X-Men Director Bryan Singer Accused of Sexual Abuse of Underage Teen

X-Men director Bryan Singer has been accused of drugging and raping a teen boy at estates in L.A. and Hawaii 15 years ago, according to The Hollywood Reporter:

SingerThe plaintiff is Michael F. Egan III, a Nevada resident who grew up in the Midwest and moved to Los Angeles with his family as a teen to further his acting career. Egan, who is 31 today and describes himself as heterosexual, filed the suit without a pseudonym and his name appears in a press release issued by his counsel. He alleges that Singer and others threatened to make or break his Hollywood aspirations depending on whether he kept them happy.

Egan has contacted police authorities, his lawyer’s media director told THR. An LAPD spokesperson said he had not seen a complaint but would look further, and messages left with the Honolulu Police Dept. were not returned.

The lawsuit reads:

Defendant, BRYAN JAY SINGER, manipulated his power, wealth, and position in the entertainment industry to sexually abuse and exploit the underage Plaintiff through the use of drugs, alcohol, threats, and inducements which resulted in Plaintiff suffering catastrophic psychological and emotional injuries. Defendant Singer did so as part of a group of adult males similarly positioned in the entertainment industry that maintained and exploited boys in a sordid sex ring. A Hollywood mogul must not use his position to sexually exploit underage actors.

Others were involved as well, according to the legal filing:

According to the suit, the Los Angeles parties were held at a mansion in Encino referred to as the M & C Estate, whose residents were Marc Collins-Rector and Chad Shackley, whose younger brother Scott Shackley was in Egan’s high school class. Collins-Rector and Chad Shackley were principals of Digital Entertainment Network, an early online streaming video company. The complaint asserts that Collins-Rector sexually abused Egan and threatened him with a gun, but does not name him as a defendant.

(Collins-Rector subsequently was charged and pled guilty to transporting minors across state lines for sex, and is a registered sex offender.)

Singer's lawyer Marty Singer denied the charges:

"The claims made against Bryan Singer are completely without merit.  We are very confident that Bryan will be vindicated in this absurd and defamatory lawsuit…It is obvious that this case was filed in an attempt to get publicity at a time when Bryan's new movie is about to open in a few weeks."


  1. ChicagoR says

    This is way past the statute of limitations for a criminal action, and most likely for a civil suit, too (unless the guy had “repressed memories”). Seems just designed to extract a payment.

  2. brandon g says

    I don’t know about the rape part, but Mr. Singer definitely likes to party w/ the young boys. Remember those pics of him leaving a Hollywood house party w/ then 17 y/o Taylor Lautner. It’s gonna be hard for Singer to shake this one. There’s plenty of photos of him online, at various events w/ different twinks by his side. Watch out Dustin Lance Black you’re next!

  3. Joey Y says

    Um, how is he closeted? He’s been out for as long as I can remember. No need to lie in order to find a reason to hunt someone down. As for this lawsuit, I dunno, but I do t think that attending industry parties with people counts as something you have to “shake.” I have pictures of me at the amusement park with my nephew and his friends. That doesn’t mean I was doing things with them.

  4. SpaceCadet says

    I’m not saying there was no sexual abuse here, I don’t know either way, but I would think a 15-year old has more of the mental capacity and will to fight back against an unwanted sexual encounter than a much younger child. And this was allegedly an ongoing thing. It’s still rape because the individual is underage but one wonders why he took 15-plus years to come forward? Wouldn’t he realize a lot sooner that he wasn’t exactly having a hot film career? Where were the parents during all of this? Sounds like a very hard case to prove and that he is hoping for a settlement so that this goes away as soon as possible with the new X-Men movie coming out.

  5. Will says

    Due to timing it seems unlikely, but it also wouldn’t surprise me from what I’ve heard of Singer.

    Another note, there’s seriously a statute of limitations on sexual abuse? That’s stupid.

