UFC Fighter Jon Jones Claims He Didn’t Make Homophobic Slurs on Instagram


A Swedish Instagram user and MMA fan named Daniel Javid accused UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones this week of attacking him with homophobic slurs, Cage Potato reports.

The official explanation from Jones’s manager Malki Kawa is that his phone was stolen, and someone else was posting those comments without his knowledge. (Don’t worry, Jones already got a new phone.) Whether or not you believe that excuse probably reflects how you feel about Jon Jones in the first place. Do you believe that Jones is openly homophobic and lacks the self-control to keep his opinions to himself? Anecdotes like this certainly don’t help his case. Or, do you believe Kawa’s story, because it would be insane for a UFC superstar to go off like this in public?



  1. Derrick from Philly says

    @ Mike,

    watch out, Mike. Watch out. I got read viciously a month ago for saying that a Russian homophobe was sexy. I backed down and apologized. Although the Russian guy was also a Gay-basher as well as a verbal Gay-basher…so, I guess you’re view on Mr Jones is ok.

    Yes, I love Mister Jones’ lips. But if he can’t respect me then I can’t respect him… atleast not before 2:00am in morning.

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