1. Gary says

    He’s like everyone’s baby. We’ll get to see him grow up. He’s showing a lot of character — like a little Henry VIII.

  2. Randy says

    The fascination with this family (not the gay parents) is bizarre.

    Even if the monarchy isn’t ended, can we at least end the sideshow aspect?

  3. kennedy says

    Like our political system isn’t ‘bizarre’. I’d rather have a constitutional monarchy with pleasant and politically silent figureheads like Will and Kate than any republic that empowers people like Rick Perry, Mike Huckabee and Phil Bryant. I don’t see the Queen of England passing gay segregation laws.

  4. JCTSF says

    @ Vint: Even though they all are incredibly tiresome by now, don’t overlook their cash and their castles, their security details, or their parliamentary perquisites. The entire society is essentially tailored to them.

  5. D.R.H. says

    Amen, Kennedy. I’ll take HRH over any Presidential joke this country has had to offer.

  6. Darrell says

    Your closest allies to the north are a Constitutional Monarchy so beware! Some day our $20 will probably have King George on it. Also it speaks volumes that the gay couple in New Zealand are guys from Oregon in the US and Australia, Two countries that are light years behind Canada, UK, and New Zealand in regards to gay marriage rights. This clip was shown on the Global, CTV, and CBC networks national news last night and the couple were interviewed and through the accents you could tell they were not Kiwis by birth.