  6. Lucas H says

    Singer is not closeted, just FYI. Also, being a bit of a tabloid gossip queen, I can tell you that there have been smoke and rumors about this man pulling stunts like this for a while.
    Don’t be so quick to victim-shame. I’ve learned from my mistake doing that in the past. It just makes you look like an @hole and, if you’re wrong, you’ll feel like scum afterward.

  7. Michael W. says

    At 15, I was looking for all the sex I could get. That was 1983–much more effort went into it back then…no social networking to make the job easier.

  8. MaryM says

    RIP Brad Renfro from ‘Apt Pupil’ – directed by Bryan Singer.

    Bryan Singer is good friends with Gus Van Sant and Dustin Lance Black,39, who is currently dating a teenager.

    I have no idea about the truth or otherwise of these allegations but the rumours surrounding the behaviour of Singer, Van Sant and Black are not difficult to find.

  9. Lucas H says

    Also, I want to point out that the suit alleges drugging. So this isn’t just a case of a horny 17 year old who ended up having regrets 15 years later.

  10. EchtKultig says

    Gosh, the legacy of DEN refuses to disappear.
    I remember being aware of the website in 1999, after I got out of a college. On dialup the videos took too long to download but it was definitely ahead of its time.

  11. MaryM says

    Phoenix Justice says:

    “It is one thing to come forward and claim charges of rape five years later, it is quite another to do so 15 years or more later.”

    Would you say the same of those making allegations against catholic priests. If not then why not?

    Singer, Van Sant and Black have horrendous reputations when it comes to their treatment of their teenage partners. Whether or not crimes were committed is unknown but the rumours about these 3 middle aged men have been around for years.

  12. David From Canada says

    That’s why the ‘victim’ filed this complaint in Hawaii – there are no Statutes Of Limitations there on this sort of thing.
    15 years later?! Sounds like a money grab.
    Bryan is no saint, but the ‘victim’ sounds somewhat devious.

  13. nn says

    I do not know if it’s true or not. But if true, then I hope he gets his punishment. If it is false, I hope the accuser gets puntheishment for false charge. Rape is always difficult to prove, even more after 15 years have gone by. One thing I think is true is tha Hollywood has a problem with sexual exploitation of children And nobody seems to do much about it.

  14. Gr8guyca says

    At the moment, there are more questions than answers.

    If Singer was not the host, is he responsible for drinking or drug use? Did Singer know the guy was underage? Did the guy say his age? Was the sex consensual at the time and is there evidence if it was not? Why is no one else being charged?

    Without knowing the facts, I think there can be a fine line between allegations and extortion. And certainly Singer has the deep pockets that could result in a big settlement.

  15. Rene says

    Even if Bryan Singer is 100% innocent and has never engaged in any inappropriate behavior of any kind with a minor, the accusation is out there now, so whether or not he’s innocent and even proven innocent in court, a lot of people will now see him as and refer to him as a child molester and a rapist.

    That’s the way these things work.

    Likewise, even if all evidence points to his guilt, there will be those who refuse to believe it, rush to his defense, and shame the victims.

    That, too, is the way these things work.

  16. Merv says

    I wouldn’t care even if it were true. Once you cut through the lawyer-speak, it sounds consensual, regardless of the legal technicalities. He tried to sleep his way into a show business career, failed, and became bitter. Stop the presses.

  17. demerol says

    I’m guessing they want a big settlement to go quiet hence the timing of the lawsuit. Bryan Singer may not cave but I’m sure there will be quite a few anxious studio executives looking to shut this down asap. The big lesson here is: stay away from teenagers, drugs and hookers.

  18. Lucas H says

    Oh Merv, don’t be a perv. Read the details here. It doesn’t sound like some 17 year old was just horny and had a fun, sexy weekend getaway with a handsome older guy. There is some shady stuff going on here, and it sounds like lines were definitely crossed.

