Hate Group Leader Tony Perkins Attended MS ‘License To Discriminate’ Bill Signing

Eagle Eye opposition research blogger Jeremy Hooper noticed that one of the people attending Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant's signing of the "license to discriminate" law was hate-group leader Tony Perkins.

Tony_perkins_msAt GLAAD, Hooper wrote:

A week ago, I showed you how the Family Research Council, one of the most anti-LGBT organizations in the country, had assembled a team of very hostile voices in order to advocate for Mississippi's version of one of those Arizona-style license-to-discriminate bills that are making their way across the country.  The team, led by FRC president Tony Perkins, framed their advocacy as being against "the homosexual agenda" and they admitted in a latter to MS lawmakers that LGBT people are "those who engage in behavior we find objectionable."  There is no denying that they saw this as a fight against LGBT people and rights…

FRC president Tony Perkins was actually at the bill signing, joining local lawmakers and the governor for what they considered a triumphant moment.  Of the small handful of invitees, Tony was one of the only non-elected officials (and/or non-Mississippi residents) to be there.  He had no real ties other than the fact that he, as one of the strongest practitioners of the anti-LGBT arts, sees this bill as a boon to his cause.  

Although it's really no big surprise that the governor invited Mr. Perkins.  Again, Tony and his equally LGBT-hostile team of advocates pushed and pushed hard for this, one of the many bills that the anti-LGBT movement is trying to dupe state legislatures into passing.  The governor was likely grateful for Tony's handiwork against "those who engage in behavior we find objectionable."

Perkins has repeatedly been invited on television as a conservative and evangelical expert without any mention whatsoever about his ties to a hate group.


  1. Peter says

    Back in 1964, Mississippi had a reputation as America’s most racially segregated state. With this license to discriminate law, the state is once again living down to its history of promoting inequality under the law.

  2. MaryM says

    Mississippi needs to be avoided – then again who would want to visit that festering dump anyway?

  3. Shannon says

    Mississippi along with Georgia and Florida: sinking to the bottom of the festering swamp of backwardness. The “New” South gets uglier every day. And I will never go to those ass backwards states. Besides, Tony Perkins is probably a deeply closeted gay man anyway. He probably is a regular at gay adult businesses all across America. And probably a big ole gang bang bottom cum dump!!!!

  4. JackFknTwist says

    I think use of the word ‘lawmakers’ in the above post is a stretch.
    If this is the best these dolts can do at legislation then there’s something rotten in the state of Mississippi.

    To pass a’law’ which allows a person to break other laws on the grounds of religious belief is so stupid it defies analysis.

    And that toad Tony perkins is just a little toad; his name will live with Anita Bryant.

  5. JackFknTwist says

    And that toad Tony Perkins is just a little perv.; his name will live with Anita Bryant.

    Small minded, insular, provincial creeps with no perspective beyond their heroic status in their own little slime pond.
    Well done Mississippi !!!!

  6. Reggie777 says

    It would be so perfect if someone decided that they wouldn’t serve Christians in MS because it was against their religion.

  7. says

    It’s literally amazing that overwhelming empirical evidence about actual prejudice, discrimination and violence against LGBT people continues to be disregarded and a bill gets passed based on a fear of a “discrimination” or “attack on religion” that never has and never WILL exist.

    mississippi goddamn

  8. simon says

    It is about business being able to deny service based on religious ground. I think Mississippi business community is thriving now that they can afford to do this. It is like cutting off the nose to spite the face. The pro-business party now becomes the stupid party.

  9. Trolliollio says

    Seeing Tony Perkins should be a red flag that this bill has nothing to do with “religion” and has everything to do with regaining the importance a certain hate group used to think it had. They are taking advantage of bigoted politicians just as they are bigoted leaders in foreign nations.

  10. RayJacksonMs says

    Call Phil Bryant’s office at 601-359-3150 and ask him why he personally invited a hate group leader to a closed door closed curtain secret signing of legalizing segregation right after his gay son he keeps hidden was moved to Austin Texas. Post the question on his Facebook page if you don’t mind getting banned.


  11. Bernie says

    Today’s lack of the USA Supreme Court taking that religious case in New Mexico confirms my prediction that this Mississippi law and other like it will NOT hold up in court…..The gay community will have the last laugh on this as each state that passed this type of law will see those type of laws whittled down and gone!

  12. Daniel says

    Wait… people actually uphold the rule of law in Mississippi? When did that start?