1. says

    rather than talk about mental health, rather than talk about gun control, FOX NEWs once again finds a way to talk about, and BLAME, gay people. for a mass shooting. despite all the aggressively-heterosexual misogyny on display in the sociopathic rantings of the killer’s youtube videos.

    his delusions were dangerous and warped – blaming the girls he was attracted to for not being into him, yet all the while ignoring the possibility that maybe his sociopathy was evident, and that maybe perhaps he’s *JUST AS SHALLOW AS THEM*, as he cared only for THEIR affections, and not the affections of any non-sorority non-blondes.

    but….Fox chooses to make this anti-gay. we got blamed for 9/11. we get blamed for natural disasters. and now we’re being blamed for the shooting spree of a heterosexual misogynist.

    one more reason why the FOX NEWS-watching classmates of mine from university were collectively viewed with disgust, disdain and pity by the rest of it. they never had any idea what they were talking about. and this is a great example of why.

    this is now a part of American Life. mass shootings. it’s officially american culture. and FOX seems to welcome it. another shooting is another way to spin their programming to target their chosen Minorities To Hate On.

  2. Chuck Mielke says

    Dr.(?) Robi-the-robot Luddite Ludwig? Really? Yet another Faux News “expert” blowing smoke in the form of groundless “probing” questions.

  3. Bernie says

    I am also a therapist, and I agree with Dr. Ludwig, but the way she couched it on Fox News makes it sound like gay people cannot control their impulses, either sexually or killing people…..she played right into the right wing audience of Fox

  4. candide says

    from her wikipedia page:

    “It has been implied that she is unethical in relation to her diagnosing patients she has never met for entertainment purposes.”

    Her doctorate is from a distance learning school.

  5. IEatCereal says

    She can apparently give a definitive “diagnosis” without ever having met him after spending a couple of hours looking at his video and reading a bit about him on the web. Good Job.
    The crime is so awful it must have been done by someone gay because we all have to be disgusting perverts. Not like good God fearing Christians who incidentally are no better than any other human on the planet. I know Its shocking right-wing Americans but just because you believe something doesn’t mean its true or that you should justify your beliefs with bogus evidence.
    Its always lovely when someone tries to capitalize on someone’s death to prove a particular point that has absolutely nothing to do with tragedy that occurred
    The US government could actually use an arrogant and unethical individual like yourself for use in trials against whistle-blowers, copywrite infringers,journalists and protesters. Its always nice to know somebody who could potentially be in a position of authority over someone can do their job so sloppily

  6. IEatCereal says

    @candide the problem isn’t that she used a distance learning school unless that particular school has super low standards.Conversely I know a few people who went to better Universities than I did (they’re citizens of other countries) who are really awful at applying what they studied in real life. Where you received your education does not equate to skill. If it did then all those kids who only got into college because their dad’s are rich alumni would be super skilled.She could also have just have met the criteria in her qualification and scraped through. Or she could be a fame whore like the Kardashians except with an added dose of bigotry and right-wing anti-intellectualism

  7. Gary says

    It’s too bad the boy wasn’t gay. He would have had no problem finding someone to love his BMW and pouty mouth. But alas, he was damaged goods and belongs to the straights. Let’s listen to what Mr. Kiwi says, as he rises once again to address another session of the Towleroad Town Meeting–a New England tradition.

  8. Buck says

    Umm….if he WAS a gay man struggling with his “impulses” and identity….wouldn’t it be more logical to blame the homophobia spread by the likes of Fox News for creating an environment that made him feel unwelcome to be who he wanted to be?

    “Is this somebody who is trying to fight against his homosexual impulses?”

    Can’t imagine why someone would feel they had to do that. Can yooooouuu?

  9. gregorybrown says

    Given all the time and energy we (collectively) put into subverting culture, ruining marriage, instigating and orchestrating natural and unnatural disasters, compiling and shoving down the throats of heterosexuals whom we may or may not be recruiting at any given moment our unified AGENDA–when does any one of us have time for disgusting butt sex or even porn-fueled masturbation?

