Major League Soccer Player Mike Magee Gets Anti-Gay Hater’s Respect: PHOTO


Cheers to MLS Chicago Fire player Mike Magee for his response to an anti-gay tweet earlier this week.

SB Nation writes:

So, backstory: Mike Magee missed a penalty kick. We all remember that part. A Union supporter with the handle @aaronfox72 decided that a little post-game smack-talk was necessary (as one does) and fired off a tweet to Magee with the message, "great penalty faggot, GO UNION."

There is a reason athletes are called role models. The tweeter's response:


  1. Rad says

    I hate Twitter. I hate the “Tweet and recant” crap. I hate the blog discussion wars that ensue following one of these escapades. I hate when broadcasters use Twitter as a source of news to talk about someone positing and unposting something.

    It’s not an expression of 1st amendment rights. It’s an expression of stupidity and ignorance.

  2. Kevin says

    Has Towleroad changed the font for these pages? It’s showing up in my browser much smaller and in a serif font (looks like Times)? Anyone else notice this. It happened about a week ago.

  3. JMC says

    The tweeter responded that way because he was being dragged by countless people, not because he was Mike Magee’s response (not that it wasn’t a cool one). That’s always what ends up happening with twitter hecklers unless the person responsible is a dedicated troll.

  4. BillPaul says

    So, if we use Litper’s neanderthal logic should we wonder why he’s visiting and posting on a site with homosexual tendencies?

    Mike Magee is a great guy – period. He also happens to be hetrosexual but what’s that got to do with anything?

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