1. apex says

    They look like they’re enjoying themselves. But, wow. From these pics, I’m fine with passing on this.

  2. litper says

    Disgusting to see the picture of vulgar trans activists still trying so hard to destroy the celebration of gay love!

  3. Josh says

    APEX: But “wow?” What will you do when the entire US demographic changes? Fortunately, you’ll be an old racist by then.

  4. Josh says

    I enjoy the Trans back lash. Makes it more frustrating for closet cases to come out. This pent up anger leads to crimes. They go to jails and find love with the “real men” they crave. It’s very romantic.

  5. pete n sfo says

    Looks like a fun day.

    I love a drag queen as much as the next guy, if not more. Check out Huff Post’s pics… you’d think the entire parade was nothing but.

    Tired. Tired. Tired.

  6. litper says

    @Pete now you get why people are tired of this? Do they really think it’s easy for another closeted athlete to come out after another set of pics of such vulgar anti-gay activities?

  7. Derek says

    Litper Litpshitz dude the more you b!tch the more you look like a complete and utter moron. Take the advice of others…get some help.

  8. litper says

    Isn’t it fun to see all these trans activists attacking me for saying the obvious? No gay man wants to be like you, NO ONE. And by hijacking the gay movement you’re only making it worse, for yourselves and for the gay people who are still in the closet!

  9. Hugh says

    Nothing like a Pride post to bring out the snarky comments – glad I wasn’t disappointed.
    This site needs moderation badly.

  10. Homo Genius says

    this all seems way too cisgender for this site. gay men (and women) being proud of being gay men (and women). its so shameful and non inclusive. They couldn’t even work in a made up acronym or throw in a “community”.