  10. Jim says

    Coming up today on FOX: yet another unqualified bimbo emits an unsupported opinion on a subject she knows absolutely nothing about. Be sure to tune in.

  11. JoseW says

    … At least this time they didn’t blame abortion..? :(

    I always wonder how Fox “News” gets away with so much hate speech, false information (anyone remember what happened to Dan Rather?), and so much anti-government propaganda. Their actions go beyond Freedom of Speech, it directly goes against journalist integrity.

    Why aren’t they being prosecuted, or at the very least, have their “News”, or journalist business card taken away from them…

  12. Zell says

    Straight or gay or neither, he’s clearly insane. But how is what Robi Ludwig said any different from what a lot of us (and our allies) say when some male public figure says something homophobic and we all say knowingly “Well, most homophobic straight men are actually gay.” To me, that’s self-hatred on a grand scale.

    And to be honest, even if she were right, it wouln’t be a reflection on gay people in general, just one disturbed, sick individual. There are serial killers and spree killers and child molesters who are gay, straight, bisexual, trans, cis, white, black, asian, male, female… look hard enough and you can find loathsome people of every type. Let’s not be so insecure about the support of our straight allies that we think that a few bad apples will turn them against us. I don’t personally think that Ms. Ludwig is correct, but it’s a question worth exploring, at least.

  13. JonnyNYNY2FLFL says

    If you read the comments section of online news articles covering this horrific event, you’ll be amazed & disheartened over how many members of John Q Public reached the conclusion that the shooter must be a homosexual.

    Thanks to Fox News, that theory is now validated by a “professional”

  14. JackFknTwist says

    ” ……and then I started to have a different idea.”

    Are these pop psychologists the only ones on planet earth who do not realise that every vomit inducing thought in their heads doesn’t have to come out their mouths ?

    Well, I have an idea; why don’t you crawl into a sewer with your bigoted, pompous, self delusional, yet fantastical stupidity and give the world a break from your pure garbage ?

  15. Anon says

    The zenith of absurd scapegoating was when I saw heterosexuals blame gay men for the rape of women… What?!

    Seems heterosexuals don’t even care about truthiness anymore, nevermind the truth.

  16. VenusFlyTrap says

    She should have her license revoked. Being a psychotherapist and being an anti-gay talking head are very different and incompatible professions. She made her choice.

    If this killer was gay, which he probably wasn’t and even if he was none of us appreciate the insinuation/subtext that this is what gays are like, wouldn’t he have been on a self-loathing rampage killing other gay men, and not women?

    I hate how this clinician just ignored the killer’s own testimony so she could go on her anti-gay speculation cruise.

  17. I wont grow up says

    This woman is (to use a medical definition) nuttier than a fruit cake. I don’t have any idea if she is really a doctor or just one of those I’m an expert ’cause I wrote a book. But she should lose her medical license.

  18. Anon says


    Since I’m sure you, UNOKHAN, think of yourself as one of those “reasonable people”, please articulate for us, the audience, your “wondering” process.
    Be sure to include every single premise, explain why they are strong premises, and then explain why your conclusion follows from those premises.
    Show all your mental work.

    I’m sure we all would REALLY love to see this. Beause 23 words explaining nothing is, well, worth less than nothing. The burden is on you, UNOKHAN.


  19. StevyD says

    Paid upfront, Ludwig probably will say whatever the customer wants. Including such statements as “come here big boy”, “give it to me baby” and “kissing isn’t included in the price.”

  20. Tom Cardellino says

    Early today, I saw this nut job “psychologist” spew out this “thought” that occurred to her, baseless without analysis or evidence, and emailed the link to Towleroad before I saw it on these pages. Please, always email such nonsense to Towleroad because these underlying (emphasis on “lying”) memes of Faux News and their ilk are so voluminous that it takes a village of LGBTI folks to raise the consciousness of the USA. This vapid “expert” must have excellent skills in fellatio of some sort to get some sleazy producer to get her cosmetically stretched face plastered on the screen to spew such irrational and incendiary hate speech!

