UVA Swimmers Embrace Their Gay Teammates: PHOTO


A new Tumblr created by University of Virginia students asking for photographs illustrating "diversity" produced this wonderful photo from the UVA swim team.

Writes Outsports:

Students at the University of Virginia wanted to show that it is more than a buzzword and to make the campus more inclusive. Along those lines, three students created an awesome Tumblr, "We Are All UVa," where students took photos holding placards talking about their experiences, good or bad.

Among them was Parker Camp, a varsity swimmer who told his coming out story on Outsports last month. He got four teammates to come up with this terrific photo.

Here's another from the site:



  1. Sergio says

    Cool campaign. That first photo also gives us all the chance to test our gaydars – the gay ones are the sign holder and the one above him to the right, no?

  2. says

    The gay guys are on the far left (Parker Young being among them, based on the photo in the OUTsports article last month) and the second one from the left that is standing.

  3. Tyler says

    I did not think that the sign holder was gay. But he is. He is the one who came out to OutSports. The second one, however, is either the one on the far right or the far left.

  4. Robert says

    My gaydar is preeeetty good, and I think the guy on the far left is the surest bet.

    Of course, they’re saying “hey, some of us are gay, some aren’t” and we’re all “WHO IS ITTTTTT.” Oh well.

  5. Derrick from Philly says

    LOL @ “Wow, Rick stole my name to post a harmless comment….for once.”

    LOL. Hey, TYLER, that’s because he forgot who the f.ck he is. LOL

  6. Paul R says

    My gaydar sucks, but I went to UVA, which must count for something.

    As for who is gay, it’s middle guy (C) and at first I thought left guy. Then right guy. So who knows. I was there 20 years ago and caused a world of turmoil about the gay stuff. It led to brawls and screaming (neither by me) and a lot of ugliness. Funny to think back on that.

  7. macguffin54 says

    Far left and second from right. Surprised so few people are picking the second from the right. Even if you told me all of the guys were straight I’d be saying he was secretly gay. Ah, stereotypes… Of course, you never know. It could be the direct opposite. But I highly doubt one of the gay ones would be holding the sign that denotes acceptance.

  8. Wahoowa says

    The guy holding the sign is definitely gay and is the out gay one – Parker Camp. Just image google search him. Geez.

    As for the second who didn’t want to be identified, I vote second from right.

    Either way, proud of the LGBT love at my alma mater. Wahoowa!

  9. michael says

    There are certain places, imo, you can tell with the shoulders being one. Definitely the guy on the far left, maybe tho because he, and no offense here, is the one you would like to flip over the most.

  10. michael says

    Btw what I am talking regarding the shoulders is the straight guys shoulders are more horizontal while the gay guys shoulders will slant down. Three of these guys have shoulders that don’t slant down.

  11. Håkon says

    “Who cares who is gay in the photo? I like both they are very sweet.”

    It’s a gay website. Of course we care. Twit.

    “But I’d like to see a rear view.”

    I second this sentiment.

  12. wheelie81 says

    Seriously? This article is about people not caring if someone is gay or straight and you all are trying to figure out who is what??? WHO CARES!! If you can’t tell, then you don’t need to know!

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