Court Recognizes Gay Couple as Married for First Time in Italy


An Italian court today recognized a gay couple as married for the first time in Italy, AFP reports:

The court in Grosseto in Tuscany ordered the city council to list the couple, who had their wedding in New York in 2012, as married in a ruling that was immediately hailed by gay rights campaigners as historic.

“This is an unprecedented case in our country,” Sergio Lo Giudice, a senator for the Democratic Party and a former head of the watchdog Arcigay, told reporters…

…Grosseto judge Claudio Boccini ruled that there was "no reference to gender" in the city council register of married couples and the couple in question should therefore be included.

Fabrizio Marrazzo, a spokesman for Gay Center, called for a response from Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.

Joseph Chigiotti and Stefano Bucci, the couple petitioning the court, were married in New York in 2012 but had been denied registration in Italy following their marriage.

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  1. Icebloo says

    Interesting. A posting about Tom Daley or Zac Effron would get lots of responses but a real piece of news like this gets nothing. No wonder gay rights are so far behind. Gays are only interested in gossipy entertainment crap and nothing real.

    Also, this news didn’t affect America so none of the self absorbed Americans bothered to comment. DISGRACEFUL !

    Great news from Italy ! Hopefully the start of the end for gay marriage bans there.

  2. Andrea says

    A problem with names:
    The husbands are Giuseppe Chigiotti and Stefano Bucci. The judge is Paolo Cesare Ottati

  3. Paul says

    Iceblo – I have to agree with you. I too was surprised by the lack of comment. Italy has the worst gay rights laws in western Europe – and this story is pretty incredible.

  4. James Lytle says

    Yeah!!!! Italy is finally entering the 21st Century in Europe!!!!

    I can visit without feeling guilty for spending money in a country that doesn’t recognize my LGBT brothers.

  5. DW says

    Another gossipy queen here who reads and cares about stories like these, ICEBLOO. For better or worse, good news doesn’t always attract visceral reactions. Gays aren’t any worse offenders than straights — look at the magazines in the supermarket line. Just human nature.