  21. ratbastard says

    Is it possible he had paranoid schizophrenia that was misdiagnosed as Aspergers? I’ve watched some of his vids, looked at his manisfesto and this was one incredibly effed up kid. And judging by his rather androgenous appearance, his very cheesy 80s pop taste in music, including George Michaels, among other thingd, it’s not hard to see how this gay angle had come up. He fits the stereotype pretty well. Who knows, he could have been pathologically repressed and in denial. Anything is possible.

  22. emjayay says

    What I thought, Ratbastard. If he was gay it was certainly so deeply repressed he had no idea, so who cares.

    And a cute little guy like him not getting laid in Isla Vista, home of tons of beer chugging parties with thousands of college girls every weekend – well, his problems had to be way more than obvious.

  23. Steve says

    A hired mouth with a piece of paper from a diploma mill should not be given any recognition. That fact that she rents her mouth to fox is all anyone should need to know to discredit her.

  24. gb says

    I laugh at the day Faux News will blame God for being gay. After all he is a supposed male entity and his first human creation was male. Sounds man-on-man to me….Joking

  25. Mary says

    Good post, Kiwi. In fact, when this whole Elliot Rogers story broke I was struck by how he was angry at women for not wanting him and wondered why he didn’t realize that HE himself was rejecting a whole category of non-blonde, non-hot women but didn’t see the hypocrisy (would he have told a woman who was rejected by good-looking men that she was entitled to commit a violent act for “retribution?”) Then I realized that you were the first person I’d read who pointed out this phenomenon of people shallow enough to want only hot looking girls/guys but accusing said people of being shallow for not overlooking appearances and choosing THEM. They don’t even seem aware of the inconsistency. In fact, they don’t even seem interested in love or relationships. I’m not sure Rogers was even as obsessed with the sex act as he seemed to be. People like him seem to have an attitude of entitlement and view a good-looking date as simply a prize to show off. This may explain why he wanted to kill men who got good-looking women. His real belief seems to be “If I can’t have the prize, no one else can either.”

  26. Gary says

    He reminded me so much of an LA gay rich boy I knew in Cambridge. He was brainy and attractive. He spoke in the same manner, and looked eerily similar. He hated his life in Los Angeles. My thought was– it’s Geoff. He was there for a moment, but we got to kiss. Both ended their lives.

  27. aregeejay says

    Is it me or does this bimbo look like “Dr.” Rob Lowe as Liberace’s plastic surgeon in the bio-slander movie “Behind the Candelabra?”

  28. Keith says

    I just finished reading his Manifesto (and I really hate to agree with ANYTHING on FOX… ugh), but there’s something true to what she’s talking about. It seems like girls *perceived* him as being a closeted homosexual, which infuriated him — and lead to his hatred of women. And who knows, maybe being seen as gay struck a nerve close to home.

    Just watch his videos coiffing his hair to George Michael and boasting about being ‘fabulous,’ ‘magnificent,’ and undeniably ‘beautiful.’

    Have you EVER heard a straight man call himself fabulous, magnificent and beautiful? I know he talks obsessively about girls, but that’s kind of what I’d expect from someone desperately trying to seem heterosexual.

    Driving to George Michael:

    Driving to Whitney Houston:

  29. NVTodd says

    As usual Kiwi’s focus is dishonestly on just one aspect of an issue to force a political agenda.

    What about the three room mates that were stabbed to death ?

    As usual your idiotic tirades reveal what a douchenozzle you really are.

  30. DavidinMA (@DavidinMA) says

    She said that she thought he was angry with women for taking away men he could be dating. In other words, she thinks that his “homosexual” impulses led to him coming up with a ridiculous reason for hatred of women, due to a combination of schizophrenia and also having gay tendencies. That isn’t necessarily NOT a plausible reading of the situation, but she NEVER clarified her point that way. She left the gay part hanging out there and mentioned the schizophrenia part separately. That left the impression that she felt that gay people could all harbor such violent feelings toward society. She should have been more clear that she felt he was BOTH schizophrenic and also had “homosexual” impulses, resulting in this weird reasoning of his about why he wanted to act out the way he did. Of course, the whole thing is speculation anyway, and she shouldn’t even be doing that on TV, regardless.

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