1. Richard says

    Japan does not have a “First Lady”. The Empress is the First Lady. Kind of insulting to her to refer to the Prime Minister’s wife this way, however laudable her actions may be.

  2. David From Canada says

    Would you believe that Tokyo, on the small island of Japan, is the largest city in the world! Good for the First Lady for joining the Pride Parade, because it gave a lot of people the fabulous opportunity to see her in the great Pride Parade. Love those universal Rainbow Flags!

  3. John says

    I live in Tokyo…this is pretty mind-blowing. I had no idea she was there (nor, I think, did many other people). Her husband, to my knowledge, hasn’t done anything to support LGBT rights. Gay marriage isn’t even on the drawing board.

  4. Sam says

    Um…I don’t expect high-class journalism from Towleroad but she is NOT the First Lady of Japan. That honor is reserved for empress consort Michiko Shoda. That would be like saying Samantha Cameron is the First Lady of the UK.

  5. Devonasa says

    In defense of Towleroad, all the articles talking about this, including those like Japan Times and Japan Today, all refer to her as the First Lady. She is always referred to as that in most articles written about her.

    On another note, she is amazing and good on her.

  6. Mark says

    That particular float was sponsored by Place Tokyo which is a group for people who are HIV positive and people who are concerned about the topic. The float was at the head of a group called “Living Together” for people both HIV positive and not, because we are all living together. The man in red on the float is “Pink Bear” Hasegawa who is both HIV positive and has long been an important activist in Japan and internationally. He is not in good health and it must have been a great strain to be happy and lively during the time of the parade, but for this to be the float that Akie Abe was on is very significant.

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