1. Mike says

    @Brian: I’ve watched each one that Andy has posted and didn’t find them entertaining. Yes, I didn’t have to hit the play button but I figured each time I’d see if they got better. They seem stuck in a different era where stereotypes and stock humor are still funny. But some people must find them funny for Andy to continue posting them…unless they are personal friends of his or sponsoring the post.

  2. oncemorewithfeeling says

    Anybody can throw anything up on the Internet and somebody somewhere is going to like it. I watch these due to morbid curiosity and I am amazed that I’m supposed to care about any of these characters. It’s the worst kind of gay minstrel show that’s also the whitest web series ever and its writer and creator is a gay black man.

    I hate it and I’m hooked.

  3. Killian says

    I think they’re funny. I feel like a lot of you commenters are just actual b*tches in real life and probably look in the mirror and hate yourselves or something.

    *You’re tired.

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