1. TANK says

    Could someone please explain to me why this singularly unattractive, no-talent fraud is worthy of a post at Towleroad? Thank you.

  2. Bryan says

    @Will: Lmao, obviously not. Two totally different artistes, probably at the extreme end of female singers

  3. says

    Pretty good. This song manages to have the Beach Boys’ “Good Vibrations” cello, and the Dr. Dre ‘California Whistle’. and she sounds tore up and sad to boot.

  4. Felix says

    I like it. And BTWm LDR and Gaga are not that different. Both make commercial pop music and use their bodies to sell products.

  5. tagg says

    @Tank…We know your Gay but give me a break! Lana is unattractive? You sir need glasses, badly. Lol

  6. Lorenzo says

    Lmao! Artpop was no Artpop. I love it! Saw her in Vegas recently, she was really good.