Was Brendan Eich ‘Scalped by Gay Activists’ or Done in By His Willful Donation to a Hate Campaign?


As you may have heard, Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich resigned yesterday following a week of outrage over revelations he donated to California's hate campaign, Proposition 8, as well as to a number of other controversial right-wing figures.

The episode is inspiring some striking differences in opinion.

SullivanAndrew Sullivan took a strong position in support of Eich last night, accusing gay activists of "hounding a heretic:"

The guy who had the gall to express his First Amendment rights and favor Prop 8 in California by donating $1,000 has just been scalped by some gay activists…Will he now be forced to walk through the streets in shame? Why not the stocks? The whole episode disgusts me – as it should disgust anyone interested in a tolerant and diverse society. If this is the gay rights movement today – hounding our opponents with a fanaticism more like the religious right than anyone else – then count me out. If we are about intimidating the free speech of others, we are no better than the anti-gay bullies who came before us.

Right-wingers like Bryan Fischer, Linda Harvey, and Tammy Bruce agree with Sullivan.

SignorileMichelangelo Signorile responds in the HuffPost:

According to Sullivan, the gay mafia has struck again, destroying a man and bringing him down because he would not conform to its thinking. You would be justified in being massively confused by that because this is the same Andrew Sullivan who was first out of the gate with the pitchfork, driving Alec Baldwin off of MSNBC — as Baldwin bombastically charged that he was the victim of Sullivan and his "fundamentalist wing of gay advocacy."

But if you're going to get worked up over a guy hurling the word "c–ksucker" in the heat of the moment — while he also gave money and support to the causes of LGBT rights and marriage equality — you should be completely outraged by a man unapologetically giving money to a hate campaign that helped pass Prop 8 by demonizing gay men and lesbians in television ads charging that gays are dangerous to children. The damage done by those ads is incalculable, turning neighbors in California against one another, empowering anti-gay bullies in schools as well as the bashers on the streets.

Signorile correctly notes that it wasn't until news came out that Eich had also donated to Pat Buchanan and Ron Paul that he resigned – until then it seemed clear Eich was staying on.

Suddenly, in addition to defending a CEO who gave money to homophobic efforts, Mozilla would have to defend a CEO who supported Buchanan, a far right extremist and isolationist who's been accused of racist and anti-Semitic attacks, and who also was, rightly, driven off MSNBC — though that took years longer to accomplish than the few weeks it took to purge Alec Baldwin.



    Andrew Sullivan is mentally ill. He should be pitied if his views weren’t so dangerous.

  2. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    Sullivan’s troubled relationship with his own sexuality and his own type have been on display for a good many years now and seem always to cast a shadow over his perception of people and events. He’s almost always dead wrong out of the gate, and sometimes will, years later, not exactly to apologize, but redact or revise. The saddest thing is Sullivan’s inability to wrestle his own homophobic demon to the ground (or even to admit he has one) and kick its arse out.

  3. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    Signorile, on the other hand, has been out there–in every sense–for is for decades–yes decades–and has never apologized, reneged, revised, or had to repent of anything he has said about the antagonistic relationship between mainstream culture and its gay subsidiary.

    It doesn’t hurt that as he’s aged he has only gotten sexier.

  4. Gerry says

    Good god, I’m shocked at what Andrew Sullivan said, especially as Signorile points out about the Baldwin episode. If Eich had supported the KKK or some other white supremacy group (well, Pat Buchanan notwithstanding, ahem) he would have never been appointed CEO in the first place.

  5. Kieran says

    Andrew Sullivan is no vanguard of the Gay Population. I know I’m not looking up to him.

  6. says

    i’m sorry whomever you are, andrew sullivan. if you don’t get it there’s something wrong with you.

    disgusting to say he was hounded. i’m glad he stepped down. all our actions have consequences. if he’s suffering them now so be it.

  7. Turing's Ghost says

    Its been around for some time but be prepared for this new strategy to position us to be the villains and bullies. It started with claims for “special rights” and now we are somehow attacking religious freedom. This will be the mantra for the next few years. The fallacy is that anyone can form a religion and decide who deserves equal protection. The Scientologists and Mormons are a great example. Personally, I’m forming a religion that requires the U.S. to deport short fat Italian Supreme Court Justices.

  8. mike says

    I don’t know who Andrew Sullivan is but based on the information I’ve just read in the story (above) I’d have to agree with Michelangelo Signorile.

  9. wwolffus says

    Right wingers tend to throw out, boycott, and pillage those who disagree with them, including their own ilk.

    We should be educating and talking to Andrew Sullivan, not bashing him. He comes around to a more educated view now and then, and he has opened up a much needed discussion. So let’s discuss, not pillage, the guy who is one of us.

  10. disgusted american says

    as I stated on another blog – its the free market…..just like when the whole chik-fil-A crap come up…..FREE MARKET at wrk….gay people didn’t force him to resign, he resigned on his own.

  11. Eric says

    Emotionally, I’m on Signorile’s side. Rationally, I think Sullivan has a point. How we treat dissenting minority viewpoints (which the anti-gay marriage perspective is rapidly becoming) is one of the ways in which our society defines its values. Let’s say a gay ally works for Hobby Lobby or another conservative “Christian business” and donates money or volunteers time for a campaign in favor of gay marriage. Should the owners be able fire that person, or pressure them to resign? Should Hobby Lobby’s conservative customers be able to put pressure on the company to fire the employee? I assume most people here would emphatically say no. But what makes this case so much different than Eich’s circumstance, other than that most of us find Eich’s positions repugnant but like the positions of my hypothetical ally? I’m asking the question hoping for an honest dialogue about tolerance for dissenting viewpoints. If we’re serious about living in a democracy, how we treat dissent is really important. Restricting minority rights through social pressure–whether that be to marriage or to hold distasteful points of view–is problematic.

  12. Macmantoo says

    But yet it was ok for the One Million Moms to go after Ellen’s job with Penney’s?

  13. will says

    I agree with Andrew. We’ve won the fight and we must become graceful, even thankful, winners. Not disgruntled, vindictive winners. We are starting to turn into Senator Joe McCarthy, He would label anybody an anti-American Communist sympathizer if there was any hint to anti-American activity in their past. We are labeling bigots to anyone who is not evolving fast enough — or who supported an anti-gay cause in the past. We are becoming the far right in our tactics.

    It’s time for us to be grateful we’ve won our fight and let these people off the hook — we must forgive them.

  14. Chris says

    I’m sorry, but right now, we ARE being bullies. Everyone keeps saying that we should “imagine if he had donated to the KKK” and sure, I guess that’s kinda fair, we can all see how those have certain parallels. But now imagine your reaction if people were calling for him to be fired and boycotting his company for supporting gay marriage instead of opposing it. We’d all say that the religious right were being horrible and bullies, and we’d be right. It seems hypocritical to then turn around and do the exact same thing because we disagree with him.

