1. Gregory In Seattle says

    It is not often that a self-professed straight guy feels comfortable enough with his orientation to be so open about having a crush on another guy. Either that, or he’s fooling no one but himself about being straight.

    Hey, I can dream.

  2. will says

    I like Seth. Both he and James Franco are the epitome of the non-threatened “non-homophobic” modern guy who’s totally comfortable talking about gay sexuality without thinking twice about it and mixing it up into their daily conversation.

  3. Kenny says

    There’s something creepy beneath the surface of Zak Efron. That late night fight with a homeless person in a druggy downtown LA area is just the latest in a line of questionable events with ridiculous explanations attached.

  4. E. Manhattan says

    Between the two of them, it’s Seth Rogan, hands down. Rogan is much sexier, and would probably be much more fun in bed. Or on the living room floor. Or on the kitchen table. Or . . .

  5. BrokebackBob says

    Seth is tiresome. Oh, I think the girl protest too much? I’ll bet Seth had
    more than 1 bump working with Zac’s bod.
    Straight guys are incredibly upset when they get turned on by another guy and Seth is a textbook case of it.

  6. EchtKultig says

    “It was late at night too. I don’t know why Zac was there (he claims car trouble). I hope he’s okay.”

    I read that too somewhere. Sounded VERY fishy. Had “was really buying drugs” written all over it.

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