Anti-Gay Lobbyist Jack Burkman Launches Boycott Of NFL Rams And Visa Over Michael Sam

Jack Burkman — an anti-gay lobbyist who is an embarrassment to his own gay brother — has followed through on his promise to unleash a “relentless” Christian boycott against the NFL team that drafted openly gay football player Michael Sam.

WowHe’s also including Visa in his boycott for signing an endorsement deal with Sam.

The PR News Channel reports:

Burkman says he unleashed powerful grassroots organizations he assembled in 27 of the 50 states which will lead the boycott efforts. And he says he has mobilized a coalition of evangelical Christian leaders from across the nation to join the boycott.

“Visa and the Rams will learn that when you trample the Christian community and Christian values, there will be a terrible financial price to pay,” says Burkman. “Openly gay football players send a terrible message to our youth about morality. Somebody needs to step up because the moral fiber of the nation is eroding.”

In the boycott he’s leading against Visa, Burkman says he is urging the public to sell Visa stock they may own and to stop using Visa cards.

Burkman says he is also urging Rams fans to not buy team merchandise and is calling on season ticket holders to stay away from games.

Burkman has also drafted a go-nowhere Senate Bill that would ban openly gay players from major league sports. Sam himself zinged Burkman’s bill back in February by tweeting, “Jack Burkman is going to need a Delorian, not some bogus bill, if he wants to prevent gay athletes from being in the locker room.”


  1. Bruce says

    Why do these people even claim that they are leading a “Christian” boycott when they don’t speak for all or even a majority of Christians? These conservative so-called “Christians” have demonstrated that they have little understanding of Christ’s message.

  2. Jonathan says

    I don’t get it. He’s calling for an economic boycott in the face of the second best selling draft jersey of the season. There’s been a demonstrated economic benefit to the Rams for this move. Sam’s bringing people into their economic orbit who never would have been there if not for him. How many season ticket holders would he have to convince to give up their tickets to offset that?

  3. mike says

    but as i said Michael Sam is too busy having an amazing life, being loved universally and basically being a wonderful human being to be dragged down to this pond lifes level !!

  4. steve talbert says

    It seems all of the people so vocally antigay have a gay family member. All if them. It’s a twisted personal issue for them and have to martyr themselves or repent or something.

  5. Marvin says

    He’s a real nowhere man
    Sitting in his nowhere land
    Making all his nowhere plans for nobodies

    He’s as blind as he can be
    Just sees what he wants to see
    Nowhere Man can you see me at all?

  6. e.c. says

    “Openly gay football players send a terrible message to our youth about morality.”

    Should we start making up a list of all the NFL players with criminal prosecutions (domestic violence, drug charges, manslaughter, etc)? Or take a “family” photo of all the players with the kids they have fathered with multiple women? We can send it to this Jack-off and then he can tell us again how Michael Sam is the bad example.

  7. Rad says

    I am really over these morons getting air time. This is fringe, nut-job garbage at it’s finest. It belongs under the rock it slithered out from.

    But since there is NO content on cable, this gets a forum to continually spout.

    There is a lot to be said for Canada.

  8. MikeBoston says

    Boycott Visa??? Does he really think a significant number of people will cut up a credit card for him? Does he realize that most banks only issue debit cards on one network. Does he think people will switch banks for him? Sex reassignment surgery is easier than changing banks. What a moron!

    I’m too much of a lady to say it – but what Jaysonn said!

  9. tim S says

    a few thousand christian nuts ignoring the Rams, compared to the several hundred thousand gays the Rams will pick up as fans.

    Sounds like a win win, more fans less nuts.

  10. Jason MacBride says

    The only crime that gets you kicked off an NFL team is one that lands you in prison so you are physically unavailable to play. The whole league is about sending the wrong message.

  11. JonnyNYNY2FLFL says

    Your story states “PR News Channel reports” in the 3rd paragraph.

    May I advise the writer of this post that PR News Channel “reports” nothing. It is a paid distribution service in which the client produces his own editorial copy & the company provides it to media outlets.

    There is no journalism involved. In this case, whatever Mr. Burkman wished to convey is stated in the press release.

  12. Houndentenor says

    Some years ago I was temping between singing gigs and was working for the CEO of a credit card company. They were getting a trickle of hate mail because the company had recently added gays to its non-discrimination policy. (As far as the company was concerned, they weren’t discriminating and had no plans to so it wasn’t really a change in policy.) At one point someone rather high up apologized to me for what I was having to read. She seemed shocked when I told her that it didn’t bother me now as I had heard such BS since before I even knew what it meant (and had to ask). These calls for boycotts are almost always a flop. All the major banks have nondiscrimination policies so there goes Amex, Visa, MC and Discover. What does that leave exactly? Oh and Apple and Microsoft so I guess no computers either. There’s no profit to be made in discriminating against employees that could make you even richer. That’s really the problem with discrimination. It’s stupid. A gay player that can help your team win is a plus not a minus.

  13. Kyle says

    While I can’t be certain, I’m fairly confident that this guy cares not one damn if the boycott is successful. What will make this successful for him will be determined by the amount of money he can raise with it and how much of it he can put in his pocket. He’s a professional bigot taking advantage of ignorant old folks who remain scared of the gays. Pay him no mind and just keep walking.

  14. woodroad34 says

    Seriously, which “Christian” values are we talking about? Bigoted, Old Testament values or New Testament values that were actually about Christ? What a hypocritical, selfish, myopic, and emotionally unbalanced man.

  15. james street james says

    So just when will VISA and the Rams be brought to their knees? Is there a schedule? Should I hold my breath?

    And when they are down there on their knees should they pray to Jack Burkman for forgiveness? Is Jesus now hiring out this work of judging and punishing?

    OMG! Jack Burkman must be the famous Second Coming!!!!

  16. anon says

    Every day someone somewhere will attempt to announce a new political pressure group movement, and 99.99% of the time no one notices or pays any heed. Now, what’s the difference this time?

  17. Patrick says

    This knuckle dragger needs to slither back into the cave he came out from and stay in there along with his repugnant “anti-human christians”. And DO NOT reproduce. Just die off and save the gene pool.

  18. verbocityeric says

    this morning we read about the Cincinnati teacher who wouldn’t sign a contract that denounces queers. She is boycotting her own job for equality and justice.

    Where are the right-minded people of good conscience on the other side willing to do the same? Has any NFLer torn up his contract to protect his religious right to avoid queers? Have any Christian parents pulled their sons out of football programs to avoid the contagion of Michael Sam?

  19. simon says

    Just read a news story about:
    “Sudan judge sentences a Christian woman to death for apotasy.”
    They also have a taste of their own medicine. Is it Karma?

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