1. petey says

    I think this article would have been better without the stereotypical commentary from Christian Walters about how “gay” men in Spandex supposedly are. We get enough of this crap from straights.

  2. H.J. B. says

    “….which is a bit ironic for a form of entertainment that involves two or more oiled up muscle men in spandex playing a game of ‘Who’s on top’…”

    What a bitchy, snarky, and utterly unproffesional way to point out an “irony”. Because of course, men who oil up, wear spandex, and try to wrestle each other to the ground are sooooo gay. Talk about trading in stereotypes. Those things have as much to do woth being gay as with being Chinese. Shame on you for stooping so low.

  3. northalabama says

    not really surprised steve’s an ally, closeted pro-wrestlers have been rumored forever. maybe this will help change the dialog, good work steve.

  4. JonnyNYNY2FLFL says

    As a high school & college “real” wrestling team member, I can refute the notion that straight wrestlers regularly spout homophobic remarks to prove their own heterosexuality.

    Wrestlers are, perhaps, more secure in their own sexuality than most other groups of sportsmen. There is no denying the completion requires full body contact (even in the most intimate areas). If a wrestler worried about misinterpretation of standard moves in a typical match, they wouldn’t participate in the sport to begin with.

    When these “fake” wrestlers make such remarks, I suspect their main motivate is to pander to their ignorant redneck audiences. I’m glad one of them took the opposite approach. Real men don’t harbor “homosexual panic” when they know their true self.

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