire world is not your friend.

  8. Sterling says

    Bill, that’s exactly what can happen, in some Scouting quarters. We had a false accusation made against a youth leader (he was in his late 20s) by a Scout with a grudge, who said this leader and another Scout shared a tent. Sex wasn’t even explicitly mentioned, but the Scouts has a ban on individual contact between youth and leaders, so it was enough. Even though the kid who made the accusation came forward and recanted, they still banned the leader for life, just on the mere mention. This was years before they even made their bs half-measure about accepting gay youth, so we didn’t really have a doubt about how it would go. All it takes is one complaint to start the process, and it’s pretty inexorable from there.

  9. ToThePoint says

    That’s right. The moment we turn 18, we become sick, vile, demented pedophiles. Dear BSA, F*ck you and your hateful and demeaning view on decent and caring people who have more compassion in a single fiber of hair than all you bigots put together. Again, F*CK YOU!

  10. Paul R says

    Anyone who supports the BSA is fooling themselves. It’s an evil organization. They kicked me out of Cub Scouts just before I was to become a Boy Scout when I was 8 because I’d skipped a grade.

    They did tell my mother she could form her own pack or group or whatever it’s called if she could find other boys my age in my area who had skipped a grade. That was even more ludicrous and insulting.

  11. mdnc says

    Sometimes I want to smash my Eagle Scout Badge. Damn it, this is NOT the organization that I loved.