Bryan Singer’s Accuser Michael Egan Says He Never Left The Continental U.S.

Michael Egan

Bryan Singer's accuser Michael Egan says he never left the continental United States. Which is a pretty big deal given that the alleged rape of Egan took place in Hawaii. From the deposition with Egan:

Q. Did you ever take any trips with them?

A. Yes. several trips.

Q. Where to?

A. Las Vegas, Lake Havasu.

Q. Anything outside the continental U.S.?

A. Never had any trips outside the continental U.S., no.

Q. Do you know if [redacted] did?

A. Yes, I know he did.

Q. Where do you know that he went?

A. From what I recollect, I believe he went to Hawaii, went to —

It should also be noted that Hawaii has an extended statute of limitations, which for Egan's case would have ended April 24, 2014. Egan's complaint was filed on April 16, 2014.