  15. Zell says

    Signorile is right to point out Andrew Sullivan’s hypocrisy, but no amount of ad hominem attacks on Sullivan refute his point, which is essentially correct. I disagree with everything that Brendan Eich says, but he has the right to say it, or donate to whomever he wants, and still keep his job. And yes, I’m aware that the 1st amendment only protects you from legal consequences of speech, but the spirit is the same. If he were a politician I would say to organize a movement to vote him out. As CEO what power does he have to influence gay rights?

    I’m not saying I’m sorry he’s gone, but hounding someone to resignation simply because he holds a different viewpoint than we do sets a dangerous precedent, and makes us look bad. Gay rights have been going in the right direction for a long time, but we’re steering off course here with this immediate pouncing on anyone with a different point of view: Phil Robertson, Alec Baldwin, Brendan Eich… loathsome people, mostly (Baldwin is a grey issue) but we should be taking the higher ground.

  16. jed says

    mr, sullivan, no one’s right to free speech was violated or intimidated in this case. brendan eich exercised his first amendment right to oppose marriage equality and the free market responded with its own first amendment right to reject his bigotry.

  17. Turing's Ghost says

    Chris, if Mr. Eich has the freedom to express his political or religious beliefs, don’t we have an equal right to do the same? Protestations on what happened with Mr. Eich seem to imply that no one should have any right to express their opinion on his fitness to be a CEO of a non-profit organization. The bottom line is that Mr. Eich made his donation(no problem), people express their views on one way or another (should be no problem) and cumulative opinions against Mr. Eich forced Mr. Eich to consider the damage to the non-profit to resign. Freedom does work in mysterious ways.

  18. anon says

    It would be a pitiable state indeed if we could only choose between AS and MS. The two are hardly paragons of consistent and rational rhetoric. MS just basically does his travesty of the week freak show (like a left-wing Bryan Fischer) and AS acts like no one read what he wrote 15 minutes ago.

    The problem with going after Eich is that it’s a singular proposition. I don’t know of any campaigns against other right-wing CEO’s, so why him? My guess is that someone smelled blood and knew he’d be vulnerable. And pressure could be kept up because Mozilla’s competitors would be in on it. People want to make an “example” of him, but don’t want to do any real “work” figuring out all the other companies that they would need to boycott using the same criteria. And this is hardly going to make any difference to gay rights in the long run.

  19. Chadd says

    Andrew is wrong. The right wing has tacked “no repercussions” onto First Amendment rights. Everyone has the right to say or support whatever they want, but there is no guarantee that you won’t be called out on it when you do. Just like Cracker Barrel and World Vision changed course, so did Mozilla. Eich just learned the hard way what our mothers taught us. Actions have consequences. That is not an abridgment of Free Speech.

  20. Brian says

    Oh, so Eich was only forced to resign because he supported Pat Buchanan and Ron Paul, two of the most consistently ANTI-WAR voices in America. Now I understand. Nothing Corporate America hates more than those peacenik politicians who think America should stop sticking its bloodthirsty snout into every troublespot in the world.

    Fire someone because of a contribution to a politician? Sullivan is absolutely right. Clearly, this is NOT the way a tolerant and diverse society is supposed to work. This is more like how a lynch mob operates.

  21. simon says

    The guys who exposed Eich were reporters of a newspaper. OKCUPID who advocated boycott is a dating site not exclusively gay. It seems gay organizations like HRC and GLADD were quiet on this. Not sure if Sullivan can name the gay activists who did this horrible thing. It is more of a perception than reality. His resignation was more likely due to internal power struggle within Mozilla than what Sullivan claimed to be due to some invisible beings. It is even possible it was cause by the anonymous commenters on towleroad.

  22. Glenn says

    If Eich had been a supporter of efforts to outlaw interracial marriage, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation. (Well, AS might still be upset, given his support for racist theories in the past.)

  23. Ppp says

    I know how anyone think it’s like denial of civil right in 60s , suffrage in 20 century, or the disapproval of nazi from jews, but the support for civil right, suffrage and jews have almost unanimous supports. People will think this kind of stuff as the mere expression of freedom when the support Civil right for gays only has 50 to 55 percent. In fact, the freedom of religion and freedom of expression are pretty much relied on public opinion.

  24. JackFknTwist says

    I totally disagree with Andrew Sullivan……
    I am not prepared to go soft on anti-democratic people who have sought to make us second class citizens by supporting campaigns to withhold our equal rights.
    The silent malevolent benefactors of Prop 8 must be made to stand up and account for their “free Speech” and must take the consequences.

    Andrew Sullivan has forgotten very quickly the pure hell gays and our forerunners have endured, from the 1861 Offences Against the Person Act in England, now being used against gays in India , to the Wolfenden Report of the 1950’s which had to drag homosexual rights into the light of day , to the Section 28 of Margaret Thatcher’s government in the 1980’s which was similar to the present Russian anti gay propaganda laws.

    What planet has Andrew Sullivan gone to ?
    Iche can have a right t free speech; and must live with the consequences. Ken Melman must live with the consequences of his malice.

    We are not the bullies; but I’m phucked if I’m going to sit quietly while the silent insidious insiders of business, sports or politics seek to operate against me.
    Andrew Sullivan is a conservative who mixes with the so called literati of Provincetown in the summer and the New York gentility in the winter.

    As TS Eliot would say : “He was neither at the Hot Gates nor knee deep in the salt marshes bitten by flies fought.”

  25. JackFknTwist says

    Andrew Sullivan has thrown in his lot with those who are starting the campaign to make us appear ‘bullies’.

    This was a strategy employed by the GOP in the Bush elections; take the opponent’s strong point and twist it against them.
    Well done Sullivan you have truly gone over.

  26. EchtKultig says

    Love it. Just when it seems Andrew Sullivan can’t make himself look more foolish, he always manages to. It’s rather breathtaking, actually.

  27. oncemorewithfeeling says

    I have no idea why anybody pays attention to Andrew Sullivan, who is happy to align himself with whatever position he thinks will give him the biggest payday. I wish I was soul-less enough to be as good as him at being a con artist, then I’d have his money, too.

    And the Eich thing is over. We won, he lost, and corporate America is on notice to back off. I’m not going to lose any sleep over the good guys having won.

  28. Felix says

    I don’t remember any “gay activist” claiming for his head to roll. Most of us just voiced our discontent and even considered skipping Mozilla products…pure BOYCOTTING: as in any free country would happen. Mozilla listened, talked to their accountants and made the decision. Where’s the bullying?

