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    meh. when a “gay role” like this is played by a straight man, it only feeds the delusions of some gay men who think “they’re indistinguishable from a straight man” – No, Blanche. You just dress badly and are boring. But hey, I understand that many gay men struggle with being associated with “gay stereotypes” – if you’re not quick, witty, clever, cultured, artistic, creative or interesting with a vivacious personality you might well feel “underrepresented”

    So, enter this straight guy, playing gay (sorta?), to show that some gay men do embody the worst straight male stereotypes as well. Embrace it? Go ahead.

    It’s still a stereotype – just one couched in dullness, not fabulousness :)

  2. MickyFlip says

    I care less what you all think. I love Josh Homme even more now that he did this. And I always did love Portlandia when it first came out. And this clip was hysterical. Carrie Brownstein is awesome as always. I do hope there will be a Sleater-Kinney reunion in future but no rush.

  3. Homo Genius says

    “it only feeds the delusions of some gay men who think “they’re indistinguishable from a straight man”

    funny, I think that about most trans stories and their attempts as passing

  4. Joseph says

    Wow. So original: a gay couple is not stereotypically gay so the straight people are shocked and their expectations destroyed. It’s only like the 50 millionth time I’ve seen this scenario play out on TV.

  5. MickyFlip says

    @ Mike If you were sick as a dog with a fever but can’t stop the tour due to obligations. Plus, playing in front of thousands of fans every night, city to city, and having some of those same fans start throwing things at you like shoes, coins, darts, glass bottles, whatever while you play for their entertainment… Hmmm, I honestly wonder how I would react too if someone did that to me while I was going through all that? In fact, I may go so far as to spout off stupid things without thinking due to the heat of the moment. I had coworkers throw crap at me at work long ago. Let’s just say…it wasn’t good. And we all get along now. And they respect even more.

    Welcome to the real world.

  6. Disappointed Gay says

    Still waiting for a more authentic depiction of the non-stereotypical gay man dynamic.

    As opposed to some weak half-a.$.$.ed comedy sketchlet.

  7. Rowan says

    Little ~Kiwi, I never join in with the comments about you and your very nonobjective view of gay life….but really? Why are you so obsessed with ALL gay people being the same? Camp and into mean women??

    You remind me of those black people I meet who think I’m fake because I don’t have a colloquial accent….

    I mean, I don’t even know where to start.

  8. bobbyjoe says

    Sarah Silverman’s show did this better, and made the characters central characters throughout the run of her show. In fact, I don’t remember Silverman’s show making a big deal about how they didn’t act stereotypically “gay”– they were gay, they were complete slobs, they defied every stereotype but that wasn’t something that was brought up much; they just were who they were and then were part of the regular storylines. Its oddly one of the most progressive presentations I’ve seen on tv.

  9. bobbyjoe says

    Oh, and then there’s ABC’s “Happy Endings”– same thing really– main character Max was gay and a total slob (though there they did sometimes address the fact he didn’t fit the stereotypes).

    Long story short, Portlandia’s usually a bit more creative than this. When they’re on, they’re on, though– I don’t think I’ve laughed harder at much than Portlandia’s “Lewis and Clark” skit a season or two ago.

  10. says

    Hey Rowan! You can start by dropping the strawman arguments :)

    I’ve never once stated, nor do I even remotely believe, that all gay men are the same and that all gay men are camp and into, uh, “mean women”. *pssst, i have no idea what Mean Women means*

    So I’m not sure how to reply to the strawman argument you’ve made as you’re attributing to me something I’ve never said nor do I believe.

  11. Just_a_guy says

    Kiwi, I like u man, but…

    “when a “gay role” like this is played by a straight man, it only feeds the delusions of some gay men who think “they’re indistinguishable from a straight man.””

    Here’s the thing, Kiwi, I really think it’s farrow likely that it’s a mean, false fiction that gay/bisexual men are that different from straight men. We grew up the same way and are all just guys. Get over it, it’s ok Kiwi!!

    And Kiwi, I know you carry a cross for effeminate gay men, but buddy, you’re carrying the cross incorrectly and for the incorrectly circled group of men. You need to carry your it’s-ok-to-be-effeminate card for hordes of extremely effeminate STRAIGHT men too, Kiwi. Ok?! If you start doing that, you’ll get on my nerves less.

    Also, Kiwi, it’s wrong of you to push effeminacy on all gay men. Why? What are you hoping to gain? It’s not going to work. Not is it going to help you, Kiwi.

    kiwi, be YOU. But please don’t demand that we are ALL exactly like you might see yourself.

    Peace out Ki.

  12. says

    thanks for yet another Strawman argument, “Just_A_Guy”! What i enjoy most about plebes like you is that your arguments “against me” are always in reference to things i’ve.

    A: never said
    B: don’t believe
    C; actually run *contrary* to everything i *do* say, and indeed negate the realities of my own social life.

    the majority of my gay male friends are the guys you’d deem to “not be effeminate” – I know, a galling concept for you to fathom. But hey, guys like you with no actual lives need to make things up about those of us who *do*

    thanks for playing. the day you can make your comments from a place of visibility is the day you’ll be worthy of anyone’s time.

    until then, continue obsessing over me. i’m used to it. all of us who live visible lives are.

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