  19. Major707 says

    A tough lesson to learn…..if “cute” is your only talent it fades quickly. He was at the party to further a career….he should have stayed in school. Now 31, no career, no talent, just angry!

  20. Merv says

    I read the “details.” They were written by the plaintiff’s lawyer. When a lawyer’s involved, being at a party where beer is served and joints are passed around becomes “plied with drugs and alcohol.” Throwing yourself at a director becomes “manipulated by power and wealth.” Learn to read between the lines.

  21. MaryM says

    Seriously people – the rumours about Bryan Singer; Gus Van Sant and Dustin Lance Black being exploitative, predatory chicken-hawks are not new.

    Whether they have committed crimes or not is a different matter but their reputations are incredibly sleazy.

    And I will repeat again – if you are going to assume the alleged victim is a gold digger then you also need to assume that people suing the catholic church are also gold-diggers.

    The catholic church has far deeper pockets than Bryan Singer.

  22. Lucas H says

    Giving beer and joints to a teenager, when you’re a 30 something, and then trying to get in his pants IS plying them with alcohol. And furthermore, cocaine is mentioned and roofies are alluded to. YOU read between the lines. If the story is true, why on earth would you defend this behavior?

  23. Rich F. says

    Regardless of what happened, you have to stop claiming that the plaintiff was underage. He was 17 at the time of the alleged assault; the age of consent in Hawaii is 16.

  24. Justin says

    Why are so many of you saying this guys was “15” when the abuse allegedly happened? He was 17 and that makes all the difference in the world.

    I’m not saying Singer isn’t a perv. But I don’t see how these accusations will get any traction.

  25. jjose712 says

    MaryM: There are very big differences.
    First of all most victims of the abuse of priest are way behind the 15 yo. Second, you have to face a whole corporation, and a very powerful one that will do everything to shut you up.
    And we have some examples of public shame for the victims of Legionarios de Cristo in Mexico where the victims were insulted in public tv, only to demostrate that they were right a couple of years after that.

    We know that a good bunch of people in Hollywood doesn’t behave, but frankly, wait 15 years to tell the truth when you were not a child in the moment of the abuse is very suspicious, and even more when the “abuser” is a rich man

  26. jamal49 says

    Where Bryan Singer is concerned, it’s called “innocent until proven guilty”.

    I have a serious problem with people who wait 15 years to decide that they might have been “raped” and then brazenly file a civil lawsuit to collect monetary damages over that alleged “rape”.

  27. anon says

    Oh, the infamous casting couch strikes again! Were the victim female she’d be laughed out of court and not get a day in the press.

    Of course most tort matters have a statute of limitations because after a while discovery becomes impossible. You can’t expect people to remember details or retain records of things from long ago. Most businesses have a seven year retention policy regarding documents, then they are disposed of.

    Age of consent is often a muddled affair. When below 18 (it used to be 21) there can still be limitations on the age of the older party. This often makes dating technically illegal for teenagers (assuming they are having sex).

  28. northalabama says

    am i reading too much into the story thinking michael needed something (money, work, help), approached bryan, bryan didn’t help, michael tried extortion by threatening to expose the events, failed, so here we go to court?

    oh my, oh my…i suspect this won’t end well for anyone.

  29. Lucas H says

    @MERV, I see what you are saying with, it takes two to tango. I don’t think that anyone can repeatedly blame others for their own mistakes. 17 years old is old enough to take some responsibility. But how much? And, as MaryM has correctly pointed out, there is already enough smoke around Singer’s past exploits to suggest a fire here. When does consensual sex become…questionable? There is more than just the age factor here.

    I don’t know. I can only say that, as a 32 year old man, I would not feel okay about myself if I hooked up with a drunken, drugged 17 year old, no matter how hot he may be. And to make a habit out of doing this type of thing REPEATEDLY – I think is wrong. Sooner or later, someone should say something and stop it. Sounds like this might be that point for Singer.

