1. MarkfromNYC says

    Wow! Amazing, truly amazing. Not to kvetch, but that’s not a block. A block is a four streets forming a rectangle AND all the area contained in the rectangle. This is one side of a block-long portion of a street. And if I’m not mistaken, it’s an embankment held back by a retaining wall that fell over due to the wet weather. Not quite the ‘earth opening up’ but a wall giving way leading to a small landslide.

    But DRAMA! That I’ll give you!

  2. Paul R says

    @MarkfromNYC: block can have more than one meaning, so yes you’re being obtuse. No one would ever say, “It’s that block of Main Street with all the tattoo parlors and beat-up hookers,” and expect anyone to interpret it as anything other than one part of Main street between two intersections. Similarly, no one would ever say or hear, “I had to walk three blocks to get there,” as meaning, “I walked three rectangular areas spanning 12 different streets before I arrived at my destination.”

    If you disagree, how would you describe the distance between intersection A and the next intersection, B, on Main Street? A quarter-block? I would hope not.

    Also, not all (technical) blocks form rectangles, if you want to be extreme about it. Very precise planners have often created perfect squares.

  3. Jack M says

    I lived on that street about ten years ago, and believe me, it looks more shocking if you see it in person. It’s a long way down to the bottom. The people who live across the street may not be able to return for a month. The city will pay for repairs and, of course, hand the expense over to taxpayers. And yes, it is near JHU.

  4. Jere says

    Where’s Pat Robertson!!! CLEARLY this is a message from God because America allows gay pride parades!!!! OMG! Ooga Booga! Turn from your sinful ways!!

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