1. Gary Bebout says

    Unfortunately, this tipping point could tip more Americans against gay acceptance. Gibbs from TIME gives a few paltry examples of Trans exposure– Barney’s models? Things may be changing fast, but only as fast as Farrow and Milan are talking in this clip. More fuel for our conservative foes–and sexually overwhelmed American voters.

  2. says

    it’s 2014 – there are no excuses to not understand who our trans brothers and sisters are, the very real struggles they face, and the very real hatred that is directed at them on a regular basis.


    you have internet access. youtube has countless videos from transpeople talking and personalizing their stories, their journeys, their struggles, their triumphs.

    you can educate yourself if you have the integrity to grow as a person. anti-trans gay men deserve every ounce of hatred and discrimination they’re destined to receive in life.

    more and more young people are coming out as trans, and amazingly – youth GETS it. they understand their trans peers.

    better start swimming or you’ll sink like a stone….cuz the times….

  3. Gary Bebout says

    Kiwi: “It’s 2014?” Using years as validation for anything is meaningless. Championing unpopular causes just to be contrary is self centered. Cloaking it under compassion is so smug. You are a liberal anachronism personified. Bob Dylan quotes??

  4. says

    gary – i get that you have an obsession with me. i’m used to it. i’ve long been a target for insecure gay cowards who couldn’t get f**ked if they fell @ss-first onto a cock factory. It’s nothing new.

    i will now get back to doing what your family has always done – ignore you.

  5. Tyler says

    Gary/Homo Genius (let’s be honest, you’re the same person, AKA Rick): I’m sorry you hate LGBT people. I’m not sure why you keep posting on this site.

  6. Gary Bebout says

    It’s the tired cliche liberal you portray. You’re getting lazy with the insults. You’ve used the cock factory.. Kisses to your amazing Mommy. She certainly brainwashed you well. My family loves me.

  7. Gary Bebout says

    Anyone named Tyler has to be clueless. I have no idea who this Rick character is. Maybe you can keep muttering his name from a padded cell.

  8. Gary Bebout says

    Have you ever seen me Kiwi? Why do I still get openly cruised on the street? Sincerely I know you are well meaning, and have a heart. So no more fighting with you. I’m too good at it, and if we ever met we’d get beyond this very quickly. Have a nice weekend.

  9. Benicio says

    I actually met Lavene Cox in 2012. It was brief but very memorable.

    What I recall most of all is how we met on a very hot day in the summer. As she gets to within maybe 3 feet of my group, we catch a whiff of her body. The first thing that comes to mind is: man smell. She smells like a dude who just came off the basketball court. Lol! So we are looking at this person all dolled up in a dress and with lots of makeup on her face but she smells like LeBron. I guess $ can only do so much.

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