Tom Daley: ‘I am a Gay Man Now’


Yesterday we posted some photos of Tom Daley's appearance (with actor and host Joe Swash, above) on the ITV show Celebrity Juice, which was broadcast in the UK last night.

Daley disclosed on the show that although he said he 'still fancied girls' (in the YouTube video last December), "I am a gay man now."

Daley also spoke about making the YouTube clip: "I came out on YouTube as I wanted to say what I wanted to say without anyone twisting it. I told my family before I told the world. I was terrified. I did not know what the reaction was going to be. I did it on YouTube because people were constantly digging and asking questions."

As for his relationship with Dustin Lance Black, it's "all good"


  1. Jocelyne says

    I am so proud that you have the courage of your convictions.
    I am a straight woman who fights for injustice in all its forms… Equality is not a privilege it is a RIGHT!
    It breaks my heart to know that some people are so afraid to live their lives as it was intended.
    BRAVO Tom Daily – Cheering for you in Every Way!!! xox

  2. sam says

    Will someone tell this British fool to shut up? His choice in men is disastrous. I fear for his well-being.

  3. Cory says

    Good for him, I am happy that he took time to figure things out on his own terms and feels comfortable sharing with us.

  4. Cory says

    He’s been pretty consistent about talking about his journey about figuring out who he is. When he came out as being in a relationship, he never specified what he considers himself but that he was in a relationship with a man. Plus I have ZERO reason for thinking he’d be lying or was lying before.

    Most importnatly, what makes you think he’s lying?

  5. Bryan says

    Haha. It was just a hunch, but I called it and was accused of bisexual erasure. He just pinged gay to me *shrug*. I guess bisexuals are gonna be mad now over this.

  6. Steve says

    Another “bi now, gay later”. This is sadly why most don’t take bisexuals seriously.

  7. Tony says

    I couldn’t have said it better. He probably was testing waters to minimize the backlash.

  8. Jack M says

    Steve is right. It’s the “bi now, gay later” guys that give the real bi men a bad name.

  9. SpaceCadet says

    What a shocker. But I think he meant to say, or at least I hope, that he’s always been gay rather than “now” as if it was a conscious decision. But good for him though. He’s only 19 and that was when I began my coming out process.

    And Cory, you can just ignore Sam, one of the resident trolls on this site. His comments have a pattern of hateful bile that you learn eventually to skip over.

  10. Killian says

    lol Styler

    I’m 22 and my boyfriend is 44. Older guys are hawt imo. Seriously. Men get better with age.

  11. JackFknTwist says

    He is both brave and sweet and I am delighted that he is one of us….and speaking out and neither made feel shame for years on end nor the slightest embarrassment.
    And I hope that Dustin Lance Black is a mentor and helping Tom make it in the world of entertainment and film.
    Yeah, he needed to test the water…..he is a swimmer….the temp. was just fine.

  12. Matt27 says

    Lovely guy and it wasn’t difficult to guess this bi now, gay later, would happen.

  13. Kieran says

    We talk about the problem of gays being bullied at school. What about the problem of gays being bullied at gay websites? Bitter, bitchy queens, there is so much more to life than being angry all the time.

    Congratulations brother Tom for making us proud.

  14. MaryM says

    Sweet kid.

    He has terrible taste in men though.

    DLB has an appalling reputation when it comes to his treatment of his teenage boyfriends.

    Hopefully as Tom is successful in his own right he will be able to deal with this better than the other teenagers DLB has exploited.

  15. Chuck Mielke says

    The “bi now, gay later” complaint(?) ignores the fact that it takes time to recognize and lay claim to our own sexual feelings. Some people forget the struggle they had with this part of their development. I feel quite confident that Mr. Daley was as honest as he felt it possible to be at each step of his self discovery. While I think it unlikely, it’s still possible he may finally discover a different orientation more natural to his inclinations.

  16. Chaz says

    As usual, the worst, bitchiest comments are on gay sites.

    He’s a hypocrite, his boyfriend’s scum, his body will age and wither, he’s not allowed to think he’s bisexual for a while, bisexuals are scum and hypocrites, blah blah blah.