    And please, stop using the word “bullying” within these contexts. Young queer kids in rural America KNOW about bullying, most self-entitled adults don’t.

  29. Chris says

    Turing’s Ghost, I’m not trying to simplify it as his first amendment rights being violated (because they clearly weren’t). I’m trying to simplify it as we should treat him the way we’d like to be treated. I think of things like ENDA, which we (to make a sweeping generalization) support specifically because we don’t want to live in a world where people can be fired for what they do in the privacy of their bedrooms. I think it’s only fair that we extend the same courtesy to people we don’t like.

  30. CMARTini says

    I think we have to remember that we don’t really have much idea what is going on Mozilla and can only surmise the situation that led to his stepping down. Not everyone agrees that he was bullied. I think Eich lost a lot of respect in an environment where he especially needs it, as a leader of a non-profit, that is probably mostly left-leaning, and would not want him as their leader and be the face to the outside world. Sounds like a bad fit. People have every right to vote how they like and, in turn, we have every right to believe that a person is not right for position with values that are not in line with a Co/Org (see Mozillas mission and values statement)

    I think Sullivan is conflicted and likes be contrary because it makes him feel special and smart as a gay.

  31. chasmader says

    Sometimes I wish Andy (Sullivan, not Towle)would go back to England and stay there for a while.

  32. Chadd says

    @Will. How exactly have we won our fight? I live in Georgia. Not only can I not get married to the person I love, I can get fired from my job for loving him. You make it sound like we’re Won and Done. Far far from it.

  33. Chris says

    Anyone claiming to not who Sullivan is should be embarrassed. Any rational observer of the recent progress in gay rights and specifically the right to marry can trace at least some of the movement’s start to Andrew Sullivan writing for the new republic in 1989. Stop making fool of yourselves and learn your own history.
    Sullivan is 100% correct on this. We had the Mozilla’s very clear statement and very clear policies. Yet we wouldn’t allow an employee to have an opinion contrary to ours. That’s a dangerous precedent to set, just remember our reactions when NOM and AFC called for the resignations of CEOs who supported Equality, we called them every name in the book and rightly so. We, as a community, embarrassed ourselves and our entire movement with this ill advised witch hunt. He did not make anti-gay statements, he did not say we were all going to hell, he didn’t even say we were destroying the country. He made a donation, a long time ago, so did millions of others. Should everyone who donated or voted for Prop 8 be fired?
    This is not what the Gay rights movement is about. this was terrible, and everyone should examine this bizarre desire for vengeance, because there is little other reason for this than pure animus.

  34. EchtKultig says

    “there is little other reason for this than pure animus.”

    You mean what made him donate to prop 8, right?

  35. Andy says

    We have to remember this isn’t your everyday typical job at a Taco Bell. Eich was hired to lead a company which was founded on the principal of openness, inclusiveness, and giving everyone on the internet a fair shot. His beliefs in terms of Prop 8 were a direct affront to the core principals of the company he was to lead. This wasn’t a witch hunt. This was the community saying “no, this guy is not who want to lead us, because he believes some of us are better than others.” In a company based solely around its community, stuff like this is bound to happen, and it works both ways.

    If suddenly John Boehner came out 100% in favor of same-sex marriage, I would applaud the guy, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he was stripped of every ounce of power in the GOP, nor would I decry the GOP from doing so.

  36. Håkon says

    Everyone should check out William Saletan’s latest rant in Slate. It’s truly bizarre… Some right-wing nerves are clearly very frayed these days.

  37. JackFknTwist says

    @ CHRIS :
    “He did not make any gay statements”

    Contributing money to deprive us of our rights to equality seems a very loud statement to me.

    And having the silent malice of a bigot at the helm of a huge corporation is surely going to manifest itself in ways which are not manifest !

    The anti-gays will move underground; that’s why we need ENDA now to protect ourselves.
    But those same silent malicious anti-gays are already at work. Look at the post by Andy of the Democrats who are blocking the ENDA legislation.

    Bigotry by stealth is one of out greatest challenges.

  38. Smuggy says

    Another case of living and dying by your own words. Worth noting he hasn’t left Mozilla and is likely being paid the same as he was. Kind of like moving a naughty priest to a new parrish.

  39. crispy says

    Oh, sweet Jesus. Andrew Sullivan is claiming this is a First Amendment issue? I’m not surprised when the Sarah Palins of the country make that mistake, but I thought he was smarter than that. That’s just laughably stupid.

    This story had zero to do with the government infringing upon someone’s freedom of speech.

    Why do these morons know so little about the actual Constitution they claim to cherish?

  40. simon says

    “we wouldn’t allow an employee to have an opinion contrary to ours.”
    That is not correct.
    It is like:
    “CEO is unfit for the job if he doesn’t agree with our basic policy and mission.”
    He could have gone back to his old technical position but he chose to leave.
    He should have apologized. He chose to put himself first ahead of the company, further damaging the reputation of the company.
    Welcome to corporate America. It could be any issue other than marriage equality. The end result would be the same.

  41. Zell says

    This obviously isn’t a first amendment issue, but simply because something is legal doesn’t make it right. What we seem to be trying to do now (with Eich, Phil Robertson, Dan Cathy, etc.) is change people’s minds by force, and call for the immediate firing and removal of anyone who disagrees with us. Even if I thought this were the moral thing to do (and I don’t), there will be backlash. All these ad hominem attacks on Andrew Sullivan or anyone else don’t actually deal with the issue, and if you aren’t made uncomfortable by the idea that someone can be fired for thought-crime, or having a certain opinion or even (gasp!) making a political donation that you disagree with, then it’s easy to see how things like McCarthyism took hold.

  42. says

    When one donates money toward Prop 8, and to specifically anti-gay politicians for specifically anti-gay reasons, a few things happen..

    1. they show that they are, indeed, working to force their beliefs onto others. gays marrying, of course, forces nothing onto anybody. Prop 8 was a direct force of religious (let’s be real about that, eh?) beliefs onto those who do not share them.

    2. it’s not just a “political” donation toward a law or policy. it’s a direct contribution to a culture of prejudice and bigotry – his donation to those anti-gay causes did not just affect “Grown Adult Gays Who Wish To Marry” – but every young, terrified CLOSETED CHILD across the country.

    3. while it was “years ago” – the opposite of war is not peace, but creation. you can’t stain your hands with the blood of the people you targeted with your hatred and then expect them to be rinsed clean simply by no longer actively cutting their throats. my point? actively work to undo all the harm you inflicted. that’s how you earn redemption, and that’s how you earn forgiveness.

    so far, he’s not really done that in a particularly fitting way.

    so there.

    i’m rather impressed by this. yay us! look how powerful we are! the religious right has long pretended that LGBT people are “the real bullies” – yeah, we’re the real bullies when we fight *back*, harder. oh well.

