1. unruly says

    What an awful parent. She leaves the kid at the end instead of caring him in.

    Also, not a pitbull before some idiot thinks that was the breed of the dog. Looked like a shepherd/retriever mix.

  2. NotSafeForWork says


    You are an idiot. What do you think she ran off for? To get a cold beverage? The parent, looking under the car, sees the dog coming back and she rushes around the car to chase it off.

  3. Derrick from Philly says

    @ LOUIS,

    for a second I thought the same thing, but then I realized NO ONE would risk their child being mauled just to make it to YOUTUBE.

    Yeah, some cats are as FIERCE as any watch dog!!!!

  4. Dan Cobb says

    UNRULY sounds like one of those human beings who just despises everything and everyone and probably would have enjoyed watching the child be dismembered by this dog. Pitbulls… all of them… and any breed that behaves like this dog, should be put down. Period. That’s what sane and rational people thing. Save your people-hating tears, Unruly, you’re too inhumane and inhuman to have a say in this matter. When you care more for animals than you do for people, you have a SERIOUS mental illness. And UNRULY, YOU have a serious mental illness.

  5. Derek says

    @Jo….So Kitty’s rule huh? So the rule is the kitty’s? If you going to bash dogs at least have the smarts to know that Kitties Rule. And fyi they are both great.

  6. unruly says

    DAN COBB, you proved my point and had your own projections. I feel for the kid and would defend the kid but the parent was stupid. You don’t leave a bleeding, injured kid on the ground to chase off anything. Lift the kid up, put it on the car out of harms way, do something. A mom holding a child up is a better defense to any approaching predator.

    But more importantly, where was the mother during the kid’s playtime? Were surveillance cameras supposed to replace good parenting? If you saw an off-leash dog approaching your kid, wouldn’t you be there in a flash? At least the cat was keeping any eye out. And yes, vicious dogs should be put down and their owners jailed — however, once again this wasn’t a pit bull and there are poorly raised dogs (like this one) not inherently vicious breeds.

  7. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “That cat deserves a medal and gourmet meals for the rest of its life!”

    You’re absolutely right, SPACECADET. This story is about the valiance and GLORIOUS bravery of this cat. It is not about frickin’ Dan Cobb.

    Although, you can have the honor of pinning medal of valour on this cat. From what I saw on this video I’m not even trying to stick a medal on to this cat.

  8. DrunkEnough says

    It took the mom all of 3 seconds between dog bite and appearance. Three seconds!! She was out of frame, that’s all. So @Unruly is not just a bad person, he’s not very bright either, or he can’t count.

  9. Pitt90 says

    Awesome! I have sibling male cats, and my one cat would totally do the same, as he thinks he’s a lion; my other one would hide and cry…

  10. Frank says

    UNRULY, as you can plainly see in the video, the mother is there “in a flash” as the attack is ending. She was obviously just out of range of the camera. I’m guessing that you are one of those people who bear the terrible burden in life of always, always knowing more than everyone else.If only the world would listen to you all of our ills could be solved!!

  11. Rick says

    “Yeah, some cats are as FIERCE as any watchdog!!!”

    MALE cats, Derrick. And their fierceness is a reflection of their maleness, just as it is with the MALES of their larger relatives, lions, tigers, leopards, and the like (who, by the way, basically rape their female counterparts, just as male housecats do).

  12. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “MALE cats, Derrick. And their fierceness is a reflection of their maleness,….”

    Oh, shut up. Male cats are obviously gender role non-conforming. They have a sasshay in their walk. Now, Ha’ ya’ like dat?

  13. Rick says

    “RFD-the dog was caught and euthanized.”

    That seems a bit harsh. Just about all dogs will attack people if the right stimuli are present. It is pretty disgusting to take the animal’s life away just for behaving in an instinctive manner.

    The same thing happens in zoos. Some idiot enters the cage of a bear or a tiger and gets mauled…..and then people want the animal killed for simply acting according to its nature….while the human goes completely unpunished.

    People really are horrible.

  14. Jeff says

    The dog should not have been out off lease. Period. None of our dogs would ever have done anything like this, but we don’t want them running loose either. Undoubtedly, there is a by-law there that says just that. Civil suit should be underway as we speak.

  15. simon says

    That is funny. I never noticed they have sasshay in their walk. On the other hand, Rick probably walks like a gorilla with his inconspicuous front part leading the way.

  16. unruly says

    The dog had to be put down. The only true way to check for rabies is by brain matter sample. The mortality rate of rabies is very high and the shots aren’t foolproof.

  17. unruly says

    The mother is there in a flash once the kid is bit. Probably heard the cry. Most responsible parents and guardians would have noticed the dog off-leash stalking the child from around the car. Before the bite. Maybe you weren’t raised by good parents or had no supervision when you were at the age you were on a BIG WHEEL, but myself and all my friends raising kids do it the right way. Especially on a non-fenced-in front yard. Kids do dumb things even when there isn’t an attacking dog.

  18. Tarc says

    My cats, either together or in combination with my dog, run strange dogs off on a regular basis, keeping the unknown animals away from all the children of the neighborhood.

  19. jeff says

    I have 2 cats. One beats up my dog on a regular schedule. I should tell you that the dog is a longhaired miniature Dachshund. The other cat is hugely fat, and would only come to my rescue if I was covered head to toe in yogurt. Cats rule in a way that only Cats really understand. They really are aliens from another planet that just stayed on after the master cat went back to CatWorld.

  20. KennyMccormic says

    Blah blah blah
    You’re nothing but another Captain Hindsight.

    Things like that happened to you, you don’t think, just act. Just like baseball player’s swing.

    Your comments never made you smarter, just made you looks like an a*shole.

  21. Jacknasty says

    “MALE cats, Derrick. And their fierceness is a reflection of their maleness”

    That’s funny, since this cat was a female named Tara.

    I knew the second I saw the video that this was a female. A male cat would spend time puffing up and putting on a big display before taking any kind of action.

    Female cats seldom give that kind of a warning. If an intruder provokes a reaction, they get right down to the business of defending their territory. There are no displays – they just immediately go full Solange and deliver a diva beatdown on anything stupid enough to waltz onto their property. These out-of-nowhere berserker attacks will terrify animals many times their size.

  22. chica says

    Goodness people! Why are some so quick to think the worst? A little more detail: The dog is a chow/lab mix. The mom was watering plants just off camera. The neighbors back gate was left open allowing the dog to get loose. As much as it hurts to say it, any dog that attacks a human, a CHILD, is more likely to attack again in the future and should be put down. Yes, they are pets, they are loved, but they are animals, not humans. It’s not worth the time, money and work load on our government to make sure every animal that attacks is or can be rehabilitated.

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