    God, no wonder people call YOU names.

  17. Peter says

    I am one of those people who judge books by covers and go by gut feelings. I, too, never got that bisexual vibe from Tom. I’m glad he can be honest. One must remember that Tom is a commodity as well as a person who probably has all kinds of managers and minders of his public image. I’m sure he was advised by his manager to say that he was bisexual when he came out so as not to offend the thousands of young girls who bought his calendar and other paraphenalia. Now for a bit of scandalous rumination – I predict that Tom will eventually break up with DLB and will then invite Dan Osborne over for a chill evening of watching movies and take out food and things will proceed from there…

  18. Dback says

    Made the mistake of thinking about Tom Daley and DLB (as in, the two of them…together) the other day while in the pool…glad I was wearing somewhat loose shorts.

  19. reality says

    Can you people please invest more time in yourselves and consider why you’re so hateful to someone you don’t even know? TOM LOOKS HAPPY AND WE SHOULD BE HAPPY FOR HIM. Period.

  20. says

    He’s still a good (few) decade(s) younger than a lot of the still-closeted commenters in here, so….. ROCK ON, TOM!

    he’s happy. he’s Out. he’s inspiring many people all over the world.

    ain’t no downside, y’all!

  21. jamal49 says

    Best wishes to you and Dustin, Tom. May you always have success and love in your life. I’m a big fan and I think you are fantastic!

  22. Jason says

    So, I was reading comments and “this is why nobody takes bisexuals seriously” came up.

    Don’t blame bisexuals, blame heteronormative gay people for enforcing an all or nothing understanding of orientation and gender expressions.

    I’m as gay as any gay man, and as straight as any staraight man. I am bisexual and I identify as gay AND straight. It’s not confusion in me, but confusion in others that prevents me from being able to explain how I have 2 kids from a long term heterosexual marriage (one that was very sexually satisfying), have a monogamous gay relationship (also very sexually satisfying), and I have no problem with being happy in that. It’s actually very easy for me, and I suspect Tom might be similar. There’s no reason to not be as “gay” as your partner (whatever that means – after all you’re with him, not everyone else).

    Why the need to read into Tom’s comments anything? He says he’s gay (and he fancies girls). If he says he’s gay… cool. Let him be gay (whatever than means to him).

  23. Andrew says

    What a bunch of moronic commenters. Just because Daley lied about being bi doesn’t mean that bi people don’t exist. I assure you that bi people do exist and they are awesome. And every demographic survey has shown that the bi population equals or exceeds the L/G population.

    Maybe you didn’t know this, but a lot of gay people also lie and say that they are straight. And there are a lot more gay people who falsely tell the world that they are straight than there are gay people who falsely claim to be bi. But that doesn’t mean that straight people don’t exist.

  24. jarago says

    Tom is a very cute gay boy and I’m happy for him ( and happy that he keeps stripping down to his swimming trunks so that we can all share…)

  25. raul415 says

    CHAZ and all the other guys who are comfort themselves with the notion that someday Daley will age and his body will go to seed.

    Sad queens. We all know that the only worth that any of us have is in what we look like in a speedo.

    Sad, Sad, Sad

  26. Gary says

    Experience your sexuality. Lose the baggage. At some point one of you will have to go — like Gwen and Chris.

  27. Angela Channing says

    If everyone’s coming out process was scrutinized online, the interwebs would explode. So Tom had a slightly different journey than others? I am happy for him.

  28. says

    This story is inaccurate. He never said it. Anyone who doesn’t believe that can view the actual show on Youtube. The host of the show said it during a barrage of comments. At no point did Daley say he wanted to clarify anything or state the words attributed to him.

    The origin of the story was sleazy papers in the UK like The Mirror and and then The Daily Mail. Then, no doubt based on wishful thinking, gay media picked up the stories and repeated them without actually checking the show itself.

    Now, I think Daley is gay, not bisexual. He never said he was bisexual. His words were not that precise. But he never denied it either. Nor has he clarified the issue and stated he is gay. He may do so at some point, but this was not the time.