  43. Homo Genius says

    well… in my opinion this was some low hanging fruit that activist jumped on for an easy “victory”

    Lets see… CEO of a FREE browser company who donated years before he even had the job or a the CEO of what was once one of the leading news sources in America who has the ability to shape actual content you might see in said browser…hmmm.. where should I expend my energy…

  44. Glenn says

    Here’s what I’d like to know from folks like Chris who think Andrew is right:

    1. Given Eich’s support for Prop 8, was it wrong for individuals to decide they didn’t want to do business and/or support a company that would elevate him? I.e., do you think we were *required* to continue to patronize Mozilla?

    2. Was it wrong for such persons to publicly state their position? I.e., were we *required* to keep it secret and not speak of it publicly?

    3. And finally, given the publicly-stated positions of many of its customers, was Mozilla wrong to conclude that keeping Eich was not financially worth it? I.e., were they *required* to keep him on regardless of the financial cost?

    If the answer to any of the above is “yes” — then I think any concern with oppression needs to start with the man in the mirror. And if the answer to all of the above is “no,” then exactly what is your beef?

  45. says

    Once again, Andrew Sullivan takes it upon himself to apologize to the GOP for us uppity f*gg*ts stirring up trouble at the plantation. I mean, seriously – “hounded”, Mr. Sullivan? Eich was not hounded any way. We did not send him or his family death threats, we didn’t constantly send him menacing mail or phone calls, we didn’t show at his house and make a scene, we didn’t do anything except vocally express our displeasure at what he had done and his reprehensible views. I’d barely call that “hounding”, Andrew.

  46. Håkon says

    “and if you aren’t made uncomfortable by the idea that someone can be fired for thought-crime, or having a certain opinion or even (gasp!) making a political donation that you disagree with”

    It wasn’t a ‘thought-crime’, dear. It was an active donation to unilaterally abrogate already-achieved human rights. BIG difference.

  47. Turing's Ghost says

    Wow.I don’t read comments often but this is one of the best debates I’ve seen. I wish I had the elegance and wit of JED and LITTLE KIWI…they said what I wanted to say.

  48. FAEN says

    If Eich had donated to an anti Semetic organization or pol this wouldn’t even be an issue as he would have been fired. Some day homophobia will be just as unacceptable as racism or anti Semitism is today. As it should be.

  49. Eric says

    Glenn and others, I fully support efforts to vigorously denounce political positions and political work which I find distasteful and to try to persuade people to change their minds. I see the value of boycotting companies which use the revenue they gain from their customers to corporately support political or social causes I don’t like. But I question whether we should have a system where employees who privately support less than popular causes as defined by society at large or by their bosses should lose their jobs. Obviously Eich, as CEO, could have a significant negative impact on Mozilla’s LGBT and ally employees if he wanted to change Mozilla’s stated pro-gay policies and culture, but there is little indication he was going to do that, and it would be relatively easy for his board to keep him in check.

    As others have stated, why single out Eich? There are lots of people and leaders of corporations who support causes which harm gay people.

    Social and dialogue and disagreement is one thing, but individually-oriented economic ostracism is quite another. Eich is wealthy enough to survive this relatively unscathed, but the average worker would be quite a different case. Should a person be unable to support themselves and their family if they hold unpopular views? If it’s okay to fire a homophobe for his private views, then why object when a pro-LGBT person is fired from their job at a conservative business for their views? Why do we object if One Million Moms wants Ellen fired from J.C. Penny on the same grounds–she supports causes they don’t like?

    This has nothing to do with First Amendment rights, given that the government is not penalizing speech. But it has everything to do with social tolerance and minorities views in a democratic society.

    There are few morally straightforward answers here. Proceed with caution and compassion.

  50. ThisoneBoat says

    I’ve met Sullivan in private before and his remarks (off the record) regarding the gay community are not one bit pleasant. I walked away from the counter thinking “had he not been openly gay, I would have assumed I just spent 10 minutes speaking with an anti gay, southern, republican pastor”

  51. Junior says

    Andrew Sullivan told the gay community that they would be happier if they would welcome Christ in their life at the same time he was having fisting sex parties at sex clubs (where he contracted AIDS)….He is the Glenn Beck of the gay community

  52. Klien says

    So Andrew Sullivan championed gay marriage long ago and because of that we can ignore all the FALSE, hurtful, inaccurate things he’s said about LGBT? He doesn’t get a pass. He has USED our community to put himself in the spotlight and make money.

  53. Zell says

    Well said, Eric.

    Of course we have the right to protest and boycott or do whatever else we feel is necessary or warranted under the law. But I will not be among those shouting for non-politicians to be fired because of their political beliefs or donations. It sets a bad precedent and leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

  54. Two dads says

    Let’s be clear.

    This is the same Andrew Sullivan that told the gay community Bush would be good for us and we need to vote for him.

    This is the same Andrew Sullivan who always says that bisexuals will eventually come out as gay.

    This is the same Andrew Sullivan who has disrespected trans folks.

    This is the same Andrew Sullivan who protested against hate crime charges over a lesbian who was nearly beat to death and argued “hate crime laws are nothing but the thought police”

    This man is a shark in sheep’s clothing.

  55. Michelle T. says

    Signorile for the win. Andrew Sullivan piggybacks on the back of LGBT making MILLIONS while consistently throwing us under the bus. Enough is enough.

  56. says

    Andrew Sullivan is, if we can all be real for a moment, also an insecure, baggage-laden, bug-chasing textbook example of a professional doormat. The dude has ISSUES and every once in a while he reminds everyone how much internalized homophobia and desperation for “tolerance” from Straight White Men he still seeks.

    Samuel L. Jackson’s character in “Django Unchained” has a lot in common with Andrew Sullivan.

  57. VOV505 says

    Andrew Sullivan’s over zealous supporters to this day will argue with you that marriage equality ALL started because of him. He and his supporters are in the most arrogant, ignorant bubble and completely spit in the face of the MANY LGBT pioneers who tirelessly worked for our advancement in this cause wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy before him.

  58. qj201 says

    Sullys career is based on his unicorn status as a gay conservative…and being raised Catholic in Britain must have done a number on his head.

  59. Jules says

    Eich’s supporters (and they are all conservative gays, as evident by checking out their facebook pages on other blogs) are under the belief that gay people can be treated as second class citizens and should accept it and not be impassioned to respond and rally and protest, but if we ever corner their little Christian heros…then WE are out of line. Their double standard is startling.

  60. Glenn says

    Let me just say that while I take a back seat to no one in detesting Andrew’s political views, the need to berate him for his sexual activities — “fisting sex parties” (gasp!) and what not — smacks heavily of gay self-loathing. And, of course, it is completely irrelevant to the topic at hand.