  30. Houndentenor says

    The age of consent in Hawaii is 16. If he was forced or coerced or drugged into having sex, though, that was rape. If he has the evidence then this should go to a grand jury or trial. It would be horrible for someone to get away with that (like Roman Polanski has) or to have this hanging over his head all his life if it isn’t true. The best way (not perfect but the best we have) is to have a fair hearing in front of a jury. Trial by media is not justice.

  31. Homo Genius says

    Like I was saying earlier – they guys that owned that house, ran the pedo DEN, they are registered sex offenders and I quote from Wikipedia “civil lawsuits from boys employed by DEN alleged sexual abuse and coercion using drugs and guns by Collins-Rector, co-founder Chad Shackley, and DEN Executive VP Brock Pierce.”

    So I am in the smoke/fire camp but since the others involved were already accused and found guilty, its very strange that the dude would wait a decade when he could have brought it up when the other cases were happening.

    Seriously, if you weren’t around for the DEN, you should google it. At the time I just assumed it was a fake entrapment site for pedos…..

  32. 604Brian says

    There will be a boatload of money thrown at this case to shut it down quickly. There is too much money to be made by Bryan with some huge commitments coming in the very near future.

    I doubt we will ever know the truth, but for Bryan there will be residual damage. I think it is way too shady that this comes out 14 years after and exactly when he is about to release a massive project.

  33. MickyFlip says

    Honestly, I really don’t know what to say about this. I always admired Mr. Singer as a talented director way before the X-Men franchise. But these sorts of ‘rumors’ have been constantly cropping up about him. So regarding his personality… I’m really unsure what to think.

  34. MaryM says

    Bryan Singer, Gus Van Sant and Dustin Lance Black (who is currently dating a teenager) have incredibly sleazy rumours flying around them when it comes to allegedly exploiting their allegedly VERY young lovers (Tom Daley is of age of course).

    And Hollywood is notorious for its sexual exploitation of the very young. It always has been.

    Whether or not Singer is a rapist does not alter the fact that rumours have been flying about him for over 10 years.

  35. ratbastard says

    Singer looks like a typical skinner.

    Pervs, pedos, ‘boy lovers’ among the ranks of the entertainment industry movers&shakers? Wow. Just, wow.

  36. Michael says

    This has got to be the biggest piece of crap journalism I’ve seen on this site.

    The guy was 17, the age of consent was 16 where it happened, he had no issues being flown around on private jets, accepted gifts, drugs and alcohol, had zero issues going to drug-fueled gay Hollywood pictures, didn’t have any problems letting Singer jerk him off and go down on him and, as far as anyone can tell, didn’t really object when he was returning the favor and now, 15 years later, he wants to file a lawsuit right before one of Singer’s biggest movies is released.

  37. kookie says

    bryan singer’s hollywood parties are legendary in the gay LA scene. The easiest way in: bring young guys. The fb feeds in LA are ripe with “can’t believe he got away with it for this long” or “finally” or “It’s about time.” There will probably be more coming forward now that this one guy has made the big first step.

  38. ratbastard says

    My understanding of age of consent laws is although age of consent may be 14 or 16, this is applicable only to both parties being of similar age (no more than a 2,3,4 year age difference). It doesn’t apply to full grown adults, or to people inpositions of authority or power. In these cases age of consent is the age of adult emancipation, i.e. 18.

  39. cmlion says

    From what I’ve gathered from other news sources is this kid was HIRED to be at these parties. So a prostitute–well past his prime–is now trying to say he was an innocent who was drugged and raped? Why would they need to drug someone who is already being paid?

    They didn’t file in Nevada (where the prostitute is from) or California (where Singer is located) but Hawaii because they have looser laws on statute of limitations… and the lawyer is from there.

    And one month before Singer’s big summer release? Hmmm…

  40. jjose712 says

    ratbastard: What? Age of consent is age of consent.

