1. bandanajack says

    his voice has kept its timbre, but he has lost or misplaced his breath control. there is very little air column supporting his notes. it would be less noticeable in a studio recording or with a much smaller softer musical backing. he would not be amiss spending some time with a vocal coach to fix that.

  2. Newton says

    Dear Mr O’Dowd, You’re over 50. Isn’t it about time you dropped the ‘Boy’ stuff.

  3. Paul says

    What Linkmaxbub and Steve said. Love the boy and his now matured voice. Smokey, dreamy.

  4. Connor says

    I’m not Boy George, but I would want to be the QUEEN of everything, were I in his shoes.

  5. petey says

    Boy George had some great songs as a member of Culture Club. However, since going solo, his songs have been very basic. He stereotyped himself and has never been able to shake it off.

  6. Paul R says

    I saw him Monday and he was incredible—a show I’ve been wanting to see for 30 years. He did Culture Club (not many), reggae (not my favorite of his genre-bending), lots of his solo stuff, and some great covers (T Rex, Iggy Pop, Dylan). It could have been a miserable mess, all over the map, but his talent and charm had the crowd in the palm of his hand.

    Will always love him, not least because in a 1984 interview with Rolling Stone he said, “It’s 1984. I’m bixsexual. What’s the big deal?” And yeah, obviously he was gay and not bi, but it was still a badass thing to say (“America knows a good drag queen when it sees one” was pretty good too). Bowie had claimed to be bi 10 years before, but that turned out to be more marketing than fact. (Don’t get me wrong–I love Bowie.) Boy hasn’t always been perfect, but few interesting people have been.

  7. says

    I echo Paul R’s sentiments…

    I’ve been a fan since I was 14 years old…I’ve waited 30 years to see him perform live. I did meet him, shake his hand in the lobb at Claridge’s about 7 years ago, which was surreal, but to see him perform was a dream come true.

    Love you, George!

    PS,….shut up, Newton. …and, Petey: Basic? Please! He’s been on top of the sound of dance music for the last 20+ years! YOU’RE BASIC!

  8. Qj201 says


    George’s solo releases in the 90’s were amazing…as is the original (british) cast album of Taboo the musical.

  9. radtastic says

    Bowie’s bisexuality wasn’t marketing, it was an established fact. A fact that prevented him from having a massive fan base in the USA in the 1970’s.

  10. tagg says

    The vocal chords are a muscle and if you don’t use them for years and years your going to loose them. He needs a good voice coach and vocal exercises before he sings.

  11. antisaint says

    Boy George did drugs and smoked and drank for years, his voice is what it is now. That said, I think it sounds great, it’s got a nice smokiness to it now. And “Somebody to Love Me” from Mark Ronson’s album is a great track.

  12. tinkerbelle says

    It’s true that the timbre of his voice has changed, the hoarseness may be from fatigue (I assume he’s doing a lot of promo right now), also from age, as the voice will “falter” if not rigorously exercised all the time (think opera singers). At a certain point in a career, one has to make key changes (down) to accomodate aging vocal cords, which B George hasn’t done, that I can tell at least. That said, I don’t care, to me he’ll always be great. And he’s gotten sexier. And having met him, I know he’s actaully a nice guy.

  13. Andy says

    I’m a sucker for singers who age, whose voices drop a 1/2 octave or so, yet still somehow manage to deliver the goods. I am loving the way his voice sounds now.

    I’ve never been his biggest fan, but something about him has always made me root for him to do well and be happy. No matter how much he’s messed up, there’s always been something very loveable about the Boy.