  61. Denver Dude says

    Eich was the bully. Proponents of Prop 8 are the bully. ANYONE who donates funds to treat LGBT as second class citizens is a bully. You don’t get to actively fight against another human beings CIVIL rights and then play martyr when said human being opposes you and distance themselves from everything you are associated with.

  62. William says

    Sullivan has no concept of the first amendment, nor do those who defend Eich. ZERO concept of it. They need to open a book and read what the first amendment is before getting on a soap box and playing victim. You lost this one because bigotry costs in 2014.

  63. Ricardo Miami says

    Ford Motors would never hire a racist CEO in 2014 who campaigned against black civil rights. We’re slowly reaching an era where a blatantly homophobic individual who donated to anti gay causes can’t be CEO of a tech company either.

    Lesson here? don’t be someone who fights against the rights of another demographic. When you do, and don’t acknowledge the error of your ways, expect there to be consequences. Such is life and the business world.

  64. Bill says

    @Glenn : what is wrong is making statements suggesting that he had donated “money toward Prop 8, and to specifically anti-gay politicians for specifically anti-gay reasons” (to quote ‘Little Kiwi’s comment above, and assuming it was directed specifically at Eich and not some hypothetical person). The problem is that we don’t know his motivation for those donations, or the circumstances under which he made the donations. We don’t know because he hasn’t released any details and the public records seen so far just show the dollar amount.

    For example, did someone on Ron Paul’s campaign staff call Eich and ask for money to support libertarian policies? I’ve gotten calls asking for financial support for Al Franklen, touting his liberal policies, but since I don’t live in his state, I’m not realistically going to go through his voting record to check each and every vote or position he’s had.

    People need to be careful about blaming individuals for campaign contributions: with all the data mining going on, the candidates’ fund raisers can target their pitches to particular individuals, and will not mention anything that would trigger a negative reaction. If we put a large burden on everyone to micromanage each donation, the only people who will be able to donate are those rich enough to afford a staff of advisors to check up on each guy. I’m not sure that is particularly healthy if you want a democracy where everyone is valued equally.

  65. Hughes says

    Andrew Sullivan is the poster child of the apologetic crowd. They ALL come from a place where they attempt to police the minute details of every LGBT. They see activism as ‘uppity’

    We will not apologize for being sick & tired of being treated as second class citizens. Enough is enough.

  66. Glenn says

    Bill, I am unaware of any dispute over the fact that he donated to Prop 8, but if Eich didn’t do so then surely he would have said so, no? And, unlike a donation to a politician’s campaign, a donation to an issue campaign like Prop 8 can only have one reasonable interpretation of intent, as far as I can see.

  67. Duration & Convexity says

    This was a perfect example of the free market working perfectly. The company hired a CEO who many found to be a deterrent. The employees felt uncomfortable with the hired CEO. Many consumers expressed discomfort with the hired CEO. Many distanced themselves from the brand. The company put their finger in the air and realized this would hurt their bottom line. Changes were made. Anyone opposed to that simply opposes the free market. Freedom of speech works both ways.

  68. Duration & Convexity says

    This was a perfect example of the free market working perfectly. The company hired a CEO who many found to be a deterrent. The employees felt uncomfortable with the hired CEO. Many consumers expressed discomfort with the hired CEO. Many distanced themselves from the brand. The company put their finger in the air and realized this would hurt their bottom line. Changes were made. Anyone opposed to that simply opposes the free market. Freedom of speech works both ways.

  69. SaxoJones says

    Andrew Sullivan and the apologists also told us to accept our ballot losses and move on. The apologists also say ‘there’s bigger fish to fry’ in regard to ANY matter dealing with the persecution of LGBT. In their perfect world, gays would be silenced in a corner and put up and shut up. They are just as militant as they accuse us of being due to their own discomfort with their sexuality. A spades a spade.

  70. Chris says

    Glenn, to answer your question, no, you’re not *required* to use any product, ever. But boycotting an entire company with the intention of hurting an one employee (CEO or otherwise) as a sort of revenge for his private actions seems counter to the ideals of the gay rights movement. Also, super hypocritical and more than a little petty.

  71. Zell says

    @Duration & Convexity: Would you consider it a perfect example of the free market working perfectly if a CEO in a conservative field were fired because of his support for gay rights?

  72. Mastik8 says

    What would have been the proper way for Mr. Eich to express his views and still keep his job? I don’t agree with him but he is entitled to them after all. He didn’t spend Mozilla money. They thought enough of him to give him the position after him having worked there for several years in other positions of power. Are we now saying that conservative companies can fire people that donate to liberal causes? I think the left just put out a fire with gasoline.

  73. Fiat says

    It’s simple. The CEO of a major mainstream company is the face of the brand and this CEO refused to acknowledge any hurt his actions cost, and far more importantly refused to state if he’d do it again or not. That is damaging. That is damaging to the company, and more important, that is damaging to the employees many of which expressed distrust with the direction of the company under Eich’s leadership.

  74. Reality Bites says

    None of the people defending Eich would be defending him had he had a past with attacking the rights of the black community. Not a one. Not a single one of you. So the conversation really becomes, why is any other form of ism inexcusable but outright, blatant homophobia should be accepted and respected as a simple difference of opinion?

  75. Leo says

    Bill, you’re a deplorable human being for suggesting we don’t know his motivations for donating to Prop 8. You really are a troll on here and have been called out for your trolling. You need to quit it.

  76. Laguna Beach, CA says

    Andrew Sullivan is the most damaging voice in the gay community. Andrew Sullivan cares about ONE thing and ONE thing only….Andrew Sullivan, and his penthouse. He wants so desperately to e taken seriously by the conservative followers of his, to which he has many, that he will put anything out there that will get him press. Even if that includes falsehood about gay people. He is a snake and there’s a laundry list of quotes available to reaffirm why.

  77. Mikey says

    Andrew Sullivan types amuse me. They love playing devil’s advocate. They love the sound of their own voice. They love picking fights with their own gay community all to argue for arguments sake. Andrew Sullivan will defend Bush, will defend Iraq, will defend those opposed to marriage equality, will defend the most homophobic Christian, will say the church is victims ALL so he can go against the grain, be different and get attention. And his followers are the same and the lowest common denominator.

  78. Glenn says

    Can we just remember that the issue was Mozilla choosing to elevate this man to lead their company? No one was searching for Prop 8 donors and asking companies to fire them all.

  79. Håkon says

    Zell failed to respond to my rejoinder, a rejoinder which has been echoed by several other posters on this thread. The position supporting Eich is intellectually bankrupt.

