1. throwslikeagirl says

    Fierce! Fabulous! I’d pay money to see these guys in person. NPH—we NEED your proposed Ed-Sullivan-for-the-new-millennium show NOW!

  2. 2AMOR says

    Queens in heels!! I love it. This reminds of the Cycle Sl*ts from LA, circe 1979.

  3. petey says

    These look like highly feminized scream queens. You can almost smell the estrogen.

  4. JonnyNYNY2FLFL says

    Not sure if I’d actually call it “talent” but it was entertaining. More like something you’d expect at amateur night at the local dance bar rather than on national TV.

  5. Dback says

    Love how disco has thrived and mutated into everyone’s all-purpose feel-good music–gay sensibility intact.

  6. Nazreel says

    Lol! Dan Villarreal, the soul-less self-hating homosexual – who tried to become famous by degrading the memory of a deceased gay teen – now earns $8/story at Towleroad and is reduced to posting garbage like this. Dan, take the 8 bucks and enroll in a class on how to be a human being.

  7. SteveP says

    They’re entertaining, I’ll give them that, and I KNOW I could NEVER move like that in those shoes!

  8. hemp says

    always funny when there is a really ‘gay’ post on towleroad and all the selfhaters have a field day. lol

    projection isn’t just a light show.

  9. RB says

    I’ve never been a huge fan of overly camp, feminized gay acts (drag queens and the like). It’s just never done anything for me. But this is damn impressive! Most female dancers can’t move that well in heels.

  10. Zell says

    @Hemp even funnier when gay people criticize other gay people for not liking what they’re “supposed” to like. I guess some of us don’t fit in your compartmentalized idea of how gay people should think and act.

  11. Rick says

    @Zell…gay people should act with class, compassion and tact. Try it, you might like it.

  12. Spiderman1958 says

    I am rooting for them to win it all. Yanis is hot. Check out YouTube and see for yourselves. I am now a big fan of them. I loved Alesha’s comment when they first audition-to paraphrase, You (the dancers) are ten time better than any female dancers could ever be. You Go Boys!

  13. crispy says

    “gay people should act with class, compassion and tact.”

    I knew it! Rick isn’t gay.

  14. simon says

    Why Rick jumped to the conclusion these dancers are gay. What if they are straight?
    Then I suppose it is OK.

  15. Keith says

    Cute mix, but the whole men in heels meme is old. At least do something we HAVEN’T seen before.

  16. mododavid says

    “They’re not perfect, but…” WHO wrote this??!! Do you not know who Yanis Marshall is? The text accompanying this video is ridiculously out of touch with reality.