1. Mike says

    There is news today that New Zealand ranks first in the world for social and environmental progress according to the Social Progress Imperative.

  2. Kenn says

    I’m yellow carding you for egregious use of quotation marks, it IS The Haka Dance, it does not need to be emphasized or alluded to that it is something else.

  3. Gregory In Seattle says

    Very nice, but I have to wonder: is this kind of grandstanding available to EVERY team in soccer who wants to do something similar after winning a match, or is this something special that only this one team is allowed to do?

    Because doing a victory dance on the field right after the game seems like pretty poor sportsmanship.

  4. jamal49 says

    Looking for a place to emigrate, especially after SCOTUS handed America over to the wealthy elites on a silver platter yesterday. New Zealand looks more and more inviting.

  5. Scott x says

    I love rugby players and the All Blacks have more than their fair share of them. The HaKa, Gregory, is a long-standing Maori cultural expression that has been welcomed in rugby play for decades. It’s hardly poor sportsmanship, more than players high-fiving each other, thrusting their arms up in the air, or pouring champagne over their heads during major tournaments or Superbowls.

  6. hugo says

    how appropriate that they follow it up with Bocelli’s “con te partiro”.. With you, I shall leave… INDEED. All of them.

  7. joe says

    Monsanto is in New Zealand, as nice as their SPI record appears
    — got their corp lobbyists to influence the vote–so we’re ultimately screwed no matter where we move to

  8. Cd in DC says

    there’s an 18 year old Samoan in there who’s a real star. Not sure why they’re called sevens because in my book, they’re all tens.

  9. ryankeller says


    1) It’s rugby not soccer
    2) The haka is a war dance, and done before the game
    3) As far as I’m aware NZ is the only team that do this historically
    4) Traditionally only men are allowed to do the haka