  80. Bruins Fan says

    This being the Andrew Sullivan on a mission for a decade to prove that Matthew Shepherd was a drug addicted prostitute and the killers should not have been charged with hate crimes. All while the actual authorities in Wyoming stated they had no evidence Shepherd had done drugs, been on drugs nor was there any drugs found in his system. This being the Andrew Sullivan who faced Matthews mother and essentially said he doesn’t care how it hurts her or the family, he’s on a mission to destroy Matthews reputation.
    This is no man. This is a monster. A calculating, cold hearted, narcissistic monster.

  81. T.J says

    Sullivan’s history:

    Rabidly religious (putting it mildly). Voted right wing conservative all his life until it became unpopular. Partially responsible for Bush being in the white house. VERY VERY close friends of the Cheney family, and donated money to the campaign. Staunch advocate to repeal hate crime laws. Staunch advocate for the civil rights of minorities to be voted by popular vote on a ballot. Staunch advocate of the bell curve theory.

    This isn’t a friend of the community. This is someone who happens to sleep with the same gender. Very different things.

  82. Paul B. says

    Sorry…can’t find any compassion today. Eich did what he thought was right based on his ideology…and he got what we think is right based on ours. He has freedom of speech…and we have freedom to respond. War is never a pretty sight…and we’ve been at war with people like Eich our whole lives….and our ancestors before us. They’ve demonized us for centuries and now it’s finally coming to an end…and there will be casualties…he’s just today’s flavor.

  83. Sergio says

    I’m guessing Zell didn’t think the dismantling of previous rights is a serious enough issue, one that merited widespread condemnation. I wonder if he would look the other way if African-Americans were put back into slavery, or if women lost the right to vote.

  84. Michelle T. says

    Not all opinions are of equal value. And that’s what the defenders of Eich and militant homophobes can’t grasp.

    Being actively opposed to the human rights of LGBT is not equivalent to being indifferent on the topic, or in favor. Unless of course you’d like to argue being a KKK member is just a mere opinion as is being for civil rights?

  85. Glenn says

    Reality Bites, you have hit the nail on the head. It’s hard to understand any of the angst over this incident except as stemming in part from a belief that the issue of the (legally-enforced) inferior status of gays as being something over which reasonable people can disagree. I realize many of us carry the scars of years of being told just that, but we have to shake it off and accept that we are entitled to equality, and anyone who disagrees is not worthy of being treated as a member of polite society.

  86. says

    AMEN, Michelle T! and then, we get called “intolerant” for “not tolerating the intolerance of the KKK”

    or better, when a feeble mind says “well, they’re entitled to their opinion”, which would suggest that we say they’re not “entitled to it”, which of course nobody has ever said.

    oh apologists. failures at life.

  87. Gio says

    If Eich has the freedom of speech (this ISN’T a free speech issue) his employees, coworkers, and clients have a right to their speech in response. And he resigned because he was not a right fit for this brand. Freedom of speech is not strictly reserved for you conservatives.

  88. Zuesk says

    Sullivan is wrong. As usual. The man became a CEO of a prominent NON PROFIT company that’s sole mission has been acceptance and diversity, yet hired a CEO that clearly could not respect the civil rights of many of the people working for him and his clientele. That’s problematic. How can you be a leader that orchestrates discrimination policy within a company when you yourself discriminate freely against a minority group? And a leader should absolutely be held to a higher standard.

  89. Dennis Vega says

    We better not hear any moans and groans about racism and Paula Deen by those defending Eich. After all, if our thoughts shouldn’t penalize anything we are associated with, that goes for the most vicious racist amongst us as well. Anyone who says otherwise is a complete hypocrite.

  90. The GLBT Movement Can't Afford Sullivans says

    It’s increasingly rare that Sullivan has any useful insight, or anything interesting to say. That’s the problem with the perpetual contrarian–very soon, you run out of principles to betray. Then you become desperate for an audience, ANY audience, and you’ll say anything, even for an audience of one. Sullivan’s pathological need for inclusion in ‘catholic’ thought circles motivates him to ever sillier lunacy. It will just be that much more difficult to tell when the dementia sets in.

  91. Two Dads says

    Michelle T had the most poignant response and one that, no matter how they dance around it, Eich’s defense will look hypocritical right on face value.

    (it’s worth repeating her sentiments)

    “Not all opinions are of equal value. And that’s what the defenders of Eich and militant homophobes can’t grasp.

    Being actively opposed to the human rights of LGBT is not equivalent to being indifferent on the topic, or in favor. Unless of course you’d like to argue being a KKK member is just a mere opinion as is being for civil rights?”

  92. Jankins says

    Signorilee owned Sullivan. Sullivan is a Grade A narcissist and the sooner we as a community recognize his agenda to use us as bait to further his career, the more equipped we’ll be to call him out on it.

  93. JackFknTwist says

    As the vid. of Miss Panti said a few weeks ago;
    “we are told we are the homophobes for calling out others for their oppression and stealth bigotry.”

  94. Håkon says

    I hasten to add that Towleroad was one of the first outlets to profile the Mozilla controversy in detail. They may have a few bone-headed posts on occasion – DaveyWavey and MarkE Miller posts come to mind – but they did a great job this time.

    We did it, people! It’s a good time to be a member of the LGBT community in America.

  95. Chrislam says

    He never should have accepted the position in the first place. Mozilla’s moral standards to promote equality is counter to his standards. This was a pot just waiting to be stirred.

    He should seek out a CEO positions at the Family Researh Counil or Chik Fil A instead.

  96. says

    Reading what Andrew Sullivan wrote made me a little sick. I don’t know all of his history but he sounds as if he hates himself.

    And for all of the apologists, I have not one fear of rabid homophobes and those with internalized homophobia not liking me because they think I am some uppity queer in their eyes. The time to lay back and take it is over. Eich donated to orgs that have been affiliated with groups and individuals now spreading their hate internationally, people are being beaten and murdered, hell, even set on fire in Africa and elsewhere because they are GAY. People are also quick to forget his donation went to strip not only the dignity but actual civil rights from an entire class of people in California.

    Truth be told, the man resigned, no one fired him. He was hurting the company, Mozilla’s own employees were in an uproar and were asking him to step down and board members even quit over this. Then when questioned he could not guarantee he would not do it again. Not very inclusive and kinda goes against the company’s charter and mandate for all employees. His actions had consequences and it has been dealt with – by his own hand – HE RESIGNED.

  97. jjose712 says

    Chris: An opinion? sorry but i don’t think people have any problem with his opinion, it’s the fact that he donated money to strip gay people from his rights what made people angry, not his opinion on gay marriage.
    The same it was Dan Cathy’s donations to antigay organizations what made people angry at him and not his Biblical interpretation of the world

  98. B.R says

    If left up to the apologists (i.e Andrew Sullivan ilk) Chik Fil A would still be donating millions of dollars to organizations that KILLED our LGBT brothers & sisters abroad. So let’s just get that VERY clear!

