Why You Shouldn’t Take a #Selfie Next to a Moving Train: VIDEO

Wrote  Michael, who posted it to YouTube: "I tried to take a selfie while a train passed a 'safe' distance behind. I guess I was still too close and got kicked in the head. I messed up."


  1. Pablo says

    Why would the conductor kick him? It didn’t seem like a kick to push him away — it looked like a good possibility the foot would have hooked the kid and pulled him closer and possibly under. Idiots on both parts…

  2. Mike says

    There’s plenty of blame to go around here.

    He was too close to the train, especially with his back to it.

    No one on the train should have attempted to make contact with him unless it was to push him away. Whoever “kicked” him risked pulling him in/under the train.

  3. MIke says

    South Park covered this much better with the stooges who couldn’t come out of their Tim Tebowing or “Olan Johnson! Olan Johnson!” quick enough to get off the tracks, even if it was 2 minutes away. Taking selfies fits right in with the script.

  4. says

    Agreed the kid was too close to the train, but there’s no reason whatsoever that the conductor should have come into contact with him. And if the conductor says he didn’t see the kid, then obviously his attention was on something other than where he was driving the train, which could be a problem too.

  5. Craig says

    This idiot was too close to the track, the conductor screamed at him because he was ignoring the engineer blaring the air horn trying to save his life. The conductor obviously raced to the walkway and did everything he could to save him – kicking him out of harms way.

    For heaven’s sake, the train didn’t veer off the track and hunt him down to assault him! This fool is lucky to be alive! The conductor should be hailed as a hero for saving him!

  6. Craig says

    I’m just curious how many of the above posters are familiar with rail safety at all? I’ve been around railroads my entire life. That conductor deserves a medal.

    Do you have any idea how many drunks, deaf people, stoned people, kids, babies have been saved by train crews risking their own lives like this?

    At 60 mph, it will take a train over a mile to stop in a full emergency brake application. The crew has nothing else they can do besides dumping the air brakes, laying on the horn, pray whatever/whoever gets out of the way in time, and close their eyes so they don’t have to see it die.

    That conductor is a saint and probably saved this kid’s life. He WAS NOT ASSAULTED. If it was here in the US (it was not from what I can see of the locomotive, it looks UK), the kid could have and should have been hauled off to jail for endangering his own life and interference with interstate commerce. Some railroads are doing that in really stupid grade crossing accidents and this certainly qualifies.


  7. says

    Regardless of whether the kid was too close to the train tracks or not, the conductor should face assault charges. Kicking someone is the head is too serious as it is, but when adding the momentum of the train to the force of the kick, it could have easily killed the guy.

    I’m not saying anyone should ever be close enough to a train in which the conductor can kick the person, but I am saying no conductor ever should kick someone in the head that is standing that close, especially if the train is moving. The force of the kick could easily kill a person, which would be at the very least, manslaughter, if not murder.

  8. UGH says

    GARST are you kidding me? It’s apparent from the video the idiot was INCHES from the tracks. One wrong move and he could have been hit by that train! At the speed it was going, the engineer was obviously trying to push him away. I don’t think he was trying to kick him. Use some common sense. If he did nothing and the kid went under the train you’d b*tch that the engineer didn’t do enough. If that were my kid I’d be thanking the engineer and the little twit would be in a bigger heap of trouble. Manslaughter? Murder? What a joke. With that way of thinking you’d probably raise a kid just like that.

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