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Say Hello to Godzilla: VIDEO


Though it's barely April, summer blockbuster season is upon us with this weekend's (highly-praised) Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and May will bring the return of Godzilla to the big screen. A new trailer released this weekend brings much of what we've come to expect in Hollywood destructo-porn, along with a big green monster.


Gareth Edwards directs. Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Ken Watanabe star, with Elizabeth Olsen, Juliette Binoche, Sally Hawkins,  David Strathairn, nd Bryan Cranston

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  1. Trailers are so exasperating. I want to scared out of my wits NOW!

    Posted by: UFFDA | Apr 6, 2014 6:45:06 PM

  2. Where's Matthew Broderick?

    Posted by: Lymis | Apr 6, 2014 7:02:10 PM

  3. Why is Towleroad promoting Godzilla for f** sake? I DON'T CARE.

    Posted by: Kenny | Apr 6, 2014 9:38:38 PM

  4. Go away Kenny.

    Posted by: Reality | Apr 6, 2014 9:52:39 PM

  5. Can't. Freakin'. Wait.

    Posted by: Josh | Apr 6, 2014 10:42:34 PM

  6. KENNY - You obviously didn't you see Aaron Taylor-Johnson's body (torso/abs) in "Kick Ass 2" to be asking that question.

    I just watch movies like that for the artistic and cultural content myself, mind you.

    Posted by: edude | Apr 6, 2014 10:47:45 PM

  7. Here, Lizard, Lizard, Lizard!


    Posted by: Bruce Wayne | Apr 7, 2014 4:27:11 AM

  8. def. gonna see it!!!

    Posted by: disgusted american | Apr 7, 2014 8:24:49 AM

  9. I. Cannot. Wait.


    Posted by: Rodney | Apr 7, 2014 10:28:02 AM

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