  99. IonMusic says

    He wasn’t just against LGBT rights, he donated a big amount. He donated funds. HE DONATED FUNDS. HE DONATED MOTHER EFFING FUNDS!!! Anyone who can’t understand why that’s an issue, in the most hurtful campaign in recent memory attacking LGBT, is a complete IDIOT.

  100. james st. james says

    If people like Eich were left in positions of power and influence then the hard won advances of the gay community would be reversed.

    He would smile in your face and stab you in the back. Best that he’s gone. Too bad that not everyone gets it.

  101. Reggie777 says

    The flaw in some people’s calling up a McCarthy analogy is that McCarthy went after people who were totally innocent, with total disregard for human decency. In this case, Eich has not only worked actively against us by Prop 8, it’s now learnt that he has also supported other known bigots. Not just alleged haters, but demonstrated haters.
    Quislings like Andrew Sullivan happily enjoy the fruits of those in the field, without spilling their own blood. It is not intolerance to fight back against intolerance. The people who are upset at Eich’s decision to leave would not be with us anyway.

  102. Juan P. says

    What’s fascinating is that this was a grassroots effort, and an effective one. And his resignation hasn’t attained much of any backlash, or buzz (or then the usual few neocon websites)…it’s SULLIVAN who is trying to make this a big deal and have a witch hunt against the gay community. Heck, it was mostly heterosexuals in the tech community who expressed discomfort with Eich as CEO. Sullivan is guilty of doing to gays exactly what he’s guilty of us doing to Eich. Feeding us to the conservative mob.

  103. Juan P says

    This story of his resignation has hardly created a backlash, mainly because HETEROSEXUALS in the tech world expressed discomfort with his hiring. There’s no buzz or major hype about it (other than the usual neocon sites) but it’s been accepted. SULLIVAN is the one trying to make a big deal of this. SULLIVAN is the one trying to have a witch hunt coming after gays. SULLIVAN is the one attempting to feed LGBT to the conservative wolves.

  104. Marcus says

    Count on the self hating crowd to make a victim out of a man who donated money to a campaign that compared homosexuality to pedophilia. Just another example of sniffing out the self hating crowd among us and keeping are distance away from them. They are dangerous. (Side eye to Andrew Sullivan)

  105. Randy says

    Eich was done in by:

    1. Donating a large sum to an illegal cause.
    2. Donating to a campaign to harm children.

    But ALSO

    3. Failing to put Mozilla ahead of himself.
    4. Being incompetent to end the controversy.

    He shouldn’t be leading anything.

  106. Dynex says

    I’ve heard from a number of people who have met Sullivan that he’s just an extremely pompous, elitist, vicious man in person. Just downright mean. From close reliable friends who get a long with everyone. One who worked with him for a short while.

  107. Ulf says

    I think everyone is missing a rather blatant point, Eich didn’t appoint himself as CEO, he was hand selected by the board of Mozilla and your not going to tell me they didn’t know what his views were and gave him the job anyway.
    Don’t forget, three board members left the company, stating various reasons for leaving, but their timing is still poignant.
    As for Andrew Sullivan, he’s only here because people still make him relevant by doing exactly what your doing right now…every knocks a boost and people just can’t stop themselves from watching a train wreck.
    Moral of the story, no audience, no Andrew Sullivan’s.

  108. Timothyjames says

    What Andrew Sullivan and those of his mentality fail to realize is that Mr. Mozilla used his free speech. No one stopped him from saying what he believed or donating money. But guess what Mr. Sullivan there is something called repercussions to free speech and that is our free speech. So proud or all people who stood up and called out this man who is using religion to justify “all men are not created equal” with his marriage donation.

    Mr. Sullivan wake up and stop being afraid. Fear is your puppet master. Imagine if normal people stood up to the Nazis and their ilk before they go momentum. Hate equals you may lose your job if you are a CEO and the world is a better place for it. Somedays I think Mr. Sullivan would defend the firing of Hilter.

  109. simon says

    A piece in today’s Wall Street Journal points out another practical reason that Eich’s private views could have presented a problem for Mozilla: the company is hoping to renew a major contract with Google, a company that strongly supports gay rights. The Journal talked to a Mozilla insider who said the deal might have been put in jeopardy by Eich’s leadership.
    Sullivan thinks Google=”gay activists”?

  110. JackFknTwist says

    Eich is just the tip of a very big iceberg of silent malevolent contributors to the Prop 8 campaign.
    They don’t want to be named; they don’t want their malice to be exposed to the light of day. The climate of opinion has hugely changed in the last few years……now it is not acceptable to donate to these anti gay causes to deprive gays of equality.without any smugness, the tide has been turned by our gay campaigners and friends.

    Many contributors are quaking at the very thought of their support of Prop 8 being exposed.
    Andrew Sullivan has been called out by 90% of the posters here…….as one says, Sullivan is only for Sullivan; he is no friend of the gay community.

  111. Caligula says

    Sullivan is bought and paid for. He called for Alec Baldwin’s head when he said an anti-gay slur. But Baldwin contributes to LGBT causes. Now-he is against Eich resigning even though he paid money to take rights from gays. Pay this Uncle Tom no mind-he is a fool and a joke

  112. Bill says

    @Leo : aside from being an ill-bred moron as evidenced by your “deplorable human being” and the rest of your trash talk, the facts are that we really don’t know Eich’s motivation. He didn’t say what they were and the only data that seems to be out there are public records about the amount contributed. Those contain the dollar amount, not the reason for the donation.

    If you have a link to an article by Eich where he publicly stated a position on gay rights, produce it. So far, nobody has.

    Meanwhile, there was a lot of Mormon involvement and manipulation. You can read an article about it at
    and this article points out that they tried to sell Prop 8 as necessary to maintain religious freedom. Of course they lied, but their lies managed to fool enough of the voters to tip the election.

    BTW, it you think Eich’s $1000 contribution was a big deal, according to the article above, shortly before the election the “Yes on Eight” side thought they were in trouble and put out an SOS, which resulted in a $1,000,000 contribution from Alan C. Ashton, who is the grandson of a former president of the Mormon Church, and that was 1 million out of the 5 million they raised in the last few weeks of the campaign.

