1. Dan Cobb says

    It’s the mark of a small mind:

    put a little fame and a little money in his pocket and he becomes “God”.

    What an arrogant, vile and ugly man.

  2. jonnathewoodswoman says

    These assholes are doing us a favor. Everyone can witness what hollow, stupid, prejudiced and petty people they are.

    Go blow a duck whistle, you fake hillbilly.

  3. slippy says

    For as it is written:
    Matthew 7:15

    “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves.”

    Chapter and verse about YOU brother Phill ….

  4. 1♥ says

    This is just more of the typical Christian arrogant elitism. Without hate and lies they have no faith. They love nothing but power over the oppressed

  5. mike/ says

    he SOOO does not know anything about his own religious beliefs and the man he calls “his” saviour. he also is standing on an altar to ‘his’ god and bearing false witness with the things he says. he has not given away his wealth to follow ‘his’ Jesus.

    this can go on and on because he doesn’t really know what he believes — only what he hates…

  6. Rob says

    This guy and the entire bigoted clan have their audience duped in that they pretend to be down home southern hillbillies who just enjoy down home family values. Truth is they have had complete makeovers to endure other likeminded homophobes and bigots to their show to insure they continue to make their Big $.
    This BS preaching from the pulpit in a church is exactly why Tax Exempt Status should be taken away from religious houses of worship that engage in Hate Speech in the name of God!
    Being a Hillbilly should not be synonymous with Ignorant Bigot!

  7. Hey Darlin' says

    The worst preachers are the ones who place themselves upon a pedestal. His religion is none of our business, but if he insists on making it our business and believing we should follow HIS example he might not like the response.

    It’s interesting the same mouth he uses to disparage LGBT citizens would have the schadenfreude to name slanderers as not inheriting the kingdom of God. Sounds like he has trouble on his oh so godly hands.

  8. Hey Darlin' says

    Looking at his life and how HE’S actually lived, it would seem that this current incarnation is nothing more than an elaborate sales pitch preying on the weak minded to sell products.

  9. woodroad34 says

    The joke is on him. He and all his hateful, unChristian brethren will never see the insides of the Pearly Gates. Even Heaven has some pride. Usually trash is left on the curbside.

  10. benjamin thomas says

    they all give me sadness.
    i come from a grand group
    of undereducated and loving
    lovely christians. they
    truly believe in ‘unconditional’,
    and would lovingly include the
    duck callers, and feed them, and
    show them ‘christian’ love, and
    hold them as they cried about how
    awful they’ve been, and how far they’ve
    traveled from good love.

    and then cut a switch from a
    willow tree, and show them how
    we deal with hatred. you don’t
    get to be a christian and show
    that kind of hate. it would have
    been beaten out of you at a young
    age. and rightly so.

    you don’t disrespect. that’s a
    tenant. and if you do, you get
    the switch.

    and you better mind your momma.
    she knows. you don’t.

  11. oncemorewithfeeling says

    His show’s ratings tanked after the first wave of revelations. He has no farther down he can go in the media, so what does he have to lose? He already lost his mind long, long, long ago.

  12. james street james says

    What a desecration of Easter when the giant candy-giving rabbit is to be worshipped! Instead they bring in a duck murderer!

    There’s something about him that makes me think he doesn’t use toilet paper.

  13. ToThePoint says

    F*ck robertson AND the church he spake upon with his vile love of pregnant, barefoot teenage girls he has proclaimed is such a desirable lifestyle “choice” that should be forced upon the population of the world.

  14. Steve says

    Does the Bible also say something about fraud? Because that’s what Duck Dynasty is. They are just rich yuppies pretending to be rednecks.

  15. david from Edmonton says

    Actually I think the biblical phrase is the meek shall inherit the earth and I think the other one is matthew 7 – judge not lest ye be judged and “why do you look at the spot of dust in your brother’s eye? But you do not see a big stick in your own eye!”. Christ had it right these people don’t quite get it and I would think when he returns, he won’t be consorting with the likes of these people.

    These fundamental right wing religious zealots are the most intolerant and judgemental people on the face of the earth. It is sad that they feel it is right to beat people down with the Bible. What hypocrits.

  16. GregV says

    It’s apparently Phil Robertson who knows nothing of substance about the Bible. He probably doesn’t know that PAUL wrote that letter to the people of Corinth AFTER Jesus’ time and he seems to think it was writtrn in English and not in Koine Greek where a term meaning “homosexual offenders” never appeared in the letter Paul wrote. (It never appeared in any version in English either, until 1946).

    Even given the mistranslation he’s reading from, there is a huge double standard at play regarding gay people. If the word “heterosexual offenders” or “sexual offenders” had been added to his version instead of “homosexual offenders,” he certainly would not be taking that to mean “all heterosexual people everywhere” or “all non-celibate people.” (Paul made it clear he wasn’t fond of the idea of anyone ever having sex with anyone.)

    And a man who had had battles with alcohol, has in the past had a separation from his wife, has belittled entire categories of people on the media and has kept huge amounts of money for himself looks like he could call into any number of the categories on his “list of sins.”
    Pointing the finger at gay people is a typical deflection technique by those who are afraid to face the fact they fail at what they falsely profess as their own standards.

  17. Bill says

    @GregV : it is even worse! The term Paul used that today is being translated as “homosexual offenders” is a word that Paul seems to have coined and nobody has found any other references to it.

    To interpret any of his letters, you have to realize that he was trying to unify a large number of tiny Christian sects, each with different beliefs. Given travel time, a little vagueness would have sometimes been useful – if someone objects you can’t backpedal very well when it would take a month or two to get a question from them and send a response, so maybe you want it worded so that people can read in what they want to hear.

    And what the religious right wing wants to hear today is all about the “evils of sex”.

  18. Critifur says

    Someone that has 15 million sounds pretty greedy, so he is a sinner, but he will get in to heaven because he is righteous?!? whatever.

  19. Bill says

    @ KevinVT : you don’t have to be ignorant to not know what arsenokoitai means. It is a Greek word, a compound of “man” and “beds”, but the term was very likely coined by Paul – nobody has found any use of that word in older texts. If Paul meant homosexuals, he would have used the standard Greek word “paiderasste,” so we can surmise that he either meant something else or wanted to be vague for rhetorical reasons. See for details.

    BTW, that page used to be much, much easier to find years ago. The facts are embarrassing to the Christian fanatics, so they’ve been ranting about it and linking to themselves,which pushes this information out of sight in a Google search given the average person’s patience. It’s the “we don’t like it so let’s bury it in BS” ploy.

    One reason for purposeful vagueness is the theology that Paul was pushing – the idea that we are all sinners but saved by faith in Jesus. If you are pushing that, and need examples of “sin”, it sometimes helps to be vague – different sects had different ideas on what the sin du jour was and naturally Paul didn’t want to get in the middle of that kind of argument as it would have distracted from what he was really trying to sell them.

    The result is that you can’t really read Paul’s and have any real understanding of them without knowing the context in which they were written and what he was trying to achieve.

    Finally I might add that there really are serious people who study this stuff – mostly historians, including historians who are atheists. They don’t believe the religious stuff, but they are interested in how such beliefs spread, how they evolve, and how one ends up becoming the dominant belief in a culture (even if the outcome is nondeterministic).

  20. Dan says

    its scarry how many nutty rednecks believe him and say they love them and how they want their family to watch a good Christian cant wait till the truth comes out about phil Robertson and the rest of those con everyone

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