Pro-Gay Republican Super PAC Reports $2.75 Million Take in First Quarter

Paul Singer's American Unity Super PAC, which was launched in June 2012 by billionaire Paul Singer, raised $2.75 million over the past three months, most donated by Singer himself:

SingerThe three-month haul for American Unity PAC is by far the biggest so far for the super PAC, which was around for the 2012 election but had relatively little funding. The committee raised about the same amount in all of 2012 and pulled in just $260,000 in 2013.

The super PAC was boosted early this year by $1.75 million in donations from GOP donor Paul Singer, who has been among the most vocal and well-funded proponents of gay marriage in the GOP. Another $1 million came from billionaire Massachusetts investor Seth Klarman.

Only one other person contributed more than $25 to the super PAC.

Singer, who was also a major supporter of Mitt Romney, has a married gay son.


  1. Patrick says

    And we’re off to the races. The GOP needs to be redirected on its anti-gay marriage stance. And starting on the inside with BIG BUCKS donors is one prong of attack. Cause the wing nut religious homophobes are just plain wacko and will NEVER give in. They think they’re right,but we KNOW they’re WRONG and are reactionary wackos. Gotta start somewhere..Just keep attacking them til they cave…

  2. will says

    The fact is: we need to support all efforts at inclusiveness in the GOP. We can’t have equality when republicans write a party platform that excludes us — a potential 50% of the country may vote for them at any time. We may lose our Senate majority in November.

    I wonder what the game plan is on how the money is best spent?

  3. says

    The republicans a;so need to back ENDA, and get rid of the stupid refusal of service laws, drop the anti-gay amendments in 30 states among a multitude of other things. Sounds like wasted money to me because the party is never gonna budge on gay issues.

  4. steve says

    Actions speak louder than words! $$$ helps the message BUT lets see them spend it and change hearts and minds measured by their pathetic support poll numbers for folks over 30!

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