1. David From Canada says

    Note to Andy Towle and Associates: It’s time to get a permanent Banner/Masthead for this website. The ones you have now are not impressive and change about every 2 weeks. The present one, a little lizard on a green leaf, looks like something for a Science project.
    Try to come up with something really eye-catching for a gay website, a stunning permanent identity. An idea is to have something with a beautiful rainbow on it. Give it some thought, and try to call a halt on the revolving, non-descript mastheads. Get something permanent that will really make your website stand out!

  2. theotherlee says

    First, I’m so glad to hear the progress that is *still* being made for marriage equality.. up to and now going strong even in Wyoming! RIP, Matthew Shepard.

    Second… The banner’s are fine. Not all gay men are drawn to the same imagery. You compared the current Lizard-on-a-Leaf to a science project. Is there something ‘wrong’ with that?

    I am a 42 year old gay guy, living the last 21 years with HIV. I like rainbows, and sexy men as much as the next guy, but I’m also hugely interested in Science. And Nature. And a plethora of other topics outside of my sexuality.

    This is Andy’s site… the articles here have “homosexual tendencies” … which I take to mean.. cover a range of things, not solely revolving around a “gay agenda”. I’m sure you have opinions, and those opinions are important to you, but do you really think you have any sort of right to come in and make a post on something completely irrelevant to the article you are posting on, making demands that the site owner make *his* page according to YOUR tastes??

    And they say we Americans are rude!?

  3. David From Canada says

    A suggestion is not being rude. And it IS a good idea to have an excellent, stand-out, permanent Banner/Masthead that will catch your attention right away!

  4. says

    I much prefer the changing banners, which are presumably made from photos Andy has taken himself, to some “eye-catching” permanent rainbow that could be seen on any gay site.

  5. theotherlee says

    A suggestion is not being rude. And it IS a good idea to have an excellent, stand-out, permanent Banner/Masthead that will catch your attention right away!

    POSTED BY: DAVID FROM CANADA | APR 14, 2014 11:30:52 AM


    Um, a “suggestion” or even “request” usually contains simple words like, “would you consider…?” “Could you please…” Or hey, even, “I would like to see….”

    However, that appears nowhere in your post. You make direct statements to “do this”, “try to make that”, “*try* to halt the other…”

    Yeah, that’s not a suggestion, or even a request. But it is Rude.

    Imagine if I walked into your house and said, “Dave, it’s time you changed your home. You need to repaint the living room a nice bright green! Your sofa definitely has to go. Try to pick something with a little more eye-catching color or pattern. Animal print! That’s it, you definitely will “stand out” if you have a nice purple, leopard-print sofa!”

    Are you honestly telling me you wouldn’t think I was rude?

    This is “Andy’s House” that we’re all invited into.. You have no place to come in making such demands. Not to mention, do you have any idea how many “Gay” websites have rainbow banners? If anything his “revolving, non-descript mastheads” -are- what makes is site stand out.

  6. bandanajack says

    i very much agree with theotherlee’s response above… on all counts. i too enjoy the changing banner, and at times when andy has gotten too busy to change it for a longer time than usual, start getting impatient for the next version.

    the idea has such visual appeal that one of the more popular changes to facebook is the addition of the changeable cover photo, so that us old farts can have the same creative input on our facebook presence. i sometimes take pictures, or save other’s pretty shots for just that purpose.

    lastly, if you are indeed from canada, you are clearly the exception rather than the rule, because your opening salvo was indeed rude.

  7. David From Canada says

    We Canadians are sometimes more direct, while you Americans get your gun and shoot your opponent.
    And yes, my suggestion is still a GREAT idea. (now put those guns away……..)

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