Ugandan Gay Group Seeking Monetary Aid to Help HIV Volunteer Flee Country


The Gender-Equality and Health Organisation (GEHO) Uganda has issued an urgent plea for financial aid in assisting a Ugandan HIV/AIDS volunteer flee to Canada.

The volunteer, Jinja Awena, is currently in hiding and is being sought by police after being accused of violating Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Act through her work combating HIV/AIDS.

More on her situation:

Awena fled into hiding after police raided GEHO's offices, and six local radio stations publicly broadcast her name as someone accused of violating the anti-homosexuality law. As of Thursday afternoon, April 10, Awena had avoided a third attempt by the police to arrest her. GEHO still needed $300 to cover her plane ticket.

GEHO is asking for public donations through the Safe Passage Fund, a grant initiative created to “provide immediate assistance to LGBTQ activists who are at-risk of violence, life-imprisonment or even death.”

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