1. Hmm says

    I can’t help but feel like this has nothing to do with gay rights and also that it’s a little unseemly to attack an old man who is apologizing. Where’s the follow up on all the people who have actually attacked gays recently or the hoaxers who made up hate crimes?

  2. Jack M says

    They can put this guy next to Pat Robertson in the Shady Pines Nursing Home, and the sooner the better.

  3. Eric Payne says

    I happen to agree with Bill Maher.

    Where’s the outrage some bimbo Sterling’s been supporting recorded Sterling MAKING COMMENTS IN STERLING’S OWN HOME, then releasing those comments to the media?

    When Tyler Clementi’s privacy was violated by his roommate, the media, school officials and government agencies responded, quickly and negatively, not about Clementi being gay… but against the invasion of privacy of the actions of the roommate.

    Sterling’s opinions and comments reveal him to be a racist, yes, but they were made in his own home where he, just like Clementi, has the absolute right to consider his actions/comments to be private.

  4. jo says

    “Am I entitled to one mistake after 35 years?”

    I don’t get this guy. Clearly he’s very bright or he wouldn’t have all that he does. But he has a history of being a bigot and of prejudice yet he says “am I entitled to one mistake after 35 years” when in fact he’s already been in trouble with the law/courts for similar actions.

  5. jomicur says

    Donald Sterling has the gall to say that someone else is not a good role model for children? Jeez, and they say irony is dead!

  6. Jay says

    These days political correctness trumps honesty. This whole incident has changed my perspective on homophobes, I don’t want them to just lie and for that they need to time to grow and eventually change.

  7. David From Canada says

    These stories about Sterling are becoming awfully tiresome. The U.S.A. has gone completely overboard on the race issue and situations such as this are rehashed over and over again. Enough! Let’s move forward and leave the extremism behind.

  8. e.c. says

    Which “one mistake” is he referring to? Because it’s not like he has a long documented history of being racist or anything.

    And dissing Magic, really? While Steling is getting fined for housing discrimination Magic is out bringing business to minority neighborhoods. Not someone whose efforts I’d start marganilizing.

  9. pete n sfo says

    He’s got a lot of money, otherwise why does anyone care about some old white guy being a bigot?

    The supposed 2nd leaked tape is just elaborate damage control. And this media blitz of him & his wife is more of the same.

    Between Oscar Pestorius & the Sterlings, my TV is on MUTE, a lot!

  10. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “The U.S.A. has gone completely overboard on the race issue and situations such as this are rehashed over and over again. Enough! Let’s move forward and leave the extremism behind.”

    David, how many books have you read on the history of race in the United States?

    You might start with watching “12 Years a Slave,” then go on to reading Toni Morrion’s “Beloved,” and then Ralph Ellison’s “Invisible Man,” and then….well

    Considering your country’s history as a haven for Black folks fleeing slavery in the US, I’m surprised you made the comment that you did.

  11. Alex Parrish says

    He has a right to think and say anything he wants in his own home. Maher is correct about that, but he doesn’t go on to: the NBA has a right to protect their business and his behavior is contrary to their business model. This is certainly not an isolated incident from the reports that i have seen; the man has been a racist in his business dealings for decades — people just put-up with it before. His hefty PR/Damage-control budget notwithstanding, he needs to be removed from a leadership role in the NBA. The comparison of one person’s actions to someone else is the oldest ploy in the book — I used it when I was 2 (Johnny hit me first, or, Billy’s mom lets him so this) so that tactic isn’t going anywhere. He just needs to fold his cards and go home. Resign and sell the team already!

  12. BobC562 says

    You’d think his handlers would have in their forethoughts the old adage, “When in a hole, stop digging.”

  13. David From Canada says

    @Derrick From Philly: I have read and seen 12 Years A Slave, etc. and am aware of the issue of slavery in the U.S.A. Now that you have a black President, this is a huge hint the the worst is over for the black community, and that it would really be a good idea to move on to the other minorities, chiefly the North American Native Indians, who are still at the bottom of the heap. Channel some of that considerable energy into helping other groups who still really need it.

  14. TonyJazz says

    Stop feeling sorry for a billionaire bigot.

    He needs to sell the team, and move on…. He is harmful to the reputation of the NBA, so he has no business remaining involved with the league.

    Why does this rich jerk deserve any sympathy from anybody?

  15. Nino says

    I hear the all the calls to ignore this “old guy” and “move on,” but we do so at our own peril. He may look and sound stupid, but he’s also rich and powerful — and that’s pretty darn dangerous. Just look to history.

  16. mousemess says

    He’s cooked his own goose socially and in sports and I am moving on to the next article.

  17. Bill says

    @ David From Canada (and others): There’s a film made in Nigeria in 1990 named “Mr. Johnson”, and I once saw it with the director (or writer – this was some time ago) present, with a short discussion after the film. He told us that, as a “thank you” gesture, the first public showing was in Nigeria because everyone there had been so helpful. The character named Mr. Johnson was modeled after, and immediately recognized, as a local type of eccentric who thought he was British, and people generally liked the film. When they showed the film in the U.S., they got all sorts of criticism because Mr. Johnson was viewed by politically correct types as a black guy who thought he was white. The director’s comment was that Americans have some very strange ideas about race. He has a point – a director or writer can screw up and unintentionally produce a film with racist undertones, but it is much harder to explain why this film would be “racist” here but not in Africa.