1. Grover Underwood says

    Hillary and Obama didn’t donate to a ballot measure to deny gays and lesbians marriage equality. Comparing them and others to the guy from Mozilla is apples and oranges.

  2. Mike says

    The CEO of Mozilla chose to resign. He was not forced to leave the company. Indeed, many of us in the tech community that beleived he was unsuitable as CEO never suggested that he leave the company, we just didn’t approve of his promotion to CEO.

    We haven’t won the culture war. We have a long, long way to go. Did blacks give up when they got the vote? Or, to address something Mr. Maher is really interested in, should we give up trying to legalize pot now? No. You don’t quit until the war is over.

  3. says

    nuance – Obama’s position was in no way comparable – he opposed Prop 8, and all similarly-styled bans. His position, to those not blinded by “i hate Obama”-syndrome – was one i understand while not actually loving – make the statement that appeals to those on the fence, without stating you’re going to implement your “current opinion” into federal law. Obama wasn’t saying “i’m going to make sure no gays get married!” – not even CLOSE.

    as for The gay Mafia or whatever – we didn’t force Eich to resign. The brand didn’t want the association. ALLIES are responsible for that. “Hey, our jobs are affected by your association to us, and you messed up – your stain will negatively affect our brand. out damn spot!”

    pretty much.

    what we permit, we promote. we can’t permit this culture where people are terrified of being openly gay and *not terrified* of being openly-bigoted any longer.

    I saw a new doc on Matthew Shepard yesterday – “Matt Shepard Is a Friend Of Mine” – with the Shepard family in attendance. It gutted me.

    Because matt’s death is the result of a culture promoted by Rick Santorum, Rick Warren, Rick Perry, Mike Huckabee, The hateful clowns on FOX NEWS, Virginia Foxx, well……..pretty much the entire current GOP (with few exceptions) who use hatred, and PROMOTE hatred against LGBT people in order to get votes and keep The Idiots voting Republican.

    “We Won”? Only when you project and look long down the road. Yes – i too can see the finish line, and we are gonna win. but in the meantime, hate crimes still happen. children still take their own lives. parents still disown their own children. beat their own children. encourage their children to hate their LGBT peers. we haven’t WON yet, Bill – as any actual LGBT people know, as we live and breathe our experiences every single day. We’re not there yet – so kindly don’t tell us that we should be grateful that we’re not hated quite so vehemently as we were yesterday.

    The war won’t be over until closet culture is gone, and until LGBT americans can turn on the TV and no longer hear some bigot encouraging hatred toward them, because a certain politician can’t talk honestly about his/her actual fiscal or healthcare plans….

    “Ah HATE the gays, ah don’t want them to come into mah town and make may kids gay and make your kids also be gays who are atheists who care about the environment and not shooting people. so vote for me. btw, i think only rich people should get tax cuts, and jesus would charge a lot for healthcare. but i hate gays’. vote for me”

    pretty. much.

  4. says

    Maher is wrong. The CEO of Mozilla was never ‘forced’ to resign. He chose to resign on his own. He could have stayed despite the fact that few would continue to use Firefox. He was not fired or dismissed or terminated. The best way to destroy your own business is to reveal your bigotry.

  5. Mikey says

    When will people stop assuming that Bill Maher is actually liberally-inclined?

    He’s a complete moron (an anti-vaxxer, for those of you who may not be aware), and has NEVER properly supported the LGBT community. He only supports LGBT people when it makes a good soundbite or a good punchline to one of his asinine jokes.

  6. Pandion says

    If a CEO had donated to make marriage between Jews and Aryans illegal, I’m pretty sure Maher would be the first to lead the charge.

  7. Gaiboi says

    I must agree with the majority of posters here. There is in no way any likeness in Obama and the short termed CEO of Mozilla.

    I’m usually pretty ok with Maher, but this time he’s wrong. He doesn’t get to say “the culture war is over” especially when it isn’t. He’s not gay, though he may generally support our cause(s) he isn’t a part of our community in the way in which he could possible understand what each of us have had to endure to make it to where we are, those of us who are alive and able to tell our stories that is.

