1. Hey Darlin' says

    Considering some of the other songs featuring Rupaul’s Drag Race alumna, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I really liked it. Hope there’s more coming.

  2. PutYourBackIntoIt says

    I have a problem with Jinkx. Do you remember when she was talking about her intentions about what she intended to do once she won the crown? I do.

    I remember her telling us something to the effect that she wasn’t going to rest until there was marriage equality across America.

    She did not have to make that promise. It wasn’t necessary. I gave her the benefit of the doubt for a year, because I assumed she would be very busy fulfilling obligations for RPDR. But since then, have any of your seen or heard anything about her doing any kind of activism? I haven’t.

    I would have thought we would have seen a video, article, or something about the work she intended on doing by now.

    What I like about some of the other winners, Raja and Sharon, is that they said they wanted to simply stand as an inspiration to others by expressing themselves, and they did that. They made good on their promises. Raja and Sharon continued to be themselves, and lead by example in their own way.

    Jinkx made a different promise though. She said she was going to do things to facilitate marriage equality. I’ve seen NOTHING.

    I don’t like Jinkx anymore because of this. She reminds me of politicians that make all kinds of promises, and once they have their *whatever it is*, they conveniently forget about what they said they were going to do.

    I have seen some of Jinkx’s satire pre-RPDR, like when she did Anita Bryant for example and thought it was brilliant. Haven’t seen ANYTHING like that since.

    Panti Bliss, without a crown, has done more than Jinkx has since Jinkx made that promise.

  3. Marc says

    That was perfect!
    Wow. Such a breath of fresh air. The lyrics and clever, the melody catchy, the burlesque-visuals gorgeous and the overall aesthetic is sheer perfection.
    Yes, yes and more yes. Bring me some cream for my instant fandom!


    Check out Phi Phi O’hara’s new song. It’s – rather surprisingly – pretty much the best song to come out of a Drag Racer ever! And no, I wasn’t at all a fan of hers till i heard the song.

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