1. wiredream says

    See what a good agent can do for you? He’s been in more than a couple of awful films, yet he’s an infinitely more beautiful and far superior actor than Zac Efron (who looks like someone photoshopped a goofy little boy’s face overa man’s body), yet Efron is a household name. Shame.

  2. David From Canada says

    Taylor Kitsch went from television to the Big Screen and had 3 movie bombs in a row. He’s lucky to have gotten a credible role in a prestige production like The Normal Heart. Not sure if it will help his movie career………

  3. Mikey says

    He had two movies bomb, not three. One because of stupid advertising decisions (the film itself is fantastic – far better than more-highly rated “Star Wars”), the other because people expected it to be serious (the same way people expected “Transformers” to be serious?)

    Otherwise, he’s been in films that are all very well-rated on IMDB.

  4. Marc says

    That was a wonderful way to start my morning.
    Now, time to grab some coffee if I could only get up from this desk.

  5. rob says

    Beauty aside, because he is very beautiful, he honestly seems like a nice guy. I hope that he can get beyond the movie failures and find his niche. He was excellent on Friday Night Lights.

  6. Gary says

    Ellen with that goofy little smile. She’s clueless about man lust, but she plays along. Will be nice to see her retire, but her sport coat collection won’t let her.

  7. Gary says

    I have a fabulous life Kurt. Or is it Gert? I say what I want. You can play the cock tease game with Ellen.

  8. Glenn says

    The bombs were John Carter (which was awesome), Battleship (which was surprisingly fun) and if I remember correctly, Savages had a disappointing box office, if not disastrous.