    When we can no longer be fired from our jobs or discriminated against in business and other public squares, the cultural war is NOT over!

  8. BrainGrowth says

    I was fueled up to rant, but you guys beat me to the punch. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Especially Little Kiwi, for taking the time to articulate what pissed me off so much about Maher’s comments.

  9. will says

    The problem doesn’t help when so many in our “community” are loud and virulent and unsympathetic to Eich. What’s the response of many duplicitous posters here? — “It wasn’t us! The gay community had nothing to do with Eich’s resignation. Don’t look here! We’re pure as snow. We are tolerant of everyone! Don’t mess with Obama. Eich is pure unudulterated evil, a monster!”

    So much vitriol was expended by some in our “community” both demonizing Brendan Eich on the one hand and explaining how we were not involved in any of this — washng our hands clean — on the other.

    Look. I KNOW some of the hate many have in their hearts to those who’ve voted against us and/or given money to anti-gay causes. Brendan Eich had pledged to never let personal beliefs interfere with his work. His resignation may not have been our doing, but the venom and maliciousness directed at the guy (he is NOT Tony Perkins or Brian Brown) is doing our cause no favors.

  10. says

    Will, how’s being a doormat working for you, eh?

    I don’t know any liberals that talk about “tolerance”. btw. Liberals aim higher. Tolerance is what gay conservatives aim for because they know damn well they can’t get actual support, acceptance, embracement and love.

  11. says

    To be honest I rarely watch this show. Everyone thinks Bill Maher is some kind of ally since he has house queer Dan Savage around all of the time. But he is a bit too smarmy for me and feel more often than not he uses us for comedic effect in a different way than say Corbert or Stewart. I dislike apologists to bigotry and this is what this amounts to for me. I dislike gay apologists to straight bigotry even more.

  12. JonnyNYNY2FLFL says

    Tremendous progress has been made in the “Culture War” in my lifetime & Bill Maher should get credit for fighting on the front line long before many of our showbiz allies put themselves out there to challenge the narrowmindedness & bigotry America embraced for so long.

    However, the struggle isn’t over & it’s premature to declare victory. After 150 years, I sometimes wonder if even the Civil War is over and won.

  13. oncemorewithreeling says

    You got to feel sorry for the Trollroad trolls who have taken on the job of saying that standing up against bigotry is the wrong strategy.

    Not just because there’s obviously no way to defend that position, but because that strategy is working better than ever.

    And then having to deal with facts, such as that the LGBT community had nothing at all to do with Eich resigning. But if they stick to the facts, then they don’t have a pretend “point”. Life is so unfair to trolls!

    Boo hoo! Everybody stop doing the right thing even thought it’s working! You’re all such meanies to them poor widdle bigots! It’s all your fault even though you had nothing to do with it! Them bigots is going to hurt us once they have no power whatsoever, you’ll see! Whaaaa!

    Seriously, the Eich trolls have my sympathy

  14. says

    @OneMore, it’s like the GOProud boys who refuse to acknowledge that ‘their way’ simply has not worked. At all.

    “You liberal gays are the reason people hate gay people!’ they scream. And yet….it’s empirically false. After all, those Conservative gays have yet to impress their own political allies to see them as persons of equal worth. #NotALiberalProblem

    what we permit, we promote. if you’re a doormat, you’ll be stepped on.

  15. Jay says

    Maher has always been a jerk. He’s really more of a libertarian than a progressive–thinks he’s being brave by standing up for hate speech as “freedom.” He’s also a misogynist.

  16. Randy says

    I would agree with him if he was talking about Sterling’s private conversation.

    But to talk about public tweets, and contributions of money to an illegal law (not just a bad one), these are not even in the same category.

    Regardless of how won the culture war is, when you ACT to harm people, and when you represent your employer poorly, you’re gone.

  17. daws says

    I love how this freedom of speech is suppose to be one sided for the bigots. “Allow me to say hurtful, nasty things! Just don’t respond back to me! I get freedom of speech, not y’all!!!”

