1. David From Canada says

    He’s wasting his time, because he simply won’t find a following here in Canada. We are far less homophobic than the U.S.A. and extremists are ignored for the most part in Canada.

  2. says

    “I hope this bodes well for Canada and America. You should be able to have a debate on this issue.”

    I guess Pete doesn’t realize that the debate happened years ago in “Homo-Marxist” Canada and is long settled. The paycheck, though, should enable him to replenish his gay “literature” collection.

  3. anon says

    I don’t think he’d go to Canada if there weren’t money to be made. Interesting that they were all too eager to say why they wouldn’t let him in but are quiet about what changed their minds.

  4. Scar2 says

    I was trying to remember where I heard his name before. Then I realized he was in Dan Savage’s book. He’s the guy who insisted on going to Folsom Street Fair every year to report on the horrors of Leather Pride – even though all the information & pics he needed are available online & elsewhere. Wingnut indeed.

  5. says

    “debate” is a funny choice of word. I was on my schools’ debate teams – i did rather well. they taught me that a knowledge of facts and the ability to back them up by citing definitive empirical evidence are they key.

    sadly, LaBarbera has yet to learn this concept. fingers in ears, a mouth tunelessly warbling “lalala-LALALALA-lalaaaa”, and then a regurgitation of nothing more than prejudiced bigotry does not a debate make.

    it does, however, line the pockets of those who make money by convincing poor people to hate gay people.

  6. Joe in Toronto says

    This is hardly a victory for Porno Pete.
    In order to be admitted to Canada he likely was required to provide an undertaking that he restrict his public comments to the topic of the conference he was attending – anti-abortion.
    And he may have been required to post a peace bond.
    He can wave his US Passport all he wants but he’s learned his American free-speech rights to spew hatred stop at the 49th parallel.

  7. says


    and here’s the reality – nothing he’d “promote” will gain any traction in Canada. the battle, on the legal side, is over and we’ve WON.

    this was about him making money – profiting from hate. canada, like other countries with Equality on the books, still has a ways to go in terms of the social front. And we’re winning it.

    While what’s happening right now with the Mogentaler clinic is distressing, the reality is that Canada’s charter of rights and freedoms is not going to be aversely affected by a far-right conservative American JOKE coming up North to show Canadians why he’s a failure of a man.

  8. Gregory in Seattle says

    “Peter LaBarbera Was Let Into Canada”… and in only a few sort minutes, demonstrates so aptly why he was denied entry in the first place.

    I doubt that Canadian border officers will make the same mistake twice.

  9. Deth says

    Hi Little Kiwi,

    Question: Do you truly think that his anti-gay agenda won’t gain any traction here in Canada? The way I see it, Peter is a metastatic cancer, and Canada just said, ‘Hey, come on in!’.

    After going through Peter’s things, why would Canada then decide to let him in?! Because gay people aren’t important enough as an identifiable minority to protect with hate speech laws? The conference may officially be pro-life, but that doesn’t mean anything when an anti-gay pundit has an anti-gay agenda. When everything is the gays’ fault, even pro-choice views and laws will be framed as a ‘gay agenda’.

    We have enough homophobia on the social level in Canada. Peter is coming here looking for fertile ground for the spread of homophobia. He’s here for the same reasons Scott Lively went to Russia or African countries.

    I do NOT want Canada to turn into America (no offence USA) and then Russia. I am SICKENED that Peter is in this beautiful, wonderful country. I do NOT want people having ‘debates’ over gays’ personhood, equality, or rights, again.

    But here we go. I’m sorry but I DO see this monster gaining traction, and Canada appears cool with it. I JUST CAN’T WAIT to have to start fighting again.


  10. Deth says

    I sincerely hope you’re right, Little Kiwi. ‘Anti-gay folks are dying off in Canadialand; this is their last gasp’ is going to be my mantra for at least today.

    *sigh* I need a hug…

    Thanks for the speedy reply btw.

  11. Bernie says

    such an irony for Mr. Lababera who wants nothing more than criminal laws for gay people and he gets delayed for Canada questioning his hateful speech…..what is wrong with this picture??

  12. BrokebackBob says

    Please border management, don’t let him back in, and Canada (I love you) please send him up into the way north country with a package of hot dog wieners and a small cigarette lighter.

  13. Onnyjay says

    The last thing LaBabs wants is a debate. Any open, honest exchange of ideas with facts to back them up is like garlic to a vampire — repellant in the extreme and to be fled at any and all cost. You called it right the first time, Canada. Don’t make the same mistake again.

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