    In spain we had a famous case of a 40 yo who killed his young girlfriend.
    The girl was 14 (13 was the age of consent here).
    The parents couldn’t stop the relationship (that was consensual) even when they knew that could end very bad (of course they didn’t expect that ended that bad).

    If the victim was really abused i hope he had proves, because after waiting 15 years he could end really bad if he is unable to prove anything.
    Drag someone’s reputation could be profitable, but if Singer doesn’t pay and decides to sue him for defamation this could end really bad for him

  41. ratbastard says


    In the U.S. age of consent involves actual intent and the age of both parties involved. Consent age is technically 14-16 (depends on state), but this is for couples who’re obly a few years apart (2,3,4, depends on state), so-called Romeo and Juliet laws (designed tono criminally penalize young teen couples. It does not apply to full grown post adolecent adults, such as 30 year old men as one example. In such cases age of consent is the age if adult emancipation, 18. This ismy understanding of the laws.

  42. Nat says

    “ratbastard: What? Age of consent is age of consent.”

    No, it’s not. Many states have the age set in relation to the other individual when the younger party is below 18.

    And the level of moral decrepitude demonstrated by many posters in here is absolutely disgusting. In what world is it acceptable to ply an adolescent with drugs and alcohol in return for sex, consensual or not? And that’s not even acknowledging that an intoxicated person – of any age – cannot legally consent to sexual activity.

  43. Nat says

    “Where Bryan Singer is concerned, it’s called “innocent until proven guilty”.”

    May you apply the same standard to priests accused of molestation.

  44. jarago says

    This guy must have been getting money to keep quiet. I mean why wait so long to press charges-this happened when he was 17 and now he is 31?! Sexual exploitation of minors is wrong – but this is similar to the Polanski case- if you are a pretty young thing in Hollywoodland sex is still the fastest way to get your foot in the fame door.

  45. Turing's Ghost says

    Three of the founders of DEN are now registered sex offenders — fact. However, Mr. Singer’s mere presence at a DEN party doesn’t make him a molester. Here are a few questions to consider: (1) the suit was filed in Hawaii — so why was there was a press conference held in the LA Four Seasons?; (2)how was justice served by passing out photos of Mr. Egan at age 15 at the press conference?; (3) Mr. Egan had previously filed lawsuits against others at the parties — so why not include Mr. Singer as a plaintiff? (4)the DEN parties were investigated by LA police and eventually led to guilty pleas for 3 of the execs — so why not Singer? Pretty sure this looks like a shake down of Singer and the studios on the eve of a major picture release….Facts are yet to be determined in this case but my bets are this is just gay baiting and it will never see trial (see similar Apt Pupil case).

  46. Adat says

    Last year I was 39 and dated an 18 year old… if he was 17 would it really have mattered much? Oh and he drugged me when we met… I’m not kidding… I had never done any drugs till he slipped me some X (yes, seriously I made it through the late 90’s gay scene in Tampa never doing drugs, although my bf at the time did). This boy in question went to LA to get rich quick at any cost (I’m sure he knew why they wanted him) and now he’s trying to get rich quick 15 years later after growing up and maybe feeling guilty or rejected…

  47. Armando says

    Isn’t everyone innocent until proven guilty? The length of time between the incident and the case being filed does make you wonder. I just assume everyone is Hollywood is scum.

  48. Johnny says

    he is innocent,Bryan is a total nelly bottom, so why would he drug a boy? they couldn’t f*ck him then, he does love young boys, but he loves them to dominate him and I doubt a boy could do that when he is drugged can he? Its all a big grab for cash,I had sex with him when he was in Australia shooting Superman Returns….should I try to get in on the cash action? I was only 17 too.

  49. Mike says

    You know what the law is? You can have a teen happily agree to fly to Hawaii and snort coke all the flight and drink like a duck and parade around in a little g-string but when they say “No”, it’s rape. How amusing here some argue “well, he’s beyond age of consent!” Wouldn’t surprise me if France could look forward to another director exile from the US.

