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Macklemore Collaborator Ryan Lewis Reveals Mom is HIV+, Announces Healthcare Project - VIDEO


After receiving a blood transfusion in 1984, Julie Lewis — the mother of "Same Love" Macklemore collaborator, Ryan Lewis — contracted HIV (something Ryan had never discussed in interviews until now). She survived when doctors thought she wouldn't, and both Ryan and his sister Laura Irwin both were born without HIV, something they only had a 25 percent chance of doing.

Julie was able to live thanks in part to quality healthcare, and in her sake Ryan has decided to spearhead a global health initiative called The 30/30 Project. The goal is to set up 30 comprehensive health clinics in high-need areas such as Malawi — the place where 30/30 would first like to set up a clinic — and to have these clinics stay open for at least 30 years.

If successful, these clinics could help treat people without medical access living in areas most affected by HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and other life-threatening illnesses. At the time of press, the 30/30 IndieGoGo page has already raised $56,261 of its $100,000 goal.

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  1. Some corrections according to the video: Transfusion in 1984. 25% chance of being born HIV+.

    Posted by: Patrick | Apr 25, 2014 8:30:43 AM

  2. Nice idea...too bad he'll probably spend it on himself like Gaga did...

    Posted by: styler | Apr 25, 2014 9:33:37 AM

  3. The first paragraph has a couple inaccuracies. According to the video in this post, Julie Lewis received the transfusion in 1984 and was diagnosed in 1990. Laura Irwin is the sister born after the transfusion, like Ryan Lewis. Teresa Hillis is the sister born before the transfusion.

    Posted by: Ward | Apr 25, 2014 9:41:40 AM

  4. Thank you. Corrected.

    Posted by: Daniel Villarreal | Apr 25, 2014 10:24:19 AM

  5. STYLER the moron, why would you compare him to Gaga you dope. Gaga was always obvious and owed people NOTHING, you and your ilk decided to buy into her for YOUR own reasons. This is his mother. And it's not his own charity.

    Be smart about charity. Just because you wanted to believe a complete b*tch doesn't mean that everyone is a liar.

    Posted by: Rowan | Apr 25, 2014 12:22:18 PM

  6. My "party line" has been Health Care is a Human Right, so I was a shoe-in already, yet this Lewis family video moved me beyond feelings of concurrence with a cause. I often wonder, "How can I help?" and feel hobbled a lot of the time. Then something like this pops up and I realize: THIS is an action I can take. True, it's minimal - I haven't left my chair - but the action of forking over some dough is a powerful one nonetheless. Take an action. Fork some over. Help people who need help.

    Posted by: sandman | Apr 27, 2014 7:52:08 AM

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