    Frak that. If some moron wants to jump on Twitter and makes homophobic slurs. I’ll happily write complaints to his company/employer. Frak ’em.

  18. james street james says

    I think when Bill Maher runs out of things to say he channels Andrew Sullivan. And style counts more than substance with him. And by him I mean both of them.

  19. Island Planet says

    Bill does a little monologue on a theme. Most people know all the details he’s leaving out in order to make these examples suit his theme. I may not agree with his examples, but I have to agree that we’re all far too quick to scream that we’ve been offended.

  20. Awsome says

    THIS IS DUMB retire cause your gay. That is real DUMB. so what there are gay people get over i personally do not care it is not like they poepped up 1 year ago, Personnlay i do not care there are over 200 species of animals that are male to male and female to female. Please police, news, media, sports, Hollywood, GET OVER IT. catch some rapist or killers, or FBI top ten wanted. I rather be near a gay person thatn a rapist. Are gay people they supposed to have commited a crime, I think a rapist or a murder is agaist the law .

    who would kill you first

  21. anon says

    Do we now have to make space for all the animal rights activists that want to close all the zoos, ban leather goods and fur and heavily tax meat consumption? Oh, and let’s not forget animal testing bans and eventually–no pets!

  22. bravo says

    “I believe that marriage is the union between a man and a woman. Now, for me as a Christian — for me — for me as a Christian, it is also a sacred union. God’s in the mix.” – April 17, 2008

    The man who said that seems like an insensitive jerk. Why was he not pressured to step down from his campaign? Is it possible that his position was mainstream thinking for 2008?

  23. Bravo says

    Then again, I’m a white guy and my own mother and father don’t support marriage for gay people. So I guess I’m just really angry that Obama evolved and my own crappy parents didn’t.

  24. bobbyjoe says

    I’d like to see Maher try to make the same argument invoking Donald Sterling or David Duke or some other racist or anti-Semite. You know, the “leave them alone they have a right to say what they want, we’ve won the culture war” argument. But Maher won’t. Notice that all the examples he gives are aimed at gays (and let’s not even get into how much of the three cases Maher cites that he misrepresents). All Maher’s little speech does is confirm that he’s still dealing with some deep homophobia he’s not even likely aware of. I triple-dog dare him to make a speech on his next show defending Donald Sterling on the exact same grounds. Maher won’t, because his own “political correctness” tells him that it’s okay to invoke the gays, but he’d look like a bigoted racist himself if he ever did the same thing aimed at a different minority and it’d probably damage his career. Which makes him a gigantic hypocrite, and somebody who’s still willing to invoke forms of homophobia to pat himself on the back.

  25. JMC says

    Bill Maher needs to shut up. He’s wrong and is not part of the “we” that are on the line here.

  26. Molgator says

    Im just curious what business the government has in marriage? When I married my wife I could have got a prenuptial agreement, but I didnt and if this doesnt work Im sure an arbitrator could settle it for us. Same could go for gay couples. I honestly do not care if gays get married, but Im getting very tired of this “you said negative things about gays punishment is due”!

  27. Craig says

    “52 percent of Californians” is completely wrong. It was 52 percent of voters and only around 60 percent of eligible Californians voted that year which means if you add ALL Californians it’s less than 20 percent of Californians that voted in favor of prop 8.

  28. Joel says

    When I was 24, I got called every time I said a stupid ignorant thing.

    When I was 24, people did not give me a break because back then (not that long ago really) twenty-four years of age was considered Adulthood, ie being held accountable for your actions.

    Bill is conveniently forgetting his not so far past rants on how irresponsible kids behave today, and how adults unfairly give them breaks; Or give them medals just for participating.

  29. Toni Stewart says

    Next target for the gay mafia is Bill Maher. He dared to have an opinion different that the hypocrite gay mafia who rewrites history to support what their inner drama queen wants it to be.

    Vast majority didn’t care who married who, who slept with who as long as children aren’t forced into sleeping or marrying and as long as it’s not forced to be in their living room. After gay mafia forced disagreeing people to lose jobs, contracts I think things have changed. And not for the better of lbgt.