  50. EchtKultig says

    People are acting as though the DEN website was something like “William Higgins comes to America”. It definitely was not – it would not have gotten millions in financing in conservative 1999 if it had been.
    I actually found some old videos on a CDR I burned back then. (let’s hear it for Kodak golds) I saved 5 videos from the website: they concerned a fraternity and a heterosexual romance involving a hot guy. There’s no nudity, just one shirtless guy who looks at least 20. They are far more chaste than the average military lipsync video on youtube these days. (it’s very amusing they were trying to tell a story with 45 second video clips with a 160X120 resolution…but like I said, it was ahead of its time)

    Although this does seem like a shakedown, it’s hard to feel too bad for Singer. If you play with fire, prepare to get burned, even if it’s almost 15 years later. There was a double standard then, there’s a double standard now, and there will be in the future. A girl from my high school moved to LA immediately after graduation…a year later she had a small role in a movie. Reason being, according to the rumor mill? Sleeping with Steve Martin. Ok, she was probably 18 or 19, but it probably wasn’t the first or last time Steve Martin helped a young lady start a career. But nobody is calling Steve Martin a predator and pervent, as comment sections are filling up now about Singer. The female casting couch is just “business as usual”, the male one could – ahem – reflect poorly on the business.

  51. AJ says

    Most guys who live in LA have heard about his penchant for young men for years…this does not surprise me at all…and of course they would wait until just before the opening. They want to get as much attention brought to the case as possible..nothing shady there.

    If you recall he was some younger teens felt very pressured to appear naked ior a scene Apt Pupil and filed suit. Charges were dropped but seems to be some history there.

  52. Lucas H says

    JJ, I think your second question holds the answer to your first question. But if you really want to know, all you have to do is google Bryan singers name now, and the dirty details are all over the Internet.

  53. Bill says

    @Lucas H: just because “the dirty details are all over the Internet” does not make them true.

    A few years ago, I saw one of the Hunky Jesus contests in San Francisco. One web site announced the wrong guy as the winner, and several others plagiarized that article and repeated the same mistake. Then a whole bunch of others did (after all, they thought it must be true because they saw the same claim on multiple sites). This is prima facie evidence of plagiarism – anyone can make a mistake, but they won’t make precisely the same one when the mistake is simply getting a name wrong. Eventually, it got corrected so you’d have to go to a lot of trouble to uncover the history today.

    Things you read on random web sites cannot be trusted because all too many of the people who write that stuff have no ethics – not even enough to cite their sources. Without the citations, you can’t tell if you are seeing independent observations of some event or if nearly everyone is copying from one guy who might be mistaken.

    Finally, the latest reports in the press claim that Singer has proof of being somewhere else when the alleged misbehavior took place and (as others have mentioned) it is not clear why he was not mentioned in a previous lawsuit if he were actually guilty.

    Given that, I’ll withhold judgment for now – until the courts sift through it all and figure out who is telling the truth. Frankly, I’d prefer to not even see this garbage published until the charges have been vetted.

  54. Gary says

    MARYM sounds like a complete troll. Wont be surprised if he’s also posting under different names in this thread. What does GVS and DLB have to do with this. Going to a party with young boys doesn’t make you a rapist, these two have not been named in any lawsuit. And while Dustin has dated young men they are all of legal age and consensual relationships. IT IS NOT A CRIME. Repeatedly trying to link those two to this when they havent been named is disgusting. Get off your vendetta.

    While I too have heard of singers party and him liking young men there’s that and raping underage boys. If this is true I hope he pays but imo this sounds shady as hell. And yes reeks of a shakedown, he’s hoping to get paid to go away. If this isn’t true, its foul to accuse anyone, yes Bryan of rape when he didnt do it. This is something that will follow you for the rest of your life.

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