  113. Turing's Ghost says

    @Bill. It really doesn’t matter what Mr. Eich’s motivation was in the donation. He donated to a cause that would strip people of their rights (not to make it personal, I did get married to my partner of 31 years before the court issued a stay). However, I agree he had a right to make whatever donation to whatever cause he chooses. There is also a right to judge him on his actions. In a set of cases decided by the U.S. Supreme Court, Justice Scalia (yes, that one) wrote in the majority opinion, the anti-gay-marriage forces need to grow some thicker skin”
    There are laws against threats and intimidation; and harsh criticism, short of unlawful action, is a price our people have traditionally been willing to pay for self governance. Requiring people to stand up in public for their political acts fosters civic courage, without which democracy is doomed. For my part, I do not look forward to a society which…campaigns anonymously…and even exercises the direct democracy of initiative and referendum hidden from public scrutiny and protected from the accountability of criticism. This does not resemble the Home of the Brave.”

  114. crispy says

    “the facts are that we really don’t know Eich’s motivation.”

    Of course! Eich thought he was contributing to a fund to revise the hit family TV show “8 Is Enough.”

  115. AllianceLove says

    You know what’s truly shameful. This story was dead even after Eich resigned. ANDREW SULLIVAN gave it traction and made a huge deal out of it by throwing the entire community under the bus. How SICK, VILE, DISGUSTING of a human being do you have to be to intentionally try to harm the community you belong to? May Sullivan’s karma catch up with him soon.

  116. simon says

    People shouldn’t make a drama out of it. It was just a business decision of Mozilla. Their board members were the real “bullies” who are probably all heterosexual and don’t care about all these big words about “freedom of speech”.
    All they care about is the interest and profit of the company. He can sue Mozilla if he thinks he was wrongfully fired.

  117. Homo Genius says

    Just for context… this guy donated a little cash…. the PEOPLE of California VOTED… so lets get the voter rolls and start whittling the list down one by one!

  118. Jim says

    Nobody needs Andrew Sullivan’s permission to hold an opinion or to express that opinion or to act on that opinion. Who cares what Andrew Sullivan thinks?

  119. Last To Know says

    Wait…..does EVERYBODY see completely through Andrew Sullivan? … And I thought I was the only intelligent one.

  120. Killian says

    He wasn’t done in by “gay activists.” He was correctly criticized by all persons who, despite their sexual orientations, were shocked that such a person would choose to discriminate people through financial donations. I understand that he believes that marriage is only between a man and a woman, but it’s not. Limiting the rights of others is not an example of good leadership.

  121. says

    Latest FaBlog: Andrew Sullivan Has Collapsed


    As many of you know I have a long and contentious history with Patient Less Than Zero


    He is not only a self-loathing bug-chaser but a racist as well (a fact divined after having been in his presence for a single nanosecond. Haven’t felt a chill like that since travelling below the Mason-Dixon line many years ago.)

    Topping things off he once called my home and threated my boyfriend with physical violence. Needless to say this was all hot air.

    Will this latest episode spell his end as the “Mainstream” media’s Go-To-Gay?

    I sincerely hope so.

  122. Bill says

    @Turing’s Ghost: It does matter what is motivation is when people make statements claiming what that motivation is. Given the currently low standards of behavior in American culture, the idea that it is bad form to make claims with no regard to whether those claims are true might seem rather quaint, but that is a standard we need – you can’t make progress on an issue the discussion consists of both sides talking about what they imagine the other side has done or thinks.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m9Wh66FXZJQ has an example illustrating what happens when one’s imagination of what the other side is doing takes over and replaces reality (OK – its a very funny one, but it gets the point across).

  123. Bill says

    @crispy : people are assuming his motivation is animus towards gays. Other possibilities are belonging to a religious group and being encouraged to donate to some group with a name like “Protect Marriage” because otherwise church’s would be forced to perform ceremonies that conflicted with their beliefs (you have to do some background reading, like an approximately 200 page long California State Supreme Court decision to have a sound basis to refute that). With everyone else donating, he could have simply caved in due to social pressure. He didn’t say, so we don’t know. It is also possible that he simply donated to an organization based on its sales pitch without giving the donation much thought – if he was near the end of a product-release cycle, he could easily have been putting in 16 hour days, 7 days per week (hardly unheard of in Silicon Valley), which is not exactly conducive with keeping up with current events.

    Furthermore, California labor law prohibits dinging an employee for political activity, so Mozilla could not lawfully consider his donation when making a personnel decision. It could, however, ask him to step aside for not doing an adequate job of managing a public outcry.

  124. Simon says

    I haven’t read all the commentary, I’m picking up on the “freedom of speech”, “minority dissenting views”, “special rights” and “bullied to bullies” ideas and discussion. Attacking an argument is what discussion is about, not attacking the person or a group of people, however the split is made…Sullivan goes the “shoot the messenger” route on this one whereas Signorile’s response is considered, based on the facts and without recourse to ad hominem tactics…that’s the difference between them, and the difference between how we as activists operate and those who oppose us operate; the loaded language full of emotional appeal which triggers the autonomic responses that interfere with rational thought vs. considered assessment, fact-based, rational argument.

  125. wheelie81 says

    I actually, unsurprisingly, disagree with just about everyone so far and actually agree more with what Andrew Sullivan said. When we deny people the right to express their beliefs and opinions in whatever way they see fit, we are no better than the hateful people that express some of those anti-gay views. His job at Mozilla had nothing to do with LGBT rights and therefore, he should not have been forced out of a job just for voicing his opinion.

  126. Armando says

    People think that we shouldn’t say or do anything, live and let live. What they really want is to let them live and have control over our lives. If the people who are fighting for their rights aren’t deferential to the majority, they get called uppity, a taker, gay fascist. I know my place and it’s at the table with everyone else.

  127. says

    Andrew Sullivan is an auntie tom, embarrassment to the gay community. Eich, donated money and set fourth to deny people equal rights. Period. And it worked for five years. Sullivan is part of THOSE people. He should hang his head in shame and walk through every gay neighborhood in this county, while thinking about the LGBT people who have died because of the hate that people like Eich promote.

  128. RexT says

    Eich created this reality for himself. Gays did not lead the charge on his being unacceptable for the Corporate Culture as Top Leader at Mozilla. Many spoke up, rightfully so. NOM did launch a ‘boycott’ against Mozilla, not that they have much of an effect on anything any longer. Prop 8 their last big bang. Actions have consequences, Eich knows this. The level of attack by the ‘Right’ on the so called Gay Mafia is playing perfectly, while their is nothing other than the usual misconstrued facts in play. And, then their is Mr Guilty Sullivan, taking the usual odd path while Signorile, as usual, nails it. Eich is responsible for whatever it is he’s experiencing. Those who are yelping away about an over aggressive LGBT population seem to forget there are many very effective organizations here and abroad who are Hell Bent on demonizing and terrorizing as usual. Our Allies are taking action now as well, as they’ve finally figured it out, we need their help and we’ve not ‘won’ anything as long as there remains one law on any book which continues to harm our Community. Period.