1. jamal49 says

    Be at peace, young man. You’ve finally accepted your authentic self. Now, go forward. Study, practise, win games, win championships, be happy, fall in love. Just stay true to yourself always. And also know that there are so many of us who stand behind you.

  2. Glen says

    This is the kind of gay man that the media likes to ignore. He doesn’t fit the gay stereotype.

  3. Doug says

    It’s a process. I hope he doesn’t think his life is going to be suddenly all puppies and roses just because he’s come out. Publicity (good or bad) can also be a strain on one’s mental and physical health. But I hope this is the first step of a very positive walk forward for him. It’s almost always a relief on some level when you come out. Keeping your true identity bottled up is never good … even when the consequences aren’t always easy to deal with, that’s better than the alternative.

  4. Greg says

    I am so happy this young man found the strength to live his life honestly and I hope the resulting freedom allows him all the success in the world going forward! Congrats!

  5. SpaceCadet says

    Haha @Derrick. Well Tom Daley and that soccer dude are white and they’ve come out. Don’t they count Mike?

  6. Francis says

    Barriers are breaking. For gay men of color who have had very few role models in the past, guys like Derrick are extremely inspirational. Congratulations Derrick and welcome to the other side.

  7. elg says

    “Why are all these back guys coming out in sports? Where are the white guys?”

    For a long time white gays I know would ask where are the black gay guys? Why won’t they “come out”? Why won’t they march in the LGBT marches/parades? Why won’t they do whatever it was that gays were “supposed” to be doing? With three black gay men (Jason Collins, Michael Sams and Derrick Gordon) now “out” in sports, somebody dares to ask where are the openly gay white guys in sports? Go figure.

  8. Kim says

    It is odd that NFL and NBA gay players like Wade Davis, Kwame, Jason Collins, Amechi are Black.At least in the last few years.Derrick and Michael Sam aren’t the only football or basketball college players to come out.The others weren’t Division 1 players.As for Daly and Rogers they are not in NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL so less coverage on coming out.Most people I know have never heard of them

  9. Anthonyr says

    This is really Amazing. So much Respect and Support for this young guy. I’m 26yrs and in my life time I am so Excited to see how far we are coming Not only in Gay Rights, being Open in Sports etc. As a country and society I think we are making Great Strides and we will only become Stronger and Closer from here. Thank You Derrick you are a Strong Man.

  10. ADS says

    What’s with the cheesy background music? Let the man’s words speak for themselves without the editorial manipulation.

  11. bravo says

    Beautiful story. Bravo, Derrick.

    I am overjoyed at the coming out of these sportsmen-of-color.

  12. emjayay says

    Well one reason why more black gay guys in sports are coming out is that there is a far higher proportion of black major athletes in basketball and football than in the general population. But since probably a lot lower percentage of black guys in general are out, it’s weird again. I guess someone should ask some of these guys what they think at this point. Otherwise it’s just speculation.

    Swimming and diving don’t count